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Sex Ahead 4

With the coffee pot in her hand, Dorothy Baker went over to the kitchen
table where her two good friends, Mary Anne Overton and Jennifer
Henderson were sitting.

"More coffee, girls?" she asked.

"Not for me, thanks," said Mary Anne. "Hadn't we better be going? When
there's a sale on, the store might be crowded."

"We have time. It's still early," Dorothy replied. "How about you,

"Yes, I will," said Jennifer. "Say, why don't we give Irma Thatcher a
call and see if she'd like to go with us? We can pick her up on the

"That's a good idea," said Dorothy. "Okay with you, Mary Anne?"

Of course," replied Mary Anne, smiling up at her. "I should have
thought of it myself. Irma is always a lot of fun."

"The more the merrier," said Dorothy, picking up the kitchen phone and

She stood listening to it ring and counting them. When she counted
twelve, she put the receiver back.

"Nobody home?" asked Mary Anne.

"I guess not," Dorothy shrugged. "I suppose she and her son Richard are
out someplace."

"Maybe she heard about the sale too," said Jennifer, "and is already on
her way there!"

"Maybe we'll meet her there," said Mary Anne. "Let's go."

"I'm ready," said Jennifer, getting up from the table. "And if Irma
isn't there, well, she just missed out on a good sale, that's all."

Three blocks over, at the Thatcher residence, it did appear that no one
was home, but that was only the way it appeared to anyone passing by.
Upstairs in Irma's bedroom, young Richard glanced at the phone on the
bedside table.

"It's stopped ringing," he said.

"Good," said Irma. "It couldn't have been anything important. Not as
important as what we're doing now."

"Right . . ." said Richard, before he gave his mother a long sexy,
tongue probing kiss.

"Ummm, darling, it feels so good when you have your hand there, and
your finger . . . But I can think of something else that would feel
even better in there."

Irma Thatcher's words were a soft whisper in the ear of her eighteen-
year-old son, as her legs spread apart so he would get the idea. While
they lay side by side on her bed, both of them naked and with their
arms about each other, his hand stroked up and down the soft inner-
flesh of her thigh, getting her aroused to the point that she was going
to get off without him, if he didn't hurry up and shove his prick into

From time to time Irma had been fucked by other eighteen-year-old boys
throughout her years of marriage, but not one of them had spent any
time on foreplay. Each had the same thought, to get his prick into her
and fuck, whether she was ready for it or not. Because of that, she
wasn't too impressed with teenage cock, except that her son was
remarkably different. He made sure he had her ready and eager for his
prick before he fucked her. He spent a lot of time on foreplay, more
than he ever needed to, so that he was a terrible tease. It seemed to
delight him that often her first climax hit her just from him sucking
on her boobs, and her second from him kissing her cunt, or tickling it
with his fingers.

God, the very idea that her son had his head between her legs was
enough to get her off. She would grab hold of his head, her fingers
tangling in his hair and pull his mouth tight against her snatch, while
she wriggled her ass all over the bed. She'd climax again and again,
like she was trying to drown him in her orgasmic juices.

While she kissed him full on the mouth, her tongue probing for his,
Irma reached down to take a firm grip on the solid shaft of her son's
cock. Quickly she guided it to her open snatch. She wanted to feel this
wonderful, throbbing alive cock in her pussy. This was their first fuck
that morning. There would be a second and of course a third. Once was
never enough, not when she had her son all to herself, while his father
was at the office. She loved to feel his prick inside her stroking back
and forth, slowly at first and then with increasing speed. Her son's
cock never failed to set her on fire. Often she lay there, letting her
son fuck her all day long. When she was feeling that horny, she simply
said to hell with the housework.

There was that time when her husband, George, came home from the office
shortly after five, expecting his supper to be ready and she and her
son were still in bed, fucking. They broke some kind of a record
getting their clothes on, when they heard his car in the driveway.
Luckily for them George stopped to talk to his neighbor for a while,
which gave them time to change the come-stained sheets and make the
bed, and for her to comb her hair.

Irma knew all too well what the penalty would be if she and her son
were ever caught. If her husband ever found out that right after he
left the house in the morning, his son got into bed with her and fucked
her hour after hour, her marriage would be a disaster area. And if he
ever found out she let her son fuck her in the ass, when she wouldn't
let him do that to her, it would freak him right out.

But Irma had good reasons for that, she often told herself. She was
sure her husband would be too rough when he did it to her that way,
whereas her son was always so gentle. And besides, her adorable, loving
son was so thoughtful and considerate of her, he could talk her into

She smiled lewdly as she rubbed the bulbous-shaped head of her son's
cock along the warm slippery lips of her pussy.

"You like that, don't you darling?" she whispered. "Doesn't that feel
nice when your big hard woman pleaser touches your mother's hot pussy?"

