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Sex Ahead 5

The way young Manley got started fooling around with Patricia Preston
wasn't all that different from the way any local eighteen-year-old boy
made out with an attractive thirty-six-year-old woman. If you lived in
Tuttleville, you'd know there was a lot of that going on. A stranger
however, would never realize it.

The women of Tuttleville - and the teenage girls too - were rather
clanish. They didn't take to strangers. Men from out of town, business
men, traveling salesmen and the like, came away with the impression
that the ladies who lived there, were pure-minded, well behaved women
who didn't stand for any fooling around and only had sex with their

Nothing could have been farther from the truth, as most of the boys in
their senior year at Tuttleville High School knew only too well. Their
favorite sport wasn't football or basketball. It was crawling between
the legs of all those married women who loved making it with a horny
teenage stud. More than just a few neglected wives were getting a
little on the side from some teenage k**, who lived just down the
street or over on the next block. Young Manley was getting his full
share of that kind of action. He was fucking Mrs. Carpenter over on the
next street, and Mrs. Tamerlin who was his next door neighbor. What
made it different with him and Mrs. Preston, was that they weren't
neighbors. Patricia Preston was his mother.

Maybe that's what made it so easy. They lived in the same house and
they were alone together a lot. Manley was hot and horny for his mother
and it helped considerably when he became aware that she had the hots
for him too, even if she wouldn't admit it, even to herself.

Their intimacy came about in easy stages, with Manley making a little
more progress each time. He came home from school one day to find his
mother applying lotion to her body, because she had been out in the
backyard on a beach towel, sunning herself. When Manley came into her
room, she let him take over the job and he did so eagerly. He spread
the oil slowly and gently over her neck and shoulders, and then all
over her back. The upper part of her bikini was lying on the bed where
she had tossed it, and Manley began to apply the lotion all around and
over her luscious round tits. He was having himself a grand time when
his mother realized she hadn't got any sun on her boobs, so it wasn't
necessary to put any lotion there.

Unperturbed, Manley then massaged the lotion into her legs, from her
ankles right up to the crotch of her bikini. His mother let him, even
though he spent a lot of time rubbing between her thighs, while he
kissed her with his tongue probing deep into her mouth in search of
hers. She was breathing quite heavily when she whispered, "That's not
the way a young man should be kissing his mother."

She didn't seem to notice, or pretended not to, the way he was feeling
between her legs.

Whenever Manley's father was out for the evening, back to the office or
to a lodge meeting, Manley would take his mother out, to dinner or to a
movie. In the movie he would sit with his arm around her, while he took
her hand in his and in the dark they would neck like two teenage
lovers. Once, when he freed his hand from his mother's, he eased it up
under her skirt, up between her legs, all the way to the crotch of her
panties. He had succeeded in getting his fingers in around the legband
and was feeling her cunt. When he got that far, she took his hand away
and scolded him in a whisper, saying, "Now that's not for you, because
I'm your mother."

One evening when Manley and his mother were alone together, they were
sitting cuddled up together on the couch in the living room, talking
about sex.

His mother said, "I find it very hard to talk to anyone about sex,
except to you."

She had no trouble at all discussing sex with her son, and they made
some startling confessions to each other. Manley even confessed that
his first piece of ass was with Mrs. John Bentley (Sally), an
attractive woman about his mother's age and his mother's very dear

Before long she told him, "I wasn't a virgin when I married your father
and I made the mistake, later on, of telling him."

When she saw how interested her son was in hearing about her sexual
indiscretions when she was his age, she went on.

"I wasn't really in love with your father. I married him because I was
already pregnant - with you. During the first two years of my marriage,
I told him all sorts of stories about myself that I should have kept
quiet about. I told him about the s*******n boys who fucked me during
my senior year in high school. They're grown up now of course, and
several of them work with your father and one of them is his boss."

"Wow, Mom. That must have really surprised him," said Manley. "What
else did you tell him?"

"I told him how my parents always went away somewhere for the weekend
and while they were gone, I slept with my b*****r and he'd fuck me
nearly all night long. But I was really foolish to tell him about Mr.
Davis, the d**ggist, who would fuck me in the back of his store, up to
the time his wife came in one day and caught us at it. By then of
course, Mr. Davis had planted his seed and I was pregnant. Your father
never recovered from those stories. They awakened his jealousy and
doubts. And our life together, at times, has been almost intolerable."

