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Slut wife chronicles 4 Barb Loose


After being stuck to house and work for a loooong time, I recently decided to go to New York City for a night of fun. Just before I was ready to leave the house I realized I had nothing planned for the
evening, because of this I was a little reluctant to go out and I thought I would postpone this trip for another day. As it later turned out staying home would've been a huge mistake!

After a little encouragement from my husband I finally decided to go. Hubby is always eager for me to go out; he knows that I rarely come back home without an exciting story.

I got on the train to NYC at approx. 8:40 pm on this particular Saturday night. Once in NYC I immediately grabbed a cab to one of my favorites watering holes. As usual, I started a conversation with the cabby. I'm always horny and ready for action and I often like to explore unexpected situations. Many times, I have fucked cabbies that I liked on my way to parties, bars or nightclubs. But, this time nothing happened, this cabby didn't appeal to me.

In general, cabbies are fairly safe prey for slutty wives like us. You meet them in their working environment; they are out looking for business, not trouble, you know the car they are driving and plate
number, you know the name of their employer and telephone number and you know their name and license number; Where can you get such a reliable individual to have fun? Its only a matter of playing the
innocent angry wife looking to get back a hubby for his numerous lies and betrayals. Most, or some cabbies are only too eager to help you forget your sorrows at a nearby motel for an hour.

A few minutes later I got to my destination for this evening, the FLASH INN. The Flash Inn is in Manhattan (NYC) and close to the entrance to the Jerome Avenue Bridge, is open until 2:30 am nightly;
is nicely decorated, it has a square bar counter and people face each other from any sitting position around the bar. I normally find a mixed, mature clientele on Friday or Saturday nights. Jazz/Blues, softly played DJ music or a live jazz band at other times. No dance floor. It has a nice, romantic and cozy atmosphere that promotes intimate conversation. Single or married women are always ready to strike a conversation with the business mature types from out of town, mostly black men looking for a good time away from home.

I took a quick glance around the bar area as I entered my "playground" for the evening. A few men and women sitting around the bar, no couples that I could see, mostly single or married people out on their own. The bar stools were quickly being taken by others entering the place. This is fantastic, I thought, my kind of place and plenty of lonely males around.

I have a few places where I go, so if one place doesn't work out for me I move on to another place, "bar hopping" you could say. I hate to waste time or a night out without getting my fun.

This place has only failed me a couple of times of the numerous Fridays or Saturdays that I've been there and this night it looked perfect for me. I immediately grabbed a stool at the bar, placed my purse on the counter, ordered my Jack straight, told the bartender to watch my purse and headed directly to the ladies room. I freshened up my makeup, put on more lipstick, accentuated my eye liner and cheekbone shadow, a little more perfume, pulled my dress extremely low to show even more cleavage, took off my black pantyhose and headed back to the bar with my bush "al fresco" and in a carefree and slutty mood.

I was dressed in a short (mini-est type) black dress with a very deep cleavage that shows most of my tits without being naked, bright red, half cupped push-up padded bra that pushes my already large tits
literally up and out of my dress it only holds my tits from the bottom barely covering my nipples; the sweet smell of my perfume at just the right places, specially between my tits, permeated a trail as I headed back to my stool at the bar.

The excitement in anticipation of an unexpected sexual encounter makes me very hot, wild and hornier than usual, it electrifies me. It turns the skin all over my body ultra sensitive, my neck feels ticklish, my nipples very hard and erect, my crotch tingles everywhere and my bare pussy becomes slightly wet and hungry with ever increasing pulsations. Its pure ecstasy!

As I sat on the stool I fixed the bottom part of my mini dress, since I had nothing underneath any movement would literally reveal my crotch and pulsating pussy. I then noticed a turned down glass right
next to my purse on the bar counter, this is always a good sign for a slutty wife in search of cock and a good fuck. The bartender points to the direction of the gentleman who so graciously paid for my drink
and I ordered another Jack. I slightly raised the glass to show the gentleman that I'm appreciative of his gesture and ever so slowly move just a little of my tongue around the rim of the glass taking a
little sip as I looked the man straight in the eye with unequivocal meaning, a superficially controlled smile followed by a trivial movement of my lips, but just slightly, as I'm still looking around for the best catch.

I quickly examined this man, a black male, shaved head, neatly dressed in a business suit, strongly built suggesting that he works out frequently and after mentally discarding the rest of the male prospects at the bar I decided that this black hunk is going to be my target this evening. I do this in the spam of a few seconds while I decide, because while I'm making this crucial decision, I don't want my admirer to lose interest.

Adding to the unparalleled sensations of eroticism and feelings of sexual arousal are the little deliberate acts of sluggishly touching the rim of the glass with the tip of my tongue with every small sip of my drink, sensually holding my cigarette at just the right angles in very provocative ways as I slowly exhale the tantalizing smoke in a way that lingers for just a second close to my mouth before it moves on and disappears. At times, I direct an intense and persistent look right straight into someone's eyes, my scarcely opened lips with just a touch of sexual movement and barely showing the tip of my tongue; I love the mixed smell of good perfume and cigarette smoke, I find it intoxicating, at times slightly and discreetly touching my private parts with the tip of my finger and barely passing the finger close to my nostrils for a more inebriating experience. You could say that I enjoy every sexual moment and experience from beginning to end and make it linger for hours and until that instance where I feel my pussy filled with that massive, hard cock; I'm then ready to erupt in multi-orgasmic explosions.

