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My Dream Mother-in-Law (For Kelly)

My wife Carol and I have been married for five years. We were teenage sweethearts and married shortly after University. Her mum Kelly was extremely happy for us, as she always said I was the nicest boy that Carol ever brought home. In fact Carol and Kelly are like best friends and its often that I find myself in the company of my wife's mum and her father Geoff.

Our wedding day ended up being on the same day as her parent's anniversary, so a couple years ago Carol and Kelly got together and decided that we should start a tradition of going away on our anniversary together. One year we all went to Greece, the following year we were in Zurich. This year for their 30th anniversary, we decided to try some place more tropical and ended up in Turkey.

Geoff has always been a good father-in-law and a really nice guy, albeit a little old fashioned. He and Kelly seemed to have a good relationship, but she always struck me as being a little too fun for him. Kelly, who still has a great figure and short blond hair is always wearing very sexy clothes, and she and Carol would laugh and giggle sometimes like s****rs. She is never normally without tights and has a devilish look even when she dresses more conservatively.

When we arrived at our Turkish resort I knew I was in for a great time as Carol had booked us into a fabulous suite with a King size bed, big Jacuzzi, and a wonderful view of the beach. When I saw the room that Kelly and Geoff were in, I almost felt jealous as they had a slightly more extravagant suite.

Our first night there we went to this little romantic restaurant in town and had a real Turkish feast. However, by morning it was clear that we had made a mistake. Carol and Geoff were both feeling really sick, and could hardly make the effort to leave the bed. It looked like our trip was going to be a bust until Carol insisted I take her mum out for the day and see the sights. I felt like I should stay with her and maybe help take care of her father but she was insistent. When I spoke to Kelly she too thought we should go out and try to have fun as Geoff was a real grump when was sick. We promised to check in on them before dinner, and Kelly and I headed out.

We had a very pleasant day, shopping, and sight seeing, being with Kelly was a treat. It almost felt like being out on a date as she kept holding my arm as we walked around town. She always turns heads and I found myself getting off on pole thinking we were together. At around 5:45 we went back to check on our two sick loved ones and they hadn't moved much since we left. We decided that it was no point just sitting around the room all night so we decided to go out for dinner and maybe dancing, as Geoff wasn't fond of nightclubs.

We started out at a nice little Tapas restaurant and had a delicious meal with more than a few drinks. We then went to a great little dance club where to my surprise my 52 year old mother-in-law danced me from one end of the floor to the other. At one point while we were resting a young man asked if he could dance with my "date", and I smiled at her and said "why not?" Kelly was a little apprehensive at first, dancing with a stranger, but the alcohol and fun of the evening loosened her up enough where before I knew it she had danced with more than a couple young guys.

I thought I would try to rescue her at last, maybe head back to the hotel when a slow song came on while she was held by a muscular guy who looked like a local. He danced very close to her, and it looked like he was grinding his crotch into her leg. The skirt she had on was above he knee with a side split and as he ground the skirt rose revealing her stocking tops. I was quite surprised to see she was wearing stockings because it was a balmy evening, but as I said before Kelly ALWAYS wore nylons. I have to admit I was a little turned on by the whole scene. Before the song ended he seemed to whisper something in her ear to which she nodded, and then she looked over to me as I made my way over.

"Andy, this is Hakan." She said still holding her new friend's hand. " He was just telling me about another great club near here that he says we might enjoy, want to go?" She sounded almost excited.

"I don't know Kelly, don't you think we should get back. Check on Geoff and Carol?" I noticed that Hakan looked a little annoyed that I was trying to put an end to the evening.

"Oh they'll be sl**p by now anyway. Plus do you know how often I get out and have fun like this? Never."

"Alright," I said. "Hakan, lead the way."

We left the dance club and hit the street. For a moment I was worried about Hakan and the possibility of us being robbed, but he soon led us to a quiet corner a few streets over to the door of a small club. Hakan nodded to the doorman and we were let into an intimate room that had the look and feel of a strip club to me. As we found our seats, it became apparent that that is exactly where we were.

Hakan ordered a few rounds of drinks and to my surprise Kelly drank freely and enjoyed the show. The women were gorgeous and the dance routines kept getting increasingly more sexual. By the time we were on our fifth round, two girls were fingering each other on stage. It was surreal watching this stuff with my mother-in-law next to me, but that didn't stop my cock from growing.

Finally it seemed that the show was going to wind up into its finale and the announcer asked for any volunteer ladies from the audience to come up on stage for a special performance. Hakan raised his hand and elected Kelly to go on stage. Soon the crowd was cheering her on and she reluctantly climbed up with another woman from the audience.

The two ladies were guided to two chairs centre stage and the music kicked on. Four girls came out in g-strings and lace bras dancing around Kelly and the other woman very seductively. They soon had removed their clothing and started to give the women very graphic lap dances. My jaw dropped when one girl, a sexy cinnamon skinned local, straddled Kelly and began to slowly kiss her lips. Soon they were into a very deep tongue kiss and I couldn't believe that this was my mother-in-law.