After his mother told him all this, Manley was so hot and horny he
could hardly sit still. He wanted to fuck his mother more than he'd
ever wanted anything in his whole life. And he knew she wanted that
just as much as he did, if she could only just let herself go and allow
it to happen. The reason she told him what she did, he knew, was
because it got her sexually hot and excited letting him know about it.

He tried his best to fuck her that night and his mother was so aroused,
so hot and willing, he was certain now he was going to make it. They
were snuggled up in one another's arms kissing like lovers, rather than
mother and son. He had her dress up around her waist and her panties
were on the floor. He had a finger in her cunt as he kissed her, and
his mother's ass was wriggling about on the couch. He unzipped his
pants, hauled out his bone hard pecker and let his mother feast her
eyes on it. He placed her hand on it and she left it there, her fingers
curled around the sturdy shaft.

He kissed her again while he played with her pussy some more, and she
began to move her hand up and down on his cock. When he had her so
worked up he knew she wouldn't refuse him anything, he stretched her
out on the couch. One of her legs was up on the back of the couch, her
other on the floor. Her thighs were wide apart and the lips of her cunt
flowered open, ready to receive him. With the speed of light he tugged
off his shoes, socks, shirt, pants and undershorts and got onto the
couch between her legs. He leaned over her, his weight on his arms. The
head of his cock was less than an inch from touching the warm slick
lips of her cunt, when he heard his father's car pull into the

Frantically his mother leaped off the couch, grabbed up her panties
from the floor, dashed upstairs and into the bathroom. Quickly he
gathered up his clothes and raced up the stairs after her, then turned
into his own room and closed the door. Sweating because of his close
escape, he was putting on his undershorts when he heard his father come
through the front door downstairs.

One night shortly after that when his father wasn't home, his mother
came into his room and Manley's cock sprang to attention inside his
pajama bottoms. He loved the way his mother gazed at his bare chest,
like she was really turned on. She was such a gorgeous creature, all
curves and softness. Her mouth was sensuous, her hair dark and
luxuriant. She looked like she was ready and eager to get laid, and
Manley was sure he wouldn't have any trouble fucking her now. After
all, she came into his room, didn't she?

Aside from the fact that they loved each other as mother and son, there
was a strong current of attraction between them that was highly
physical. They were always on the verge of getting into bed together,
but never quite making it. This was because his mother somehow managed
to fend him off, or because his father was close by and he didn't dare
try anything. Yet when they were alone together, she looked like she
was hot and ready for him to take her.

She sat on the side of the bed and kicked off her shoes. She looked at
her legs and said, "I think they are too thick!"

Manley replied, "They are not, Mom. They're perfect. I adore them. I'm
crazy about your legs."

"Do you like my new stockings?" she asked, and raised her skirt right
up to her thighs to show him.

His mother never owned pantyhose. She despised them. Her stockings were
not ordinary nylons either. They were expensive and had an interesting
design running all through them. Yet Manley felt his mother was using
them only as an excuse to show him her legs, her exposed thighs and her
brief panties.

She decided she would take a shower and told him she wouldn't be long.
In a short while she was back in his room, wearing a dressing gown that
was so thin he could see through it. He could certainly tell that she
had nothing on underneath it. As if that weren't enough, she let the
dressing gown come open as she stood with her legs a little apart. She
looked to Manley like she was close to an orgasm, and that the touch of
his hand on her tits or her cunt would do it. His mother made no
attempt to close the dressing gown when she sat on the side of the bed
to put her stockings on.

Manley couldn't hold back any longer. He dropped to his knees, in front
of her and put his hand on the soft humid hair between her legs. He
stroked it gently, saying, "It's so lovely, so soft and beautiful. It's
a shame to keep it out of sight, Mom. Especially from me, when I
appreciate it so. Oh Mom, I can't believe how beautiful you are between
your legs."

She seemed ready and willing for whatever he wanted to do, the way her
flesh looked, her cunt open like a flower, the way her legs were
spread. The lips of her pussy were so wet and inviting. His mother
spread her legs wider to let him look at it. He touched it gently and
spread the lips, thrilled at how moist they were. She smelled fresh and
clean after her shower, yet there was the distinct exciting scent that
comes from a woman's cunt when she is hotly aroused.

She felt it when he touched her clitoris and let out a little moan of
delight. He could hardly wait until she felt the bigger pleasure, the
one she would feel when his long hard cock went up into her.

He kissed her clitoris, wet now from her arousal. Her cunt tasted like
a seashell, a wonderful fresh salty seashell.

