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A Navy Night

hope You like my little fantasy...he did stick his hands down my pants and grab my dick which did get hard, but it was just horseing around...the rest of it is what i've developed in my head to JO to.

it was long ago, i was maybe 22 and in the navy where there was a lot of grab ass and joking about sucking dick and butt fucking. didn't think anyone knew how excited i got when someone threatened to fuck me like his girlfriend or said i'm going to choke you with this cock of mine...until one cold wet night!

i'm the coxswain of a 50' landing craft making the return trip from an emergency run across a storm tossed river in a country just below the artic circle. it was cold, stormy, and wet with high winds and rough water. i had to handle the boat with two hands on the helm, working all the time to keep it on course back to the ship. i had to make the run with only one crew memeber, my engineer. he was a well built black guy named Henry who i had made several runs with, but never alone. Henry had to perform several other task outside his role of engineer, all of which involved him being out in the cold and wet air of the boat. Henry was also a short timer, in fact he was leaving the ship the following day for a new duty assignment. He had bitched about making this run and having to do two guy's work the entire trip over and was still doing the same on the way back. i got feed up with his bitching and made him spend some extra time out in the weather doing something (don't remember what) that really didn't need to be done.

like i said, i'm fighting the helm trying to maintain course when he comes in to the wheel house. damn my hands are like ice, he said as he entered. stick them in your pants and warm them with your balls, i responded with a laugh. for a moment it was quite...i suddenly realized he was standing right behind me. no, he answered, i'll warm them on your skinny dick and balls. with that he reached around me and f***ed his cold hands down my pants and into my boxers. i tried to move away, but i couldn't let go of the helm, so i was at his mercy. come on man, get your fucking hands off me, i pleaded, but he just ignored me and said, their starting to get warm now. anyway, he added, by the way that skinny dick of yours is growing you really don't want me to let go. with that he began to squeeze my balls with one hand and slowly stroke my growing cock with the other. i couldn't help myself and i suddenly realized i was rubbing my ass against him while he moved his hand on my cock. i had seen Henry in the showers on board the ship and knew he had a long thick i could feel it growing as my ass rubbed against it. the hand that was stroking my cock let go and the other hand took a tighter grip on my balls as he pulled his free hand from my pants and began to undo my pants from behind. no man, don't please don't i began to beg as the realization of what was getting ready to happen hit me. shut the fuck up bitch, he demanded with a sharp squeeze to my balls and continued until he dropped my pants and skivvies to the deck around my ankles. when he pulled my ass back against him i found his big black cock to be even bigger than it was in the showers. he had opened his pants and was rubbing the thick head up and down my ass. i could do nothing to prevent him from doing as he willed as i still tried to navigate the boat towards the ship even as he was using me. Henry kept trying to get my legs farther apart, but with my dungarees and boxers around my ankles i couldn't move them very far. i felt the thick head of his big cock pressing against my puckered virgin ass...again beyond my control i found myself rubbing against him, even pushing back as he tried to penetrate my hole. when he realized he was going to be unable to enter my ass hole he pulled first one cheek and then the other open and laid his hard black cock between them. i could feel his hardness running the entire length of the cleft of my ass....his curly haired balls rubbed my ass hole and the back of my balls. when his fat cock was firmly in place he once again reached around and grasped my rock hard cock in his hand and slowly started to jack me the same time his hips began to move back and forth his cock sliding up and down my ass. in time to his movements i began to move my ass...meeting him with each upward stroke. in my ear he whispered, make me cum bitch and i'll let you cum too. that was all i needed to really start working against his cock sliding up and down his thick black pole by going up and down on my tip toes. it was then that we both realized we were nearing the ship....his hand moved faster on my cock while both of us bucked against one another. suddenly i felt my balls give a huge surge and my cum shot all over the helm and the deck in front of us. he kept jacking me spraying my cum everywhere. this was all he need to put him over the edge and his massive cock began to shoot hot sticky cum....cum was on my back...all over my ass....but most of his juice was in the crack of my ass as he let go of my cock and backed away from me.

at this point we were just seconds from making the landing at the ship. i heard him leave the wheel house and go out on deck to make the landing as i stood there, cum dripping from my now soft cock and balls...with cum slowly trickling down my ass crack. i struggled to pull up my pants and managed to make the landing with one hand on the helm and the other holding them up. after Henry had us tied off he stuck his head in the wheel house once more and said, if i wasn't shipping out in the morning, you would be my full time bitch from now on! with that he left me to clean up the mess we had made of the wheel house and to think about how close i came to getting fucked.

Henry did leave ship the next morning and i've dreamed about him many, many times....i bet he has no idea how many times he has made me cum all over myself since then.

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