Richard grinned at her. "You're really hot for it, aren't you Mom?
Didn't I give you enough yesterday?"

"You were very good to your mother yesterday, darling," she said
throatily. "But that was yesterday. God, what would I ever do if I had
to go a whole week without you?"

Tugging gently at her son's cock, she tossed her head to fling a wave
of chestnut colored hair from her eyes and she gazed at him lustfully.
He gave her a pleased grin as he eased her onto her back and climbed
between her widely parted legs.

"Now that's more like it," she sighed. "I look forward to these
mornings so much, having you in bed with me."

She lay with her legs open obscenely, waiting for him to ease the head
of his prick into her eagerly awaiting cunt. When he didn't do it, she
pulled more insistently on his cock.

"Come on, Richard. What are you waiting for?"

"I just want to look at you first, Mom," he replied. "God, I must be
the luckiest guy around, having such an attractive and sexy looking
mother, and being able to fuck her."

With his ass resting on his heels, his eyes took in her sleek, naked
thighs spread open and pressed on either side of his body. Running his
hand along them made his mother shiver with desire. He thrilled to the
feel of her stroking his cock faster and faster. He had excellent
control. She could play with his cock without him having to worry that
he would shoot his load all over her belly, like some teenage k**
getting his first piece of ass. Even though her gorgeous naked body was
a sight to behold, he knew it was even nicer when he was in her
seething hot pussy right up to his balls.

He enjoyed looking at his naked mother. Her triangle of pussy hair was
already wet with her cuntal secretions. He could see her cunt-lips,
pink and open in obscene invitation to his prick. Soon, very soon he
would have his cock up in there, right up past her belly button. She
loved it when he went in deep, then deeper still. Deeper, she had told
him than his father, or anyone else, had ever been. But he wanted to
savor the sight of her heaving belly, her inviting navel, her luscious
tits, for one moment more.

Those gorgeous boobs. He could almost shoot off his load every time he
sucked on them. They were creamy white, satiny smooth, full and round,
yet incredibly soft. Her nipples were stiff, pulsating with desire.

He was pleased that he had the control necessary to crouch between her
legs and just look at her. Mrs. Hallahan - Gloria - down the street,
had taught him all about control. She had taught him everything. Her
husband was out of town on business a good deal of the time and Richard
would sneak into her house by the back door, whenever he wasn't there.
When Gloria found out he was a virgin, she was only too happy to be his
teacher. She let him suck on her tits, which thrilled him so much he
shot off his load in his undershorts. She was sweet and understanding
about it. She stripped him naked, washed his cock and rinsed out his
undershorts. When he finally left that day, they were dry.

After she hung up his undershorts, she took him into her bedroom,
showed him her pussy and invited him to give it a kiss. It delighted
her as much as it did him when he discovered he liked the taste and
smell of it. Soon he was eating her and bringing her off, again and
again, tickling her with his tongue in all the little places she
pointed out to him.

But the biggest thrill of all was when he eased his long, thick and
very hard cock up into her incredibly soft and warm cuntal passage. Day
after day they fucked in every conceivable position. She taught him how
to fuck a woman in the ass without hurting her, but instead, giving her
and himself fantastic pleasure.

When she had taught him all about fucking, she then taught him all the
many things that made women vulnerable to his charms. She told him of
various approaches that a woman couldn't resist. He was a stud when she
finished with him. He had a fabulous storehouse of knowledge.

And one night when his father was out of town on business, he used that
knowledge to seduce his own mother!

He was so smooth in his approach and the things he did, that his mother
didn't fully realize the significance of what had taken place between
her and her son until after he had fucked her all night long. By then
she didn't care. She'd never had it that good in her life, and it
didn't bother her in the least that what she and her son were doing was
i****t. She didn't care that her friends and neighbors would be very
shocked if they knew they were doing it. She made up her mind right
then and there that nobody was ever going to find out about it,
especially her husband. From that time on, she was ready and willing,
whenever her son wanted her. The fact that he wanted her every
afternoon as soon as he got home from school, only increased her
happiness. Then school was out for the summer and the breakfast dishes
and the housework didn't get done until after she and her son fucked.

He bent over his mother and sucked on one of her boobs. He heard her
sigh and felt her tense all over. She arched her back and thrust her
tits up at him, like she wanted to get her entire mound of flesh into
his mouth. Richard licked and sucked and used his tongue to drive her
frantic. After a while his mouth slid down the snowy white slope of her
tit until his nose was in the valley between her mounds.

While he nipped and licked at her soft flesh, his mother thrashed
around beneath him. In spite of her torment, she liked these moments
almost as much as when she felt her son's prick in her and her hot,
wet, tight cunt was clamping around it. But not quite. Nothing could
take the place of her son pushing his prick into her and fucking her.
She didn't mind that he was in control, because he was causing her as
well as himself to feel intense pleasure.