After that things moved swiftly. The girl kissing Kelly began rubbing and squeezing her tits, and before I knew it, she pulled the dress from Kelly's shoulders exposing her stiff pink nipples. The other woman that was brought on stage was in a similar position, except that one of the other dancers had pulled her skirt up and was sloppily eating her pussy. I was amazed by what I was seeing, but my attention remained fixed on Kelly.

Her dancer had now slipped her skirt the rest of the way up and she too found her way into Kelly's wet pussy. I watched in shock as she was brought to not one but two convulsive orgasms by the exploring tongue of her new friend. My cock was like iron, although I had always appreciated Kelly's sexuality I had never really seen her as an object of my own personal desire. Now I sat with the hardest cock I could remember watching her on stage with her skirt around her waist, her stockings in full view and her head thrown back in ecstasy as a gorgeous woman lapped at her pussy.

Soon I found that this was only the beginning, as two big naked guys came out on stage with a couple of the largest dicks I have ever seen waving in front of them. As Kelly was being carried to her third orgasm, the darker of the two men stepped before her, placing his erect cock in her face. She was so into what she was feeling that she leaned forward and engulfed the first couple inches of his dick. That wasn't enough for her new friend as he drove his cock even further down her throat to the cheers of the audience.

Kelly continued to give what looked like a world class blow job to this perfect stranger, as he was soon joined by the other naked man on stage. He kneeled between her legs and looked at Kelly's face as he tapped his big cock on her clit asking if he could fuck her. She removed the big cock from her mouth long enough to nod her head. Saying, "God yes. Fuck me, please."

With that he took his cock and rubbed it up and down against her juicy slit. Her hips kept trying to shift to get him inside of her. He teased her like that for a good couple minutes until she practically begged him to fuck her hard. He plunged inside of her in one long stroke, and I thought she was screaming in pain as another orgasm ripped through her body. I could see his cock literally dripping with her juices as it slid easily in and out of her gaping cunt. The man she was blowing soon started to pump fast in and out of her mouth as he threw his head back and released a torrent of cum down her throat. I watched her neck muscles work as she gulped and swallowed every drop of his load, swirling her tongue and making him dance in pleasure on his tip toes.

When he pulled out of her mouth she focused her attention on the man between her legs, grabbing at his ass as he slammed her roughly into her chair. I knew he was close as his pace made his ass a blur as he pummelled my poor mother-in-law's twat. Her face was a mask of lust as she begged him to cum inside of her. He quickly stiffened and I knew he was unloading a gallon of sperm deep into her eager pussy. The crowd went wild as they watched another tourist get fucked.

After he pulled out Kelly quickly found her clothes and dressed awkwardly on stage as she found my eyes. She signalled me it was time to go as the other woman that was on stage with her began to moan as the two male dancers took their turn with her. Kelly made her way to me grabbing my arm and we beat a hasty retreat. As we made our way back to the hotel, I couldn't help but think of all I had seen, and I couldn't bring myself to speak to Kelly. I could tell that she was embarrassed too, and when we were a couple streets away she stopped walking and pulled me into the alcove of an abandoned old store.

"I know you're a little surprised by all that happened tonight Andy. In fact, I'm a little surprised and embarrassed myself."

"Yeah. When you went on stage," I said. "I just thought they would give you a lap dance. I didn't know it was like that."

She smiled sheepishly at me. "I did."

"What? You knew they would do something like that?" I was amazed.

"Hakan mentioned it. I just thought it would be exciting to see someone do that, I never imagined it would be me. But Geoff would never forgive my behaviour tonight. It would just crush him. You won't say anything will you?" I could see the worry touch her eyes.

"Of course not Kelly. Nobody's going to know except me, and I won't say a word. I promise." She looked into my eyes and smiled warmly as her eyes drifted down to my crotch.

"You know I saw you down in the audience staring at me while that man had his cock in me. It looked like you needed some help yourself."

I couldn't deny that she had turned me on with her behaviour.

“Well that wasn't a sight I though I'd ever see, but to be honest I can't say it was totally unpleasant”, I said with a grin.

"I think you deserve a little treat for keeping my secret, what do you think?" Before I could answer Kelly pulled me closer into the dark alcove and drew me into a deep kiss, her tongue dancing in my mouth. My cock was rock hard once more and I kissed back hard and fast, my hands went to her ass and she lifted one leg and wrapped it around me. I ground into her crotch as I rubbed her thigh feeling the lace of her stocking top. I felt her reach down and unzip my pants fishing inside for my cock. She then kneeled in front of me, touching her soft lips to the tip and then I felt heaven as her mouth engulfed my entire tool. What followed was the most loving, sensuous blow job of my life. She slurped and twirled her tongue so good that all too soon I was cumming harder than I ever had down my wife's mother's throat. I'll never forget staring into her eyes as she swallowed my load, flicking her tongue gently in time to my spurting release. Then she placed my spent cock back in my pants, stood up and took my arm again as we walked the last couple blocks back to the hotel.

"Thanks again Andy for a wonderful evening. I'll never forget it."

I was kind of sorry I never actually got to fuck her, but I knew that I would never forget it either.

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