"Oh Mom!" he moaned, kissing, licking and probing with his tongue. She
fell back onto the bed, presenting her exposed cunt to him, warm and
moist, like a camelia, like rose petals, like velvet satin. It was
hotly aroused and she was offering it to him.

Her legs hung over the side of the bed, her cunt open. He pressed his
nose into it, kissed it, inserted his tongue. She did not move to stop
him. She didn't move at all, except for a gentle wriggling of her ass.

Her clitoris stiffened like a nipple. His head between her legs was
caught in the most delicious vise of satiny smooth flesh.

His hand traveled upward to her full round tits and caressed them. His
mother sighed, letting him know she liked that. She moaned as he began
kissing, licking and sucking her cunt with increasing urgency. Her
hands traveled down and joined his mouth in fondling her cunt. It was
apparent she liked to be touched at the mouth of her snatch. She
touched the places with him, like she was pointing out the spots that
would really set her off. He licked around the opening where he wanted
so much to shove in his prick and move it around until he made her
scream with pleasure. He would do that, very soon now. His mother
wasn't refusing him anything. He pushed his tongue into her opening as
far as it would go. He took her bare ass in his two hands and while he
was eating her, his fingers pressed into the soft flesh of her bum,
traveled around its firmness into its curve, and his finger touched the
sensitive mouth of her asshole and pushed into it gently.

Suddenly his mother gave a start, as if he had touched off an electric
spark. She moved her ass to get more of his finger. He shoved it in
farther, all the while licking and sucking on her cunt. His mother
moaned and began to undulate.

When she sank downward, she felt his probing finger, and when she rose
upward she met his kissing, licking, sucking mouth and his darting
tongue. With every move he felt his mother's quickening rhythm, until
she let out a little cry, had a long sustained spasm, then cooed like a
pigeon. With his finger in her ass and his mouth on her cunt, he
brought her off once, twice, and then a third time.

While she sailed through her last orgasm, Manley tugged at the strings
holding up his pajama bottoms and impatiently rid himself of the

His mother fell over, panting and gasping, and pulled Manley onto the
bed with her, so that he was lying on his side facing her.

"Oh Manley, what have you done to me? What have you done to your
mother?" She kissed him long and passionately, tasting the juices of
her cunt on his mouth. "Oh you naughty boy! You made it so wonderful
for your mother!"

Her arms flailed about as she struggled out of her dressing robe. Then
she pressed her naked body up tightly against his, one leg coming up
over him, locking him to her. They kissed again.

While their arms were about each other and his hand was on her shapely
ass, the head of his cock was positioned right at the entrance to her
cunt. It touched her moist pussy lips and set him on fire. He couldn't
miss this time. He made a humping movement with his hips and the head
of his cock, followed by two inches of thick solid shaft, went up into

"No, darling!" his mother gasped. "Not now! There isn't time. Your
father will be home any minute!"

He didn't believe her. She wasn't stalling him anymore. He had his
prick in her, part of it anyway, and she was now going to get it all.
He rolled her onto her back and he came up over her. He had a firm grip
on her ass and he pushed for all he was worth. So well lubricated was
his mother's cunt that he went in all the way. Regardless of the fact
that her cuntal passage was a tight fit and his hard cock was enormous,
he was in her right up to his balls.

"Darling, stop!" she called in a fierce whisper. "I hear your father's
car in the driveway!"

That wouldn't work this time, he thought. He whispered back, as if
there was someone there who might overhear what he was saying to her.
"I'm in you, Mom. I'm fucking you at last. I'm going to fuck you until
I make you feel so good, you'll come back to me for more, again and

He didn't hear his father's car pull into the driveway. He didn't hear
his father come in the front door, either. But luck was with them both
that night. His father, instead of coming up the stairs, hollered up
from the hallway.

"Patricia? You ready yet? Get a move on. We should have been at the
Hendersons a half hour ago. I got delayed at the office."

His mother let out a startled cry and uncunted him. He rolled onto his
back as she pushed him off her and scrambled off the bed. Grabbing her
robe, she shot out the door and into the bathroom. So quick was her
exit, she was gone even while Manley's cock was spurting out its heavy
charge, all over his belly, his chest and right up to his chin.