"Don't be such a tease, Richard," she pleaded. "How much more of this
do you think your mother can take? Do it to me now. I want you in me! "

He smiled at her, then she felt his hot wet tongue swirling about on
one of her tits. He traced out the entire mound, then slowly, wetly and
enticingly, licked up toward the hollow of her throat. She felt her
heart beating faster and faster. Her boobs throbbed, her cunt throbbed,
and even her asshole was beginning to get a ticklish feeling in it.

"Come on, darling," she coaxed. "Fuck your mother."

"In a minute, Mom."

Realizing what she had said and how it must have sounded, she wailed,
"My God, how shameless can I get? Here I am begging my son to fuck me.
I'll bet I'm the only mother in town who's ever said a thing like

"Maybe not, Mom," Richard said softly. "Maybe other guys around here
are fucking their mothers. And they keep it a secret, just like we

"Don't get started on that again," Irma said. "I just can't believe
other mothers are behaving as outrageously as I am with you."

"What's so outrageous about a guy screwing his mother?" Richard asked
softly. "Just because society says it's wrong, doesn't mean that it is.
It's just a matter of opinion. If it's so wrong for a guy to fuck his
mother, how come it feels so good?"

"Ummm, and it does feel good," Irma admitted.

"For me too. It feels great," he told her. "It's better with you than
with anyone else I've done it to. It feels so good when I'm with you
like this, Mom, that I'm going to go right on fucking you every chance
I get."

"It gives me such a thrill to hear you say that, darling," said Irma,
between kisses. "But much as I enjoy it, I can't help but feel that
what we're doing isn't right. This isn't the proper way for a mother to
raise her son."

Richard grinned at her. "You've already raised me, Mom. That's over and
done with. Now you can just lie back and enjoy it. Isn't that what Dad
did, when he built that patio at the back of the house? He spent
several weekends working on it, now when he's home, he just sits out
there and enjoys it. And that's what you're doing too, Mom. You spent a
lot of time and effort, raising me to manhood. And now that I'm a man,
why shouldn't you have me in bed with you, giving you pleasure?"

Irma chuckled. "You're going to make a wonderful lawyer. The way you
talk, you make everything come out just the way you want it. But that
doesn't change anything, doesn't change what your father would do, if
he caught you in bed with me."

"That's true," said Richard easily. "That's just the way Dad is. I can
understand him getting sore when one of his so-called friends makes a
pass at you, letting you know he wants to fuck you. But with me it's
different. I'm part of the f****y. Dad doesn't mind me taking the car
when he's not using it. Why should he object to me fucking you, when
he's not around to do it himself? When I have the car, he knows I'm
taking care of it. Well, I'm taking care of you too, Mom, because Dad
doesn't give you nearly as much cock as you need."

"What makes you think that?"

"If he was really looking after you, he'd give you a long passionate
fuck every morning before he leaves for the office. That's when you're
really hot for it. But he doesn't do it. He must know by now that's
when you need it the most."

"You're very observant, aren't you?"

"Another thing Dad should do, is come home during lunch hour and give
your pussy a going over, to keep you satisfied until he gets home at
night to really look after you."

Irma sighed. "He used to do that, the first year we were married. Then
he got involved in his business!"

"Well, the business I want to be involved in, is right here between my
mother's legs," Richard said with a lewd grin.

His tongue made its way slowly upward. He licked and kissed her earlobe
for a moment, which made Irma wiggle her ass frantically. Whenever he
stuck his tongue in her ear she always thought she could come, just
from him doing that. Her hand worked faster up and down on her son's
cock. That mighty pillar of prick was going to feel like heaven to her.
She could hardly believe now that she had that thick solid shaft in her
only yesterday. Right now it seemed like she hadn't had it in a month.

Every second that her son delayed, carried her that much closer to
coming. The sexual tension she felt in her belly and in her cunt was
near its peak. Any second now she could pop.

She brought her legs up and locked her heels behind her son's back, in
an attempt to get the head of his prick into her snatch.

"Come on, damn it. You've kept your mother waiting long enough. Screw
me! Do it to me!"

Richard laughed and kissed her full on the mouth, thrusting his tongue
in as far as it would go. Irma enjoyed the feel of his tongue pressing
onto hers so erotically, in a way that a boy isn't supposed to kiss his
mother. But she liked what was going on between her legs even more. She
felt him move his hips forward, and the blunted head of his prick
brushed along the sensitive moist lips of her cunt.

"Ummm! Oh lover!" she murmured, burying her face in her son's shoulder.
"That's what mother wants. Give Mommy all that big long cock!"

