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Nice girl, Wrong party chapter 20

"Ah cocks, lovely thick hard cocks to suck and lick to my hearts content" thought Jenni as she enjoyed herself with Jason and Logan's fuck rods. She was busy rubbing one all over her face as she sucked and licked the other and then switched off again and again. She had both men going crazy and filled with a wanton desire to bang her slutty cunt and asshole until they flooded her with their hot greasy spunk shooting wad after wad deep inside her.
Still she teased them by sucking on their nutsacks and fingering each ones assholes as she suckled on their schlongs like they were all day suckers! Jenni felt her cunt juices making her thighs slick as she knelt in front of Jason and Logan. She liked the feeling of power she had over them as she worked both cocks into her stretched mouth again and bobbed her head down as far as she could. She loved feeling so much hard throbbing cockmeat in her hungry mouth.
Logan finally said, "I gotta bang this fucking cunt" and dragged his cock out of her mouth, grabbed Jenni by the hips and slammed forward without caring which hole he got his cock into. As it was he got a lucky shot and buried his bog boner balls deep in Jenni's sodden cunt and went to rabbit speed from the git go.
Logan was so excited he didn't care about anyone else at that moment, just the feeling of cunt wrapped around his cock was all he cared about and all he wanted.
Jason had grabbed handfulls of Jenni's hair and was roughly throat fucking her trying to get his cock to sword fight with Logan who was banging away doggie style. Jenni was stuck between 2 jackhammering cocks bouncing her fore and back while she was just along for a ride.
It's what she had wanted to get and now she was getting it from the 2 men she had driven crazy with her attentions.
Candi meanwhile was busy with Johnson in a very enjoyable 69, He had 2 fingers in each of her hot holes as he licked her clit and tried to ram his monster down her throat over and over. She had never been spread so wide in a 69 before, Johnson had her thighs clamped down to her tits and her head hanging over the edge of a padded bench as he roughly throat fucked her. Candi was loving having such a massive piece of cockmeat in her mouth as she was getting a Vulcan fingering with her clit being worked by an expert!. This was a ride she was having so much fun on, she was in a continual state of little orgasms rolling through her body and she could feel her toes curling. She was also thinking of how much she was going to enjoy having his monster meat rod jammed deeply up her shitter in a little while after he got her loosened up a bit. Candi loves anal, but she wasn't used to such a big cock as Johnson has in her asshole and she was going to need as much prep work as she could get before she tried taking him.
Angela was still bouncing her ass up and down on Rob's big cock as they watched and commented on the frenzied sexual activity that was going on. Rob was laughing when he said "Damn Jason and Logan act like they are still in high school and it's the first time they ever got any pussy." When Angela replied "It's like they finally found out that some girls like to have multiple cocks and they work well together. So why not take advantage of the chance to fuck as many hot wet willing women as they can, aren't you doing the same thing?"
"Why yes dear I am, but I don't go searching for horny fuck sluts like those 2 have been doing."
"Oh bullshit Rob, your as much a fuckslut as those 2 are and here you are buried balls deep in me watching them fuck the hell out of that tiny gal and wishing you were banging her too."
"Your right again Honey, but I've already banged her a few times and right now I am loving banging you since your my favorite slut!"
"Oh Rob, you cocky bastard, you say the nicest things to me. Now start working my cunt with that big ol cock of yours."

Katie and Clay were also watching everyone else in the clearing and enjoying the sex under the moonlight. Clay had had enough of Katie sucking his cock and now had her kneeling in a chair as he tongued her asshole and ran a vibrator on her clit. He kept spanking her ass since he had found she liked it a lot and she has such a nicely rounded plump ass. Katie was playing with her tits and pinching her nipples as she gave comments on what everyone else was doing. They were sporadic as Clay was busy making her keep having little orgasms that she enjoyed as the waves of bliss rolled through her body.
What Clay was doing with that damn G-spot vibe was really getting to her, ever since he had seen it being used he had wanted to try it out. Now he was learning how and Katie was a very willing subject to use it on. But oh damn with that tongue of his buried up her ass and knowing he wasn't going to be able to resist much longer before he had to fuck her again had Monica climbing the wall's wanting some fat hard throbbing cock ramming her cunt now!