It took Manley a while to get over his frustration. He lay there on the
bed until he heard his mother and father leave for their dinner date
with the Hendersons, then he got up and went into the bathroom. After
his shower he began to see the humor in the incident and he thought it
was funny. It was also thrilling and exciting. He'd actually had his
big hard prick in his mother's cunt! Right up to his balls! Her one and
only objection was that they didn't have enough time, before his father
was due to arrive home. She didn't raise any fuss about the fact that
he was going to screw his mother. Hell, she wanted his cock just as
much as he wanted her pussy. And if the old man hadn't come home when
he did, he would still be fucking her.

As far as Manley was concerned, he'd really done it. True, he had his
prick in his mother's cunt for less than a minute. But he'd had it up
there, as far as it would go. That his mother was upset, wasn't because
she didn't like it. She liked it all right. She was uptight because she
was afraid the old man was going to catch her being fucked by her own

The next time it would be different. He wouldn't have any trouble
getting his prick into her a second time, he told himself. Now that his
mother knew how good it felt to have him in her, she'd be as eager to
fuck as he was. She was likely looking forward to the next time they
were alone together, as much as he was. She'd been thrilled out of her
mind with the way he ate her pussy, and she'd feel the same way about
fucking her. He was willing to bet that right now, while his mother was
at the Hendersons, her thoughts were still on that moment when she was
sprawled out on the bed, with her son on top of her, shoving his prick
into her.

After he dried himself off, Manley went back to his room and sat on the
side of the bed. His cock was sticking out in front of him like the
handle on a pump, just from thinking about those wonderful few moments
alone with his mother.

Wouldn't it freak the old man out, he thought, if he knew he'd had his
head between Mom's legs and had eaten her pussy? That he had kissed,
licked and sucked her cunt, and lapped up her juices while he brought
her off three times? It wasn't every day that a guy got a chance to
kiss and lick his mother's snatch and swallow her come, while he held
her by her bare ass and she wriggled it all around, rubbing her twat
all over his face. What would the old man do, if he knew he'd been on
top of Mom when she was naked, had touched her cunt with the head of
his prick, then pushed it up into her?

Well he had a pretty good idea what the old man would do, and he didn't
want to experience it. He didn't ever want the old man to find out
about it at all. What he wanted was for his mother to find out how good
it could be with his prick in her for an hour or more at a time.

Now that he'd had his prick in her cunt, he considered his mother as
much his woman as she was Dad's. Maybe even more so, because his mother
was never as loving and affectionate with his father as she was with
him. He was her favorite man, he knew that. She was forever hugging and
kissing him, and standing close to him with her arms about him. And she
didn't seem to mind that he was feeling her tits, and running his hands
all over her ass. Once when they were sitting close together on the
couch, he slipped his hand up under her dress, up between her legs and
she didn't say a thing about it. What thrilled him even more was when
she stood with her arms about his neck and rubbed her pussy against the
hard bulge in the front of his pants, and didn't object when he grabbed
her by both cheeks of her ass and pulled her tightly against him. He
was certain she'd had a climax quite often that way, because he
frequently shot off his load in his undershorts while he was doing it.

His cock sticking out in front of him was like a bar of steel, except
that it quivered and pulsed impatiently. What was he to do? He couldn't
stay here all evening thinking about how great it had been fucking his
mother - for all of thirty seconds. He needed a hot pussy he could fuck
all evening long.

He thought of Mrs. Tamerlin - Agnes - who lived next door. He had a hot
thing going with her, because her husband was away a lot and it was so
easy to slip into her house through the back door and get into bed with
her. Agnes wasn't one to waste time in idle conversation. The moment he
came into her kitchen, she led him off to her bedroom, where they took
off their clothes and got into the bed. They did take chances though,
especially on weekends when her husband was home. Often he would fuck
her in just the time it took her husband to drive to the store for
cigarettes and come right back. One time he fucked her while her
husband was mowing the lawn and once while he was washing the car.

Quickly he put on his clothes, went downstairs and phoned Agnes. The
grin that spread across his face indicated she had told him her husband
was out for the evening and she was alone. He lost no time in leaping
over the low fence that separated her backyard from his. Then he was
through the door, into the kitchen and into Agnes' waiting arms.

Manley may have been right. Maybe his mother was eagerly awaiting her
next chance to be alone with him, so he could fuck her again. And this
time have the opportunity to do it properly, without it ending as soon
as it got started. But the trouble was that three days went by without
him and his mother having a chance to be alone together. So he still
didn't know if his mother was as eager as he was to do it again, or if
she had no intention of ever getting into a position like that with her
son a second time.