He grinned at her and began tormenting her with his pecker. He moved it
back and forth along her slippery gash and she felt her love oils
oozing out to meet it, dribbling down the insides of her thighs and
going between the cheeks of her ass. Her son's prick was slickly wet
with it.

"You like this, don't you, Mom?" he teased, as he dragged his cock up
and down in the trough formed by the lips of her twat. "Tell me how
much you love it!"

"You know how much I love it," she said in a controlled whisper. "Would
I be lying here, letting you torment me, if I didn't love that hard
cock of yours? If it was the other way around and I was teasing you,
you wouldn't take it for two minutes. You'd be out the door and
screwing Helen Doberly next door. One of these days John Doberly is
going to catch you fucking his wife. Then he'll send you back to your
mother with your cock tied in a knot."

"No he won't, Mom," said Richard, "because I'm not fucking her anymore.
Not since I started doing it with you. Helen's a great lay and it sure
feels nice when I have my prick in her, but good as she is, she can't
be compared with you. I'd rather fuck you than anyone in this whole

Hearing her son's words of loving praise, Irma could barely contain the
heated emotions churning through her. Her sexual need for her son's
cock was almost more than she could stand. She had been horny this
morning while her son and his father sat with her at the breakfast
table. Now her fire was raging. She was frantic with her need for him.

"Doesn't that feel good, Mom?" said Richard, brushing his cock over her

"You think you're king of the hill, don't you? Now that you have a good
thing going with your mother, you think you're really somebody. Well
mark my words, young man. As much as Mother loves having you in bed
with her, she's going to take the wind out of your sails one of these

Suddenly she felt the bulbous-shaped head of his prick push its way in
past her cunt-lips and bury itself a good two inches in her twat. It
almost took her breath away. She cried out gleefully and gripped her
son's arms for support. She felt like she was taking a fence post up
her cunt. Her juices seeped around her son's thick shaft and lubricated
it even more, for the rest of the trip up into her cunt.

"Oh darling! That's more like it!" she moaned. "Now fuck me!"

She was nearly out of her mind. He didn't ram it into her like a
piledriver, as most young men would have done. She wouldn't have wanted
that, not the way her son was hung. She liked it slow and easy, just
the way she was getting it. Her son's prick was enormously long, but
she could take it all, if he was careful about how he eased it into
her. She didn't really mind that he tormented her with the slowness of
his entry into her. She felt and enjoyed every single inch as it
burrowed its way deeper and deeper into her.

"Ummm, more. Give me more."

"I will, Mom, I've got plenty more to go in."

He didn't hasten his entry into her slick-walled pussy. Instead, he
carefully shoved inch after inch into her tight opening until his
entire length was in her, hidden from sight but not unfelt. His mother
thrashed around beneath him in the throes of sheer ecstasy.

Irma cooed with happiness. This was the best time of the whole day, as
far as she was concerned, having her son in bed with her and feeling
his enormous cock all the way up in her. She thrilled to the feel of
his big hairy balls brushing against the sensitive ring of her bumhole.
Once again her son's balls were where they belonged, nestled in the
crack of her ass. And his pecker was up in her. Every single inch of
his magnificent prick was hers to savor and enjoy.

She tensed her cunt walls, causing them to clamp around the thick shaft
of her son's hefty cock. The sensitive nerve endings in her cuntal
passage could define every contour of that mighty prick.

It felt like a pump handle inside her. She moaned with delight and
began massaging the pillar of moving cock by sending small surges of
muscular power to her cuntal walls. She could feel the plump knob as
well as the thick vein on the underside of his shaft, pulsing against
her tender pussy flesh. Every single vein and ridge on her son's
fabulous tool thrilled her more than she thought was possible.

"Ohhh, you feel so good inside your mother's pussy," she moaned
happily. "I'm so glad I'm your mother and entitled to first chance at
your cock!"

"Sure, Mom. You're entitled," Richard agreed. "A guy's f****y comes
first. Whoever wrote that a boy's best friend is his mother, really
meant that a boy's best fuck is his mother. But he didn't dare put that
down on paper. You come first with me, Mom. What I'm finding though, is
that when I finally have you soothed and satisfied, I'm not much
interested in doing it with anyone else."

"That's good," said Irma, giving him a loving kiss. "Then I won't have
to worry about some teenage girl around here claiming you got her

"What if I get you pregnant, Mom?"

Irma laughed. "That will never happen. Your mother isn't some dumb
teenage twat, who doesn't know how to take care of herself, who thinks
that protection means making you wear a rubber."

A look of distaste spread across Richard's face. "I can't stand those
things. Monica Davis down the street, made me put on one of those
things, before I fucked her. I hated it."