I kept the man's attention by deliberate and subtle body language at preconceived intervals, I want him by my side, but not just yet, I like to play my sensually erotic actions on him for a little while. I direct my discreet but expressive signals towards him, the movements of my mouth in such manner, the playful move of my tongue, my sensual smoking and drinking, the slow and delicate motions of my hips and
ass, from time to time rubbing my bare pussy against the hard, cool wood of the bar stool, I almost, unnoticeable to the rest of the crowd, squirmed a little, just for him to wonder; my straight killer
stares directed at him from time to time between little flirtations with other men just to make HIM nervous, insecure, as if to inflict a slight touch of jealousy that I detect but, I let him know at the
same time that HE is in my focus.

I just let his imagination run wild and his fantasies fly high about how much fun and enjoyment I will provide for him at the right time. In reality he is suffering the whole episode not knowing the final
outcome, at this point all he can do is play my provocative game and keep buying those drinks; of course, I play such hard ball knowing that in the end given the right circumstances of safety, I'll fuck
the guy, but he doesn't know what I know, he can only wonder while I enjoy myself in sexual delight. Its me who gets the satisfaction from beginning to end. No man can resist such exquisite advances of a
slutty-savvy woman in search of prey.

My man sitting across the bar is getting restless and unsure of my desires and he orders more drinks for me, one, two, three more drinks; I thanked him every time and every time I make it a little more obvious. By the third drink, (actually the fourth if you count the one on the counter when I approached the bar from the ladies room) with a movement of my eyes I indicated that I want him by my side at a recently vacated seat.

He quickly moved to the stool next to me; a quick look at his crotch made me notice that this man's cock is ready to explode, hot, big, thick and hard as a rock, this is the way I want him and I caused him
to be this way, experience pays-off. We rapidly moved into a soft and quite whisper of a conversation.

Where are you from? he asked

"Oh..., I come from a nearby state" I respond

All the way here to NYC? He asked again

"Yes, you could say that this is my playground" I said, and you?

"I'm from North Carolina on a business trip" he continues Well, don't
take offense, he says, you are either a high price call girl, a
police officer looking to get someone arrested or, someone looking
for fun.

"None taken. Sluts have more fun and... I'm not a police officer" I
said, and then,

You really want to know where you stand, don't you?

"Very much so" he answers

This is a clincher, and one of my best lines...

"I'll tell you, I'm just about to get married and I just want to
experience a wild weekend"

"That sounds fabulous" I'm married too, he says

"That's great, I said, Most of all, I enjoy fucking married men"

When are you getting married? He asked

"In two weeks, but, what my future husband doesn't know its that I
need many lovers to stay satisfied"

From this point the conversation continued into more intimate terms. At times, me touching his face and moving my "finger" close to his nose and then slightly and slowly squeezing his massive cock and enormous bulge.

"I'm staying at a hotel in mid-town" he advanced

"Well, that's a little risky , after all, we just met and we don't
know each other that well" I said

How about my car? "I have full size car I just rented" he insisted

A car, Huh? Maybe just for a little while, I approached.

"OK", he said, Bartender can you put these drinks in plastic cups and
save our seats?

"Gladly, the bartender responded"

All the whispering and touching action between my potential fuck and myself created a quiet storm with the guy seating next to me on the other side; his cock was bulging and the bartender's as well; I Loved

We moved to the man's car that was already parked in a quiet and somewhat dark street behind the bar. We french kissed, we sucked each other, he licked my tits and we fucked our brains out. I said, think
of me when you are fucking your wife back home, Oh!..., I will, I will, he responded, gasping for air.

We went back to the bar, had a couple more drinks and said our good-byes, I couldn't help but notice that the other guy at the bar was by now stroking his hard cock over his pants and the bartender still had a hard on. What A Night!. I asked the bartender to call me a cab. But, my new lover said that he would drive me anywhere I wanted to go, so I accepted his offer.

He drove me to another favorite spot of mine where I would wait for hubby to pick me up. He parked his car behind the other bar. Before I left his car we fucked again and again, in almost every position that
his car would allow, it was very roomy and comfortable, the back seat like a large couch. Some passersby's looked on as we continued in our quest for the ultimate lust. This excited me more, I was totally

I entered the bar and had a couple of drinks as I waited for hubby. He showed up and we left. Once home, I re-did my makeup, my lipstick and fixed myself in the sluttiest possible way to express my thanks
to hubby for allowing me such a great time and told him every detail of my night out. Hubby in turn expressed HIS appreciation to HIS slut/wife by sucking, licking and swallowing the hot juices flowing
from my pussy and tongue-licking the hickeys on my neck and my tits, we then moved on to our bedroom for more fucking while I kept saying my thanks and what a wonderful husband HE was by allowing his
slut/wife to please HIM so much. I kept repeating over and over that I do what I do to please HIM, because HE likes it and because HE wants me to do it. This is the important part of being a married slut. Ladies! I left hubby ready, wanting and willing for another Night Out

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