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How we took Reena to climax....

We returned from our honeymoon tour of Europe. We both enjoyed each other thoroughly. Hubby pounded my pussy with his nice cock almost day and night for whole week. I was happy he had a nice stiff cock. He bought me many presents. One was a nice small egg shaped vibrator with remote control. He would use it on me when sometimes when he spilled his cream without my reaching climax. He used to push the vibrator deep inside my wet pussy and control it with remote, to quickly bring me to orgasm.
Our close friend Reema, came to stay with us for few days in Mumbai. She was beautiful and had nice lovely boobs. We all three, were very close from school days and shared all our secrets.
She asked me about all details of our honeymoon. She enjoyed our pictures in intimate positions. She was feeling curious to know as to how a big cock could go so deep in the pussy. She always wondered that the pussy opening was so small and cocks were so big and how could the thick hard cock get accommodated in the delicate pussy. She wanted me to tell her how the cock entered deep, moved in and out and what did the girl feel...
One evening. we were looking at the gifts we had purchased on our honeymoon.
" What is this Vanita...?" she was asking me , holding the pink vibrator in her hands.
I was taken aback by her question. She had never seen any vibrator in her life, as we came from a rural village.
I told her, it was a vibrator with remote and could be used to satisfy a girl. She just smiled and wanted me to tell her, how to use it...I told her that it had to be pushed deep inside the Girl's pussy and then the remote used to set it in vibration mode. The little devil would vibrate and the vibrations could be controlled to bring the girl to satisfaction.
" Vanita, how can it go deep in the pussy? How can this small thing give satisfaction to a girl? Have to experienced it?...
" Yes, Rahul has used it a few times. He knows how to use it. Do you want to experience it..? I asked.
She felt shy and kept quiet for the time being. But I could feel her getting excited.
The days just after marriage are wonderful.Rahul used to be always after me as soon as he came back from work.He was also pleading with me to encourage Reena to take part in our play. He was pleading with me to talk to Reena and get her ready to participate in our fondling. He always wished,- she would someday join me to play with his cock.But he was feeling shy to ask her directly.
He very much loved to embrace me, and hold me in his arms. As some days passed, he was becoming more bold and he used to kiss me and touch me freely in her presence. I could feel her getting excited looking at us playing with each other. Being from a village, she didnot know much about sex or had experienced a real man's touch.
One evening Rahul was caressing me holding me in deep embrace. His kisses were driving me mad. His hands were roaming on my blouse. I could clearly see, Reena looking at us stealthily. She was pretending reading a book but was looking at us closely. I knew, she was getting heated up.
" Reena come and sit here." I said.
But she was feeling shy and did not reply.
I got up and walked to her and caught her hand and made her sit next to Rahul. Now Rahul was sitting between me and Reena. Rahul as usual, pulled me to him and started kissing me. His hands had become bold and were roaming on my body. They were softly caressing my boobs.
" Reena, you wanted to know, how the red vibrator works....Would you like to experience it ..? Rahul knows how to use it...." I said.
Reena put her head down and did not reply, as she felt shy.
"Reena, Rahul has used it on me a number of times." Why dont you give it a try?...I asked .
"Didi , I feel shy, may be you could use it on me, some other time...." Reena said.
But we both felt that Reena wanted to experience it but was feeling shy.
I went to the shelf and brought the vibrator and handed it to Rahul.
I asked Reena to lie down on the bed.The bed was convenient. She still was feeling shy but her breathing had grown faster and her body was shaking a bit with excitement.
I took the lead. I again held her and made her lie down on the bed. I sat on one side of her and Rahul the other.
I knew, I had to take lead. I slowly held her face in my hands and started caressing her with soft hands. I planted a soft delicate kiss on her lips. I could feel, her lips were quivering. Rahul took her hand and was softly caressing it. After some time Rahul gave her hand in my hands and went to her legs. He started caressing her legs.We could feel her slowly getting heated up.
"Reena, just lie down and enjoy." I said.
Rahul's hands were slowly moving upwards and had reached her thighs now. His male hands moving on her thighs were driving her crazy.
I held the vibrator in my hands and said.
" Reena, this is a small devil, but can make any girl go crazy with joy. It is so smooth and can easily slide in." I said.
Reena had closed her eyes and had left her whole body to our mercy.
" Rahul, why don't you raise her skirt up, a bit ? I said.
Rahul was already caressing her thighs and his hands had reached her panties.
He raised her skirt up. Now her panties was all exposed.
" Better pull down her panties too. It would be convenient." I said.
I held Reena's hands and lightly caressed her boobs.Her boobs were still covered under her top and bra.
Rahul slowly pulled down her panties. Her beautiful pussy was now fully exposed. It was lovely. It had a few hair but looked all exciting and lovely. The pink bud was clearly peaking through her pink folds.
I slowly raised her top. The boobs were all full and well developed. I could see her nipples peaking from under her bra.
" Reena, let me open your bra and enjoy your beautiful boobs. Please kindly raise your body a bit." I said.
Reena was keeping her eyes closed. I unclipped her bra as she allowed this by raising slightly up.
Now she was totally exposed. We could enjoy her boobs. We could also look at her nice pussy.
Rahul put a fingure in her pussy folds.
"Oh, it is all wet and ready. So lovely.." Rahul said.
I signalled Rahul. Rahul took the vibrator and I opened the folds of her pussy as he slowly pushed it in.
It had so easily gone deep inside her pussy and just a small wire was hanging out. Reena was quivering and trembling under our touch.
Rahul switched on the vibrator. We could clearly listen to the humming sound it caused deep inside her pussy. We could see her whole body trembling and responding to the intruder. With one hand I was holding her hand with other I was caressing her lovely boobs. So was Rahul. I could see the big tent in his shorts. I could make out his cock was enjoying the whole show and was standing all tall ,hard and erect--ready for action.
Her whole body started squirming. Her breathing had become fast. Her fists were getting clenched and she was enjoying the sensation deep inside her pussy.
Rahul increased the intensity. Now she could not control her body. It was floating . It was trembling. It was twisting.
" How do you feel Reena?...I asked.
But she was not in a condition to reply. She was busy in enjoying the sensations.
I put my mouth no hers and pressed my tongue to f***e it's entry inside. She opened her mouth to allow it to go in. It was lovely- feeling her tongue. She suddenly gripped me tightly with both her hands and I could feel her whole body trembling beyond her control...Then after sometimes slowly ...her grip relaxed.
"It was wonderful. I never experienced anything like this in my life.... Thanks Didi and Rahul "
I could hear her soft words.
Now Rahul was excited beyond limits and he pushed me down on the bed-besides Reena. He just removed all my clothes and stripped himself.
He was all excited his cock all stiff and hard and in a state beyond any control. He just pounced on me and pushed his cock deep in my wet pussy and started giving long steady strokes.
Reena was lying with her eyes closed and enjoying the orgasm.The vibrator was still in her pussy. Rahul once again increased the intensity further. We could feel her body responding and once again her breathing become harder and faster.
Rahul was pounding me deep and hard. I held him with all my f***e and he too was embracing me with all his f***e. We both knew that we were approaching our climax. I held him further by wrapping my legs firmly around his. His strokes had become faster and short. Rahul pushed his cock deeper and held it there with all his f***e. I could feel his hot thick white cream, squirting in spurt after spurt and deposing deep inside my dripping pussy. I could clearly experience his throbbing cock and my pussy trying to clench it.. Soon we were floating in intense orgasm.
We suddenly found Reena turn on her side and embraced both of us with both her hands. We could feel her trembling body and knew, she too was enjoying her second climax with the vibrator doing it's magic deep inside her pussy......

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