"Well don't you worry, darling," Irma soothed. "You'll never have to
wear one of those nasty raincoats, while you're being good to your

Her son was a master at stringing her out sexually. He could get her
all worked up and then hold off on fucking her until she was nearly
frantic. He was a terrible tease, yet she loved him for it, because it
always moved her up to new heights of passion. Then he gave her a
little taste of what was to come. Just a little. And he teased and
tormented her until she could hardly speak coherently. Just when she
was positive she couldn't take it anymore, she discovered that she
could. And she enjoyed it all the more.

Her son had to be one in a million and she was so happy she had first
claim on him. She wouldn't always, maybe for six years at the most.
Then he'd be twenty-four and likely have himself a wife. But in the
meantime she was going to get all she could out of this forbidden and
outrageous relationship she had going with him.

And maybe, just maybe, the fact that he had a wife, wouldn't mean that
he would stop slipping it to her. At forty-two, she might still be just
as attractive as she was now, and her son would come to see her a
couple of times a week. Then they would go into her room, get onto the
bed naked and he would fuck her like he had always done. Her son was
quite capable of looking after both his wife and his mother. He
wouldn't neglect either of them. Even now he was screwing three married
women in the neighborhood, besides her. He didn't realize she knew
about that, the horny devil. As if he could keep anything like that
from his mother.

She groaned and moaned and sighed, in response to the feel of his cock
moving back and forth inside her. She clawed at his naked back and
pulled her cunt up so that she could wriggle it around on her son's
impaling shaft.

"Now you're really doing it, you bad, bad boy!" she gasped. "You're
being so good to your mother!"

He pulled back from her cunt, almost to the head of his cock. She cried
out and writhed about, trying to get it back in her pussy again.

He didn't allow it. With the head of his prick coming to the mouth of
her cunt, there was a lewd sucking sound that was so obscene, that Irma
almost came. It turned her on even more, if such a thing was possible.
But then, everything her son did to her turned her on.

Slowly he went all the way back in, then used short, quick strokes to
build up friction. Sexual sensations shot up from her cunt and through
her belly. He lit her fuse and it only took a second for the explosion
to occur.

Irma climaxed.

She lifted her ass up from the bed, so that even more of his cock
surged into her convulsing cunt. She cried and screamed and thrashed
around. Her son's cock never ceased its breakneck pace in her hot,
demanding pussy.

She came and came and came. When she did slowly drift down from her
sexual high, she found to her delight her son was far from being
finished with her. If anything, he was stirring feelings in her that
were now more intense than before she had gotten off.

Her darling son was up to the task. He changed his fucking from the
short, quick strokes to longer, more powerful ones. He reamed her out
the way she always liked it. Each time he went in up to his balls, he
pressed his groin against her twat.

Fiery sensations shot all through her as his groin rubbed over her
sensitive clitoris. The tender organ, having raised its head as if to
see what was happening, received full stimulation. Irma nearly went out
of her mind.

She shrieked, squealed and thrashed about and climaxed again. This time
her son joined her. She felt it as he fucked hard and fast and as deep
as he could. She pulled her knees up and opened her legs as far as
possible, so that he could bury himself in her fiery pit of love and

Hot and excited, beside herself with lust, she came and came, and then
she felt the gushing flow of her son's hot spurting charge. Bucking and
jerking, her son's fabulous cock sent spurt after spurt of his manseed
into her still convulsing pussy.

Irma's mind was reeling so that she was only vaguely aware that it was
finished. She clung weakly to her son as she felt the warm glow of a
good fucking flow all through her. His prick was still in her and she
gave a contented sigh as she pulled him closer so that his chest
flattened her tits. Together they lay with their arms and legs about
each other, whispering sweet nothings to one another, between tender
loving kisses, as they basked in the afterglow of their passion.

Sometime later, she felt his cock inside her returning to its usual
state of steel-like hardness and she acknowledged it with her mouth
pressed onto his in a long and loving tongue-probing kiss.

"I don't know what you can possibly do now for an encore, after a
fabulous performance like that," she cooed.

Richard grinned. "I'll bet you do!"

"What can Mother do for you now, darling, to show how much I appreciate
what you just did?"

"You know what I always like, Mom, after we come this far. I want to
fuck my mother in the ass!"

* * *

Young Michael Bradner was so hot and horny he couldn't get to sl**p. He
turned over on his bed to lie on his stomach and hugging the pillow, he
made humping movements with his hips, as if he had a woman beneath him
and he was fucking her. But when the friction against his stiffly erect
cock increased the fever in his body, he stopped himself. It wasn't any
use. He wanted the real thing. He wanted the joyful sensation of
shoving his prick into a warm moist pussy. The feel of his cock rubbing
against the mattress just wouldn't do.

It wasn't unusual for him to be horny and to have an erection that was
so solid and immense, that any woman or girl would be thrilled to feel
it between her legs. He was that way most of the time. But back home
there was always a teenage girl who would let him fuck her, again and
again, until they were both satisfied and temporarily exhausted.

