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Fucking my Mother In Law

My wife’s parents Tom and Jane were coming to stop with us for a few days to celebrate our forth-wedding anniversary, it was at the last minute when Tom found out he had to work so Jane came on her own. Jane has always looked hot and sexy in my eyes and if my wife looks like her mother at her age, 52 years old, I will be over the moon.
My wife told me a couple of days after her mother arrived that they had a hart to hart about her dad, it seemed that Tom was always working and never had time for Jane. Karla my wife asked if it was alright if her mother could stop for a few more days and I said yes.
On our anniversary, Jane insisted that she would stop at home and let us two go out and enjoy ourselves, When we got home rather merry with drink we forgot about Jane being in bed or even there. Straight up stairs with my wife and in to our bedroom I had her skirt lifted up revealing stockings and suspenders, her dark hairy fanny not even covered with knickers as they were in my pocket which I took off her in the taxi home.
She lay on the bed, her legs apart funnelling me to her crown jewels, her lips already moist with having my finger inside her in the taxi. She let out a moan as my tongue probed her inner walls of her fanny. I moved on to her clit licking and flicking my tongue over it, Karla was in heaven, she loved her fanny being teased and she always made sure I heard her pleasure.
Sucking her clit, Karla screamed out as her orgasm approached, pulling herself upright and pulling my head tight in to her sopping fanny as she came. Karla’s whole body shuddered as she kept tight a hold of my head in to her fanny and shouted out
“I want that cock, fuck me now”
Karla lay back down as I quickly loosened my trousers, sliding then and my boxers just off my bum. I aimed my torpedo, hitting her wanting love hole first time. She let out a scream
“Now fuck me like that you bastard”
She gets so turned on when swearing and saves it just for the bedroom. I pounded her hairy fanny long and hard, bouncing my wife hard in to the bed until it creaked
“That’s it, give it to me”
Karla pulled her blouse up over her tits, her 36dd trapped in a cream lacy bra which she then pulled up, her tits were free, wobbling and bouncing about. Looking at her hard big nipples made me fuck her harder
“I’m going to fuck you hard,” I shouted
“Go on fuck me”
By her breathing and panting, she was not far from her orgasm
“Pump it in me, fill my fanny full”
Three or four more strokes and I came squirting my sticky cum deep in to my wife
“Fuck I’m coming” Karla shouted
Still thrusting my squirting cock in to her love hole made a wet sloppy squelching noise.
The wife now red in the face panting hard, tightened her legs around mine, holding me deep in to her fanny as my cock twitched and pumped the remaining hot creamy cum in to her wanting fanny
“Fuck that was intense,” Karla mumbled
I climbed off and lay with her on the bed, the both of us still breathing heavy when we heard the bed creak in the other bedroom.
“Shit my mothers here, I forgot about her”
We undressed and got in to bed for the night still giggling about Jane hearing our lovemaking.
I went to work the next morning leaving Karla to face her mother, it was the opposite of what Karla had expected and it seemed Jane was interested to here more detail. Jane’s sex life seemed doomed and none existing by what she was saying. Karla ended up telling her mother everything as Jane extracted every little detail, Jane became tearful then said she had never had her pussy licked in her life or had the need to shout out.
Karla phoned me at work telling me every thing and that her mother knew every thing as well and could I be extra nice to her mother that night. I felt different about Jane when coming back from work thinking how lonely and vulnerable she must be but when I saw her at home, she looked as hot as hell. She had on, one of Karla’s tight fitting jumpers, a tightish skirt to her knees and tan tights
Karla had made a fuss about dinner, three course and plenty of wine, when we finished we left the dishes and went and sat in the room with another bottle of wine. Karla suggested playing quick 21 and I nearly choked on my wine, we play it as a sex game of striptease, just the two of us, but she wants her mother to play as well. Who ever is nearest to 21 is the winner and the looser is giving a dare from the winner, usually an item of clothing comes off and we have wild sex afterwards.
Jane was eager to start saying Karla had told her how to play it this afternoon, I was starting to feel set up. The game started timidly with a shoe or sock being lost then Jane wanted my shirt off, eventually I won and returned the request to Jane, She removed her blouse while still sat down and I got to see her magnificent tits spilling out over her bra.
After some more small items, Karla asked her mother to remove her skirt. Jane stood up undoing the clasp and zip on her skirt and let it fall down her legs. Fuck, she was in stockings and wearing her daughter’s suspender belt and matching knickers, the very same ones I like.
The suspender belt is about six inch’s wide with a see through lacy pattern panel in the middle. It was slightly stretched over her mother’s middle-aged tummy and hips, the knickers are the same, a see through lacy pattern showing my mother in laws hairy fanny beneath. Now every hand was important but luck was not on my side, both woman had there underwear and stockings left but I was starker’s.
“We’ll keep playing shall we” said Jane
Karla lost her stockings and Jane lost her knickers, I didn’t see much of her hairy bush as she removed them sitting down. I had nothing to loss so I had to do dares and my wife won, telling me to kiss her mothers pussy. I looked long and hard at my wife
