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First time with a toy

It was the summer after i had turned 18. I had moved in with my aunt to go to college in the fall. Enjoying a free open summer with nothing to do gave me much needed rest and time to just lay around and swim and tan in her pool. Once day snooping around in her room i found a dresser drawer fill of her toys. I know i was blushing as i took out a few looking at them. There was a few dildos in different sizes and and a couple vibs. I pulled out one very real looking dlido that had to be 9" and thick i was kinda shocked at the size of it, and how it felt and flopped around in my hand. I set it down and grabbed a pink vib feeling how hard and smooth it was. I turned it on and felt the powerful viberating in my hands as my mind raced. I turned it off and set it down back in the drawer. I then looked at some creams and lubes in the drawer and checked out the condoms. Moving the box of condoms there was a porno dvd under it and i picked that up looking at the cover of a woman kneeling a penis in her mouth her face dripping cum. I was slightly shocked at seeing this as i had never seen a porn in my life nor that many penis pics before. What can i say i was inncoent and had grown up with my parents totally different then my free spirted aunt. I fliped the dvd over looking at different pics on the back of the sext acts in the movie i could feel my self getting wet and turned on. But as luck would have it my aunt was due home soon and i did not want her to catch me doing this. I put it all way and went to watch tv thinking about what i had seen. I thought about it all night long knowing the next day i would snoop again. Well that morning i had some things to do and was gone from the house. A good work out at the gym and a long run in the hot sun i was ready to come home and take a nice shower and clean up some. I showered and shaved my legs and for the first time i shaved myself. This was kinda exciteing to feel and do. Letting my hands roam feeling the smoothness what can i say i felt sexy. I got out wrapped my hair in a towel and walked right to that dresser. I pulled out the dvd and one of the smaller vibs. I walked to the livingroom and put in the movie i sat there watching as the fist sex seen started. I was drawn in by this taking in everything that was going on. Watching how the girl pleasured him with her mouth watching hjow big his cock got how hard it looked, watching her take him from behind the pleasured look on her face. I opened my legs and slowly started to run my pussy, I was so wet. Softly caressing myself fingering slowly and rubbing my clit, I was getting near already. But i wanted to take my time after all i had 2 hours before she was to get home. I reached for the vib and turned it on and lowered it to my clit. God that first touch was really something else. It felt soooo good feeling it buzz over my sex. I slowly rubbed my clit and lips sitting there hips rolling starting to moan and I lowered it more letting it enter my body. I eased it in slowly feeling it buzz and open me up. I was in heaven and lost it. I came sooo hard it left me breathless. I turned it off and rested as the movie played the sounds of sex filling the room. I was in no mood to stop playing at this point. I went and got that big dildo and came back to watch the film. I pretended it was the man in the film i started to do what she was doing to him. I started to kiss the dildo and lick softly before i opened my mouth and took it in. I worked on sucking it and to see how much i could take. It felt so big in my mouth and kinda hurt my jaws a little. with the head in my mouth i nibbled more in and gagged over it only getting just past the head. At that point i just worked the head and got use to it. The movie changed and he had layed her down geting between her legs. So I layed back and moved the dildo to my wet pussy. He just pushed right into her and there was no way i was going to do that. I eased the head in slowly feeling it open my body I pushed more slowly and felt the sharp pinch as I took my virginity. Breathing heavy i layed there adjusting to this big cock. Then slowly pushed more and more in taking my time. The feel of fullness was wonderful and i just held it deep in me well half way that is. I watched the movie and him fucking her before they changed and she got on top. I moved up and put the dildo between the couch cushions and placed the towel around it as I noticed a slight messy. I eased back down on it watching the movie and started to bounce on it slowly lifting and lowering.I rode my toy lust growing feeling my legs and thighs quivering. My body growing tight as I moan out and start my orgasm, legs growing weak i sit fully onto my toy taking him all hims rolling and bucking in pleasure. By now i am spent and i lay on my side with that toy deep in me still my eyes heavy drifting to sl**p slowly. I wake up and notice its dark out and there is the smell of food in the air. OMG my had slept so long my aunt had come home and had dinner done I sat up then it hit me that i still had her toy in me. I slipped it from my now sore pussy and noticed that the dvd was gone and so was the vib. I got up and walked towards my room knowing i would have to walk past the kitchen. I see a box of pizza on the table but my aunt was gone. I hurried and cleaned up the toy and put it away grabbed some pizza and went to my room for the rest of the night not wanting to see her as i was way to embarrassed to see her. She never said a word about this to me and i got over it till the day i got home on my birthday and sitting on my bed was a gift box and card. I opened up the card and read it. "Happy Birthday sweetie I hope this provieds you as much fun as mine did". I opened the box up and there was a new 7" light blue vibrator. Needless to say my face was beet red but very excited. I still have him working today:)

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