In fact, he had quite a record of achievement, where teenage girls were
concerned. At the Tuttleville High School, there weren't many girls who
hadn't let him have what he wanted. Even two of the teachers frequently
had sex with him. One of them, Mrs. Tait, would keep him there after
she dismissed the class for the afternoon, then she would lock the door
and let him fuck her on top of her desk. Mrs. Tait loved all kinds of
sex. Not only did she suck his cock, she would stand with her legs
apart, lean over her desk and invite him to fuck her in the ass. That
was an invitation Michael never refused. He dearly enjoyed going into
Mrs. Tait's bumhole.

The other teacher, Mrs. Pearson, wasn't that brave that she would let
him do it to her at school. Instead, two afternoons a week she would
take him home with her, after school was out, and there in her bedroom,
both of them naked, for almost two hours they would fuck like crazy,
until it was time for her husband to come home from work.

After a workout like that, Michael could sl**p peacefully all night
long. But when he awoke in the morning, refreshed and restored, he
would start thinking about cunt all over again.

Unfortunately right now he wasn't home, where he could get his hands on
some of that pussy. He was up at the lake, in their summer cottage,
alone with his mother. Every year at this time, he and his mother came
up here to open up the cottage and get it ready for summertime living.
As in past summers, he would spend this summer here with his mother,
while his father would stay in town because he had to work, and Dad
would come up on weekends.

He thought of what his father would be up to, now that he was alone in
the house back in town. He'd be having himself a ball, screwing that
good looking, hot-assed Mrs. Halsey next door, and a couple of other
married women who lived just down the street. For the old man (he was
forty), extramarital sex was his favorite pastime. He looked after the
hot and neglected pussy of every attractive woman he could find,
whenever the lady's husband wasn't around. It seemed to Michael
however, that his mother's pussy was being neglected in the meantime.

The old man did all right for himself. There was plenty of hot pussy in
the neighborhood and it was a joy to fuck it, especially Mrs. Halsey
next door. Michael knew that for a fact, because he had fucked her and
some of the others himself. His lovely next door neighbor even told him
his wonderful tool was longer, thicker, harder and more enjoyable than
his father's, not to mention her husband's.

It amazed him how those quiet, respectable ladies, most of them in
their mid-thirties, loved making it with an eighteen-year-old youth.
Like most of the others, Mrs. Halsey showed her appreciation by letting
him have what he wanted, whenever he wanted it. And she took it in her
mouth, in her cunt and quite frequently in her ass. Michael loved
putting it up her rear end. There was something about fucking a woman
in the ass that made him feel like a king. There she was in front of
him on her hands and knees, with him holding her by her hips, having
her completely in his power. Once he had her ass impaled on his cock,
there was no way she could get away from him. She had to remain there
until he was finished with her. Not that any female ever tried to get
away, once it had gone that far. With Mrs. Halsey it was a question of,
once he had his prick in her ass, whether or not she'd ever let him
have it back.

How he wished Mrs. Halsey was with him right now, that he had his arms
around her instead of his pillow. Mrs. Halsey was the same age as his
mother (thirty-six) and almost as good-looking. Her gorgeous figure was
as nice as Mom's. That made it easy, when he was on top of her with his
eyes closed, to pretend that he was fucking his mother, that it was Mom
who was squealing with delight and telling him how good he was making
her feel.

He got out of bed and with the room bathed in bright moonlight, he was
able to see the clock on the dresser. It was two in the morning. What
could he do to appease his fever? He slipped quietly out of the
cottage, naked, and walked along the beach. It was a small lake, with
the beach extending about ten feet back from the water's edge. Tall
trees and shrubbery grew right up to the edge of the beach, giving
plenty of privacy. The moon shone unhindered by any clouds in the sky.
It reflected off the calm water and it was so bright he could almost
see to the other side. Theirs was the only cottage on the lake. It was
like having their own private lake, their own personal paradise.

He and his mother enjoyed being up here in the summer, though for him
it wasn't as easy to find a hot and willing pussy as it was back in
town. Last year though, he had a good thing going with Mrs. Jones,
whose husband owned the general store eight miles down the road. While
Mr. Jones and his two daughters were busy in the store, his wife would
sneak Michael into their house which was just up the road. There,
undisturbed in her bedroom, they would fuck for hours, their only
concern being that one of the girls might leave the store and come to
the house unexpectedly.

Then one day a crisis arose. Mrs. Jones who had been working in the
store that day, came home and found him fucking her older daughter, who
was the same age as he. The horrified mother went right up the wall and
Michael thought the world had come to an end. But she didn't tell her
husband and a few days later, her pussy began to itch and send lewd
signals to her brain, which prompted her to let him know that all had
been forgiven. Then for the remainder of the summer, he joyfully fucked
both the mother and the daughter.