That night the three of them, Mom, Dad and himself, were to go out to
dinner, then meet the Emersons at the theater. The Emersons would have
their daughter Sheri with them, so for her and Manley, it was a date,
arranged by the girl's parents.

The Emersons liked Manley very much. They thought he was a wonderful
young man, the kind of boy they wanted their daughter to be dating.
They were very protective of her and didn't approve of most young men
who tried to take her out. But they did approve of Manley and were
forever thinking up discreet ways to bring him and their daughter
together. Sheri didn't mind that her parents were interfering. She had
more than just a crush on Manley. She had the hots for him and she was
grateful to her parents for any help they could give her, in her
pursuit of him.

Manley was the only boy the Emersons trusted alone with their daughter.
Their belief that he would behave like a gentleman, even when they
weren't there to watch him, was a mistaken belief at best. The first
time he was alone with Sheri, he fucked her. In fact, from the time the
Emersons had left, to the time they returned around midnight, he had
fucked her six times.

He hardly deserved full credit for this achievement, however. As soon
as her parents' car pulled out of the driveway, the girl practically
climbed all over him. She came on so strong that Manley was amazed that
up to the very moment when his prick went up into her, she had been a

He liked Sheri very much and was warmly affectionate toward her. But he
was that way with all the other teenage girls he was fucking too. To
him, Sheri was just one of several girls he could fuck whenever he
wanted to. The girls in the neighborhood put out for him, even though
most of them had steady boyfriends and three of them were engaged to be
married. Indeed, one girl let him fuck her the night before her
wedding. And four girls who were already married, didn't see that as
any good reason why Manley shouldn't go right on fucking them whenever
he wanted to. They didn't express that idea to their husbands, of
course, but a wedding ring on a finger didn't stop a hot cunt from
wanting Manley's prick.

Manley took it all in stride. To him it was a normal way of life, to be
able to fuck any girl he chose to, at any given time. It didn't impress
him all that much. What really excited him was being able to fuck his
beautiful, hot and sexy mother, and do it as often as he wanted to.
That would really be something!

"I hope your mother isn't going to take all night getting dressed,"
said Bert Preston to his son. "I have a table reserved at the
restaurant, but we don't want to have to hurry through the meal, in
order to meet the Emersons at the theater."

"We have plenty of time, Dad," Manley assured him.

They had been watching the news on TV and as usual, Bert had been
giving his son his views on politics. He always talked politics, never
sex with his son. Manley thought that was humorous. His mother talked
sex with him, never politics.

Suddenly his mother called down the stairs to him. "Manly, let your
father settle the affairs of the world. Come up her and talk to me."

Manley grinned and obediently went up the stairs to the bathroom where
his mother was. He expected she wanted him to do up the zipper on the
back of her dress. He liked it when she let him do things like that for
her. Often she left her bra unfastened, just so he could have the fun
of doing it up. That always involved him adjusting it for her and
feeling around her boobs, to make sure he had it so that it was
comfortable for her. Maybe some day she'd let him put her panties on
for her too. He'd really like that, and most likely she would also.

But when he got to the bathroom, he found his mother standing there
completely naked, combing her hair in front of the mirror. Manley's
cock stiffened inside his pants and it quivered as he gazed at her. He
came up behind her and touched the cheeks of her bare ass with his

He felt a little nervous. After all, his father was just downstairs in
the living room. He moved his hands around his mother and felt her
boobs. She sighed and her reflection in the mirror smiled back at him.
His hand moved lower and caressed the soft but firm flesh of her belly.
He marveled that she was as flat there as a teenage girl. His hand went
lower still, until his fingers were in her pussy hair. He kissed her

She smiled at him and said, almost in a whisper. "Of all nights for
your father to come home on time. I would have liked to have had a
little time alone with you, before we went out!"

"He had to come home when he did," Manley explained, also in a low
voice. "We're going out to dinner, then meeting the Emersons after."

As he leaned over her shoulder, she turned her head toward him and they
kissed. He was so hot for her he couldn't hold back any longer. He had
to take a chance. Quickly he unzipped his pants and hauled out his
cock, poking her with it in the crack of her ass. He would shove it up
under her bum and into her cunt. He would fuck her doggy fashion, as
she bent over, with her elbows on the vanity sink. The head of his
prick touched the lips of her cunt. It was warm and slick with her
moisture. That thrilled him, knowing his mother was hot and ready for
him. He pushed, sinking the bulbous-shaped head in past the lips of her
cunt. He pushed again and went in deeper. His mother sighed and her ass
began to undulate against him. He went in still deeper. Then he heard
his father on the stairs.