Monica was still having fun teasing Cayla while eating her pussy and tongue fucking her sexy butt, Travis was getting his cock nibbled on since Cayla had found out from Monica that he liked that.
Travis grabbed Cayla's head and began to roughly throat fuck her since she was driving him nuts with what she had been doing to his cock. "Come on you fucking slut, you love cock so much take it all down till you gag whore, wanna tease my cock here cumdumpster have it all in your mouth now! You dirty cunt, I cant hardly wait for Monica to finish with your asshole so I can **** it hard fast and deeply."
Monic heard Travis and smiled up at him saying "She's ready now for your fucking cock honey, come stuff her asshole while I suck her clit and fuck her cunt with this vibe."
Travis needed no further invitation, he quickly got behind Cayla as Monica held her cheeks spread wide for him. She positioned his throbbing cock and He gave a mighty shove deep into Cayla's tight hot wet asshole, His turgid cock slid forward deeper and deeper until he finally hit bottom and his balls slapped against Cayla's gushing cunt.
Monica quickly was underneath Cayla and working her G-spot vibe in deeply as she attacked the clit just in front of her face. Cayla was suddenly gasping and groaning, she was filled up and getting her feelings up and the sensations were starting to overload her with an orgasmic fury that she hadn't anticipated and it was wonderful! The colors exploding in her mind as the waves of ecstasy washed through her and the hammering of Travis' big fucking rod plunging stallion like into her bowels as he fucked her madly building towards his own cum.
Monica was sucking her clit and working that damn vibe like it was the last thing she was ever going to do and it just made everything that much sweeter for Cayla. The soft lips wrapped tightly around her clit sucking and tugging while she worked her sodden pussy into a frothy mass of cunt juice and saliva, Travis spanking her ass as he plunged steadily towards his orgasm. Cayla could feel and hear it all and still she fucked back as much as she could between them as she was racing along with orgasms tripping off like 4th of July fireworks.
Monica could feel Cayla's fingers go slack as her body was twitching and jerking, Cayla's head drooped onto her thigh as her breathing became ragged and she was shuddering through her orgasms.
Monica worked her harder and started to fondle Travis' big balls helping him to get closer to his orgasm.
In moments it had worked as Travis finally grunted and slammed home one last time, Monica heard his cry above her as he broke the silence with "Oh fuck yeah you hot fucking slut! Oh damn that's a damn great ass, mother fucker she is milking my cock with her hot asshole, oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck..What a fantastic ass......oh shit, oh Monica keep it up, make her grab my cock some more baby, oh shit that's fucking great.."
Monica was busily greedily sucking clit and working that frothy cunt when she smelled Travis' cum start leaking out around his deeply embedded cock. She began to lap it up as it ran down into Cayla's cuntlips and she was smiling as he slowly pulled his cock free with a sucking plop! His cock dropped free of Cayla and right down into the waiting face of Monica who reached up for it and started to suck it clean. The mixed juices on it savory to her taste buds and Travis gazed down at her lovely cum covered face with a giant smile as she licked and sucked him clean.
He then leaned down and kissed her as Cayla lay panting on her. Travis turned his head into Cayla's dripping slit and tasted the sweet pussy and ass juices that Monica had been slurping up so greedily.
Then he went around to face Cayla and and swapped out the juices to her so she could enjoy them also.
After that Cayla turned around and began licking her juices off of Monica's face as they laid cuddled up together.

Clay and Katie, Rob and Angela were the only ones to witness Monica, Travis, and Cayla's fantastic threesome, everyone else was involved in their own lust filled pursuit of orgasms.
But now the spectators were about even with the fuck monsters who were still engaged and striving hard to get to an Orgasmland of their own.
So as they all began to watch the others they could see Jenni, getting pounded in a DP by Jason and Logan. But when they listened to her they heard her talking about having such a filled pussy with both of those hard cocks riding her tight cunt while she had a vibrating plug buried in her ass. All they could see was Logan pounding away like an a****l in heat and Jenni being fucked so hard and cumming so much that she was panting and shaking like a leaf.
Jason was fucking up as hard as he could, burying his cock as Logan was withdrawing and they continued at a furious pace without giving Jenni any rest or respite. She was a dazed cockslut who was being used and enjoying her orgasms, all she could do was pant out encouragement on occasion.

Candi meanwhile was bouncing merrily along on Johnson fucking monster shaft with it buried to the hilt up her tender tight asshole. Somewhere along the line she had acquired nipple clamps and a vibrator that she was using on her clit as she rode him deep and hard.

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