But that didn't help his situation now. He couldn't very well tramp
eight miles down the road and knock on Mrs. Jones' door in the wee
hours of the morning. Not when her husband was there in bed with her.

Suddenly he saw something ahead of him on the beach he couldn't
believe. She was too far away for him to see who she was, but in the
light of the moon he could tell she was a gorgeous looking creature -
and she was naked.

When she stepped into the lake and waded out until the water was up
around her tits, he hurried along the beach to where she had been
standing, then splashed into the water. He came closer to her and she
let him. He could see her clearly now.

"What's the matter, Mom?" he said with a pleased grin. "Couldn't you
sl**p, either?"

"What are you doing running around without anything on?" his mother
scolded. "Shame on you."

He laughed. "You don't have anything on either. I saw you before you
got into the water."

"I didn't expect my own son to go nosing around," she said. "I thought
you'd be in bed and asl**p."

"Who did you expect to be nosing around?" Michael teased.

"Don't get smart with your mother, young man," she replied sternly.

Michael wasn't worried. The way she smiled at him told him she was glad
he was there with her.

His mother floated on her back and suddenly he swam deftly and
gracefully over her body, touching it, brushing his hard cock across
her thighs as he passed over her. She continued to swim and he repeated
his passage over her several times.

"I'm not at all sure it's safe to be out here alone with you," she

"Why, Mom?" he asked innocently.

"You know very well why. Your thing is as hard as a bone. You brushed
it against me each time you went over me!"

"Don't worry about it, Mom. It gets that way a lot. What do you expect
from a normal, healthy eighteen year old guy?"

"From you - nothing, since you're my own son. So if you want to play
around out here in the water with me, just don't forget that I'm your

"I could never forget that, Mom," he said, giving her a lewd grin.
"That's why my cock is sticking up like it is. I don't see anything
wrong with a guy being hot for his own mother, as long as nobody knows
about it. You're such a good looking woman, Mom. You look so hot and
sexy - especially when you're naked!"

"It must be the full moon that's doing it," said his mother.

"Doing what?"

"You know what they say about people behaving strangely when the moon
is full."

His mother stood up, the water sloshing around her nipples and he dived
down and passed between her legs. They laughed when he surfaced and he
dived again. She stood with her legs apart, letting him pass between
them, again and again.

"Hey!" she exclaimed, the ninth time he came up for air. "That was

"What do you mean, Mom?"

"As if you didn't know. You grabbed yourself a feel that last time you
went between my legs."

Michael laughed. "I couldn't resist the urge. I've always wanted to do

"I'm sure you have, but that doesn't mean that you're entitled to. What
right have you got, to be the only boy who's ever felt his own mother's

"You think I'm the only guy who's ever done that to his mother?"

"You mean you aren't?"

"I could name you three guys who do all kinds of things with their
mothers, when their fathers aren't around."

"Name one, smarty."

"Jamie Henderson. I called for him one day and instead of ringing his
doorbell, I figured I'd look in his living room window and make a face
at him. It was a dumb thing to think of, I guess. I didn't stop to
think how he and his mother would feel about a guy looking in their

"You're right, it was dumb," Mrs. Bradner - Norma - told her son
indignantly. "I wouldn't have a very high opinion of any boy, if I
caught him looking in my window."

"Well lucky for me I didn't get caught," said Michael. "I looked in
their window and was struck speechless at what I saw."

"What did you see," Norma asked, her curiosity quite obvious.

"Jamie and his mother were cuddled up on the couch together, hugging
and kissing," said Michael. "Her dress was up around her thighs and her
panties were on the floor. She had her legs wide apart and Jamie was
fingering her cunt."

"You're k**ding!" Norma gasped.

"And while that was going on, Jamie's cock was sticking out of his
pants and his mother was playing with it," Michael added.

"Jennifer Henderson? I don't believe it," said Norma, in a tone of
voice that indicated she might believe it after all. "Jennifer is too
strait-laced, highly moral, open and aboveboard, pure in mind and
thought, and faithful to her husband. She wouldn't even let her son see
her panties, much less let him drag them off her and take liberties
with her cunt."

"Wouldn't she, Mom?"

"Well, maybe she would. I've seen the way she looks at her son

"The way you look at me, Mom?"

His mother laughed and they both moved easily in the water. After they
swam for a while, she stood up again, the water up around her tits.

"Who were the others?"

"What others?"

"You said you could name three boys who were fooling around with their
mothers," Norma reminded her son. "Who were the other two?"

"Oh. Well, Richard Bradner. It's easy to tell he and his mother are
making out together. They can't seem to keep their hands off each
other. When they think no one is around to watch them, Richard has his
hands all over his mother's tits and her ass. And she doesn't seem to
mind a bit. Sometimes if she thinks someone might see them, she'll push
his hand away. Then she'll look all around, to make sure no one saw

"My God," said Norma. "Irma Thatcher too? I never would have thought it
of her."