“Go on, do it” Karla said
I looked at my mother in law smiling, she was up for it I thought and I knelt in front of her. She parted her legs revealing a big hairy dark fanny and her long fat looking lips visible through it.
I kissed my mother in laws fanny just above her lips
“You came do better than that,” said my wife
I kissed her again and I felt her legs part more, releasing a warm aroma of her pussy.
“That was better”
We started to play again with Karla down to her knickers while Jane was on a wining streak, luck turned and Jane lost her bra, big, full looking, soft hanging tits spilled out from her bra, her hard nipples centred in big pink areolas. I lost to Karla again
“Kiss my mothers pussy again”
I have the feeling now that this has been all set up between my wife and her mother, now remembering the phone call this morning, Karla telling me about her mother in tears and how she had never had her pussy licked and me being extra nice to her mother.
Jane’s legs were already as wide apart as she could get them sitting in the chair and I started to kiss her leg, working up to her stocking top and kissed her bare leg spilling over her stockings. Jane’s fanny was well stretched to the point that the soft pink of her inner
lips were showing, her slit was long and soft with extra floppy lips hanging to the side.
Jane’s suspenders were pulled taut on her stocking and I ran my hand up and down them feeling her soft skin while my tongue licked over her hairy bush, titillate her lips before finding her clitoris and kissing it. Jane let out a moan.
I returned to her lips, licking and kissing them before pressing them apart with my tongue. I let her savour the moment as my tongue worked its way insides and I started to feel her gyrating her fanny in my face
“Ooooh yesss” Jane moaned
My tongue probed her fanny where no tongue had been before, finding every nook and cranny she had hide away, her pussy lube began to flow, lubrication my tongue for deeper investigations of her fanny. Jane was lost in her world, moaning away contently.
I pulled out of her fanny and sucked on one of her floppy lips, pulling it threw me lips several times. I could hear Jane moaning more and she let out a gasp as I moved on to her clit. Karla went between my legs with her hand feeling my balls and cock and started to wank me.
Jane’s hands came on to my head as I licked up her slit to her clit over and over again, her panting became faster and her fanny bucked and twisted in my face
“Oooh I’mmm, I’mmm going to come”
I sucked her clit into my mouth, flicking it with my tongue, faster and faster and she let out a howl, lifting her bum off the seat. I slipped my tongue in to her wet fanny, tasting my mother in laws love juice as her body shook with the pleasure of her orgasm. The sweet honey tasting juice flowed out uncontrollably covering my face, as I couldn’t sample any more.
Karla let go of my cock as I lifted out from between her mother’s legs, eagerly kissing my face and licking her mother fanny juice from it. Jane sat still, her legs stretched with her fanny lips apart all wet and pink.
“Fuck her” Karla whispered
I moved to the chair on my knees with my cock straight out in front of me, Jane eased her bum to the front of the seat and spread her legs more. My wife took hold of my cock and pointed it in to her mother’s fanny with ease, I pushed my cock in until it was out of sight
squashing it in to my mother in law big hairy fanny.
It wasn’t many thrusts before Jane was thrashing her head from side to side, her fanny lips sucking to my cock like limpets being pulled and stretching with every thrust. I looked at my wife and she nodded for me to carry on. Jane’s fanny was warm and wet and I watched as my cock slid in and out parting and squashing her lips.
Her breathing became more erratic
“Fuck, I’m going to come”
I mouthed to my wife, what do I do
“Yes fuck her hard and come in her,” said her daughter loud
“Yes come in me,” Jane moaned
Her tits wobbled wildly as I banged away at my mother in laws fanny, Jane tensed up
as waves of pleasure rolled through her body and hot jets of cum began spurting out of my cock deep inside her
“Go on give it to me”
My cock kept erupting and I kept fucking her, mixing our love juice up until she could not hold any more
“Fuck yes fuck,” she cried
Her hands grabbed around her tits and her finger and thumb rolled her nipples, she panted hard and fast pulling and stretching her nipples. I held her tight in to me, squirting the last of my cum in to my mother in law, her fanny muscles tight around my cock pulsing in time with my cock. We stopped coupled together for a couple of minutes until her breathing settled
“Are you alright mam?” Karla asked
“I’m more than alright”
I lifted on to my feet letting my cock dangle over her fanny hair. Jane sat still unable to move, her open fanny leaking our love juice. Karla knelt down in front of her mothers parted legs, grabbing the spare bit of carpet from under the chair that we use to catch dripping cum, usually dripping from my wife. She positioned it under her mother sopping fanny and watched her husbands spunk drip from her mother.
“Are you ok mam?”
Jane nodded and ran her hand through her fanny juice seeing how wet she was, Karla grabbed my cock and fed it in to her mouth, tasting her mothers juice
“You taste just like me mam”
We pulled Jane up from the chair
“Come on bed time” said Karla “come and sl**p with us tonight mam”
Jane was in the middle of the bed enjoying herself, her daughter and son in law each with a nipple in there mouths and a finger each up her fanny. Jane had cum squirted up inside her again that night and her daughter licked and sucked her clean. Jane eventually went home after a week of three in a bed totally exhausted.

The End

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