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Fucked by cousin

Hey everybody I'm new here and I got alot of true stories so I thought I'd start bytelln about the time my cousin fucked me. It wasn't my first time me and cousin (who I won't name) had been fooln around for awhile. We used to just suck each others dicks but that all changed on grad night. After the ceromony and dinner my parents and his left to go see some friends. We had a couple beers and waited for the coast to b clear. After we were comfortable that they wouldn't b coming back we went to my room. We started kissing and rubbing each others cocks through our pants then he pushed my head down towards his cock I unzipped his pants and put his cock in my mouth. I loved the way it tasted and felt in my mouth I was suckn on it and playn with his balls like I usually did I was just dyin for him to shoot into my mouth but this time he pulled out and said he wanted to fuck me. I was happy to hear it I jerked off countless time thinkn about him putn his 10" cock in me . I went to the bathroom and grabbed some conditioner it was the only lube we had. I rubbed some on his dick and on my ass and bend over the bed. He got behind me and shoved it in a let a a gasp cause I didn't expect him to put in that fast. Right from the start he was pumpn me hard and fast I xoulnt belive how good it felt after a little bit he pulled out and told me to lay on my back so he could fuck me like a bitch I put my legs in the air and he started pumpn me even harder I was moan and telln him to fuck me harder I didn't want him to stop I lovn every minute of him inside me I told him not cum or else I wouldn't let him fuck me ever again he kept going for what felt like a life time until he couldn't take it anymore I felt his grow and. Then he shot in me he pulled out and kissed me he asked how I liked it I told him I'd told him I'd tell him after he fucked me again.
I hope u like the story I got more so let me know. I'm new to this site and hopn too meet new people so go ahead and tell me what u think

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