"And Brian Overton," said Michael. Then he laughed. "You wouldn't
believe what I saw him and his mother doing one night."

"You spied on them?" Norma asked, with disapproval in her voice.

"I didn't mean to," Michael explained. "I was coming home kinda late
one night. I was walking along Morgan Street, a block over from where
the Overtons live. I had to pee, so I went behind some bushes on this
front lawn. It's dark there, with the leaves on the trees blocking out
the light from the streetlamp. Then I saw Brian and his mother coming
along. They were taking a walk. I guess the old man was home in front
of the TV and this was the only way they could be alone together, and
do what they wanted to do!"

"Do what?" asked Norma.

"Well, they stopped, right there where it was dark and nobody could see
them. Only I could see them, because I was there in the shadows with
them. They weren't more than five feet away from me, and me with my
cock hanging out. But they couldn't see me, standing close to the

"Well what happened?" asked Norma anxiously.

"Brian pulled up his mother's dress, up to her waist and while she held
it for him, he pulled her panties down to her ankles, and she stepped
out of them. Then he got onto his knees in front of her, on the grass,
and started licking her pussy."

"Oh really now, Michael," Norma scoffed.

"I'm not k**ding you, Mom. He did! I saw it! God, there he was with his
hands on his mother's bare ass and his face in her crotch. And his
mother had a hold of his head, pulling him in tight against her, while
he ate her pussy. That was sure something to see. She must have really
liked it, because she didn't get off just once. I could hear the sounds
she was making. I could have reached out and touched her. She came off
three times, before she finally let Brian come up for air. Then she
returned the favor."

"She what?"

"She undid his pants and hauled out his cock," said Michael. "He had a
real boner. Then she went down on her knees in front of him and took it
in her mouth. She was there quite a while. She blew him twice."

"My God!" Norma gasped.

"I was hoping he'd fuck her after that, there on the grass," Michael
told her. "I wanted to see that. I think that's what they were going to
do too, but some guy a few houses down, came out to walk his dog, and
they thought better of it. Mrs. Overton put her panties back on and
smoothed out her dress, while Brian put his cock back in his pants and
did up his zipper. Then they went back the way they came, their arms
about each other and giggling like they were lovers, instead of mother
and son."

"Well, you certainly know some things about my friends that I didn't
know," said Norma. "Up to now, that is."

She swam again, moving leisurely through the water. Brian was deeply
excited and he was wondering if his mother was too. She seemed calm
enough, but it occurred to him that she might be doing her best to
appear that way. He swam with his cock sticking out like a bar of
steel. Then they approached each other with a crouching motion, as if
for a battle. He grabbed her and brought her body against his, so that
she couldn't help but feel the tautness of his hard cock.

He placed it between he legs. She reached down and took hold of it as
she closed her thighs on it, holding it a prisoner. Then her arms
encircled his neck as she kissed him, not at all the way a mother is
supposed to kiss her son, but with eagerness, excitement and passion.
His hands searched her nakedness and caressed her everywhere. He felt
all over her luscious rear end, his fingers exploring the crack of her
wriggling ass.

Then she moved away, and he had to swim to catch her. Again he placed
his hard prick between her legs and she gently closed her thigh on it.
They kissed again, and with his hands holding her by the cheeks of her
ass, he sought to penetrate her. She broke loose and ran out of the
water, to where she had a large beach towel spread out on the hard
sand. Dripping, shining, laughing, he ran after her. As she stretched
out on the towel, he lowered himself down on top of her.

Then at the exact moment when he thought he had her, when his desire
for her was at its peak, his power suddenly failed him. She lay beneath
him, waiting for him, smiling her willingness for him to go ahead and
take her, her cunt moist and open - and his prick wilted.

He was baffled. Was it the idea that she was his mother? Had the
thought of screwing his own mother overwhelmed his urgent lust for her?
He had wanted to fuck her for as far back as he could remember. All
that day his only thought was that he would get his prick into her and
he would screw her like she'd never been screwed before, if she gave
him even a little bit of encouragement. Now he was on top of her and
she was beneath him with her legs wide apart, hot and excited and ready
for him to take her, eager for him to do it - and he couldn't. He was
deeply humiliated.

To his surprise and relief, his mother's voice was tender. "Don't get
all uptight about it, darling," she soothed. "There is plenty of time.
Don't get off me. It feels so good having you on top of me!"

Her warmth passed through him and he thrilled to the feel of her naked
body touching his, but his desire didn't return. His cock didn't
harden. But it was sweet to be on top of her, to feel her. He lay on
her, his belly against hers, her sