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My Physiologist

I went to see my male physiologist to talk about the wet dream I am having. Here is how I had explained the dream, 'I was playing a role as a sexy housewife to my husband, I am wearing nothing underneath my bathrode. I just finish taking a hot bubble bath, my pussy was still soak and wet, my husband is laying on the bed watching TV with his dick stand out of his underpant. I took off my bathrode, walk over to my husband, and begin to suck on his hard rock dick. I suck his dick like a lollipop, I can feel his head going toward my deep throat. Slurping, and licking on his dick nice and fast. Then I climb on him kissing and licking on his nipples, and slide my wet hot pussy down on his dick slow, I started to bounce hard and fast, I can hear my pussy fart, and feel the squirts shot out of my pussy.' As I continue on with my dream, My physiologist ask me, 'Can you show me a dramazation?' My physiologist pull down his pants, and underwear, starts to rub on his dick to make it hard. I pull up my short mini skirt (nothing underneath)got on his desk, spread my legs open, and we begin to fuck. While he is sliding inside me nice and slow, he say to me; 'Continue on with your dream.'

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