Frantically he pulled back, stuffed his cock back into his pants and
did up his zipper.

Bert came into the bathroom and saw his wife naked. "Patricia! How can
you walk around like that, in front of your son? Have you no shame?"

"Darling, what's so terrible about Manley seeing me naked? I'm his
mother," said Patricia, making it all sound so innocent. "Do you think
he's going to get lewd and lascivious thoughts about me, just because
he's free to gaze at my feminine charms?"

"Patricia! Don't talk like that," Bert told her. "Our son should not be
seeing you when you're naked."

Patricia looked at her husband, taunting him. "All his life he's seen
me naked. When he was born, he came out from between my legs. And for
the first two years of his life he sucked on my bare titties. When I
bathed him, I got into the tub with him."

"Yes, right up until he was ten, when I insisted that you stop it,"
said Bert.

Patricia smiled a secret little smile. She could truthfully say that
she never got into the tub with her son again, after her husband told
her not to. But that was because from that day on, she and her son took
showers together. At least for a few years more.

"Now if I were naked in front of somebody else, another woman's
eighteen-year-old son, you'd have cause to complain," Patricia argued.
"But there's nothing wrong with being naked in front of my own son. Do
you think the sight of his naked mother is going to turn him on?"


"If he likes looking at a naked female, if that's what he wants, every
teenage girl in this neighborhood would be only too happy to take her
clothes off for him," Patricia went on. "What's more, I'm sure a good
many of them have. The same goes for the Emersons' daughter Sheri.
She'd let our son see anything he wants to see, I'll bet. I've seen the
way she looks at him. She's so hot for our son it's all she can do to
keep her hands off him, when her parents are there."

"Patricia, this conversation is disgusting," said Bert. He turned to
his son and said, "You mustn't mind your mother. She gets this way
sometimes. She takes a strange delight in going around without any
clothes on." Looking back at his wife, he said, "Go and get dressed,

Without another word, she went into her bedroom and slipped into a
dress with nothing on underneath. She put on her shoes, grabbed a light
coat which she put over her arm and said, "I'm ready."

In the car she sat in the middle, with her husband driving and with her
son on the other side of her, with his arm around her shoulders. As
they pulled away, she took his other hand so that it was under the coat
she was holding on her lap, then guided it into a pocket of her dress.
Only it was a false pocket, a slit, and Manley found his hand inside
her dress, next to her skin. Then his fingers were in her pussy hair,
touching his mother's cunt. Bert drove on toward downtown.

"Turn right up ahead, Bert," said Patricia. "It's such a beautiful
moonlight night. We have time. Take a slow drive through the park."

Manley's father wanted to go directly to the restaurant, but he gave in
and they drove leisurely along the scenic park road. His father
prattled on about something that took place at the office that day,
while Manley had his hand on his mother's cunt, and feeling his own
excitement becoming so urgent he could hardly talk.

His mother talked, wittily, continuously, and Manley thought to
himself, You won't be able to talk in a few more minutes. But she did,
all the time that he was fingering her cunt in the dark, beneath her
dress and the coat. He could feel her moving upwards to his touch,
opening her legs as far as she dared, without his father noticing it.
With her legs parted he could fit his entire hand between her thighs,
enclosing her warm, wet snatch, one finger deep inside her pussy-lips.

Then she grew tense under his fingers, stretching herself, and Manley
knew his mother was getting off. It was contagious. He shot off his
load inside his undershorts, without his cock even being touched.

Manley was so wet he was afraid it might leave a noticeable stain on
the front of his slacks, and he knew his mother had to be even worse
off. She had no panties on to keep her juices from spreading all over
her thighs and into the crack of her ass.

When they entered the restaurant he was glad he was wearing his sport
jacket, and he noticed that his mother kept her light coat over her arm
in front of her. As soon as they were led to their table, his mother
excused herself and went to the ladies room, no doubt to clean herself
up. He headed for the men's room, leaving his father seated at the

It was an elegant restaurant that didn't skimp of the luxury of its
rest rooms. He could lock the door behind him and be assured of privacy
at the sink. He dropped his pants and wiped himself and his undershorts
with paper towels. Then he washed his cock. When he pulled his
undershorts back up, they were damp but in a lot better shape than they
had been. On returning to the table, his mother gave him a smile of

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