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My worst student part 1

As one who has worked in education for a long time, I am simply appalled at the attitude and behaviour of todays schoolgirls. Some of these girls have no respect for authority or the education system.
One girl in particular I shall call Amy has been a thorn in my side since the first day of school. She will walk into class late, disrupting class, her plaid skirt swishing to and fro causing the whole class to stop and look at her. She will always enter from the door in the back of the class and strut to her seat in the front of class causing all heads to turn and watch.
This last time was simply the last straw for me as she interrupted an important lesson in American history to make her entrance. She walked in winking at some of the boys and smiling at some of the girls her friends of course who, thought her actions were funny.She made her way to her desk in the front of the class and sat down, chomping her gum like a cow and acting totally innocent as she looked up at me.
I stopped class to gather myself and try not to lose my temper at this young attention seeker. "Amy I asked," trying hard not to yell,"why is it that everyone else can get to class on time and you can't seem to? " I don't know sir, the bus was late". Some of the girls laughed under their breathe. "Other students in this class take the same bus you do they don't seem to have a problem making it to class on time.I replied knowing she was lying to me.
"Do you have your homework". I asked expecting another smart aleck answer. "I left it on the bus sir, I can go back and get it". I knew that wasn't true but, I also knew I was not going to get a straight answer from her".
Amy please approach my desk. She got up from her desk her skin tight white blouse not leaving much to the imagination. This girl was doing everything she could to challenge my authority. As she stood by my desk I took my ruler out of my desk drawer. First of all your blouse is too tight you look like you are going to pop out of it any second, also your skrt is to be be no more than two inches above your knee. Yours is fully let's see. I placed the ruler on her leg 4 inches. not acceptable.
"Sir, all my uniforms are dirty and my mother hasn't done laundry, I had to borrow my younger s****rs uniform who is a year behind me. That's why my skirt is too high and my blouse too tight".
"And the gum you are chomping on, is that your younger s****rs too? You know that no gum chewing is allowed in class". "Jesus sir give a break".
"And profanity of the worst kind?
At this point I must admit I wanted to put her over my desk pull her pantys down and give her a good hard spanking that she would not soon forget. But, the rest of the class was watching and I knew spankings were not allowed in school anymore.
"Young lady" I told her "I do not know what I'm going to do with you". I want you to return to my class today at 3:00 p.m. you and I have a few things to discuss. She leaned over both arms on my desk. Showing a hint of cleavage. "Like what sir", she whispered "How you want to bang my lights out in the name of higher education"?
I held the ruler up in one hand and said to her in reply "Do I need to use this ruler on you Amy".
"No sir, but I'll bet you'd like to use that other ruler on me". "What other ruler?" I asked. "The one sticking up from your pants sir.
That's enough of that talk now return to your seat and be back here promptly at 3:00 p.m.
I dismissed the class shortly after that because I was too upset with my exchange with Amy to continue class.
I would get though my other clases that day and wait for Amy to return to my class that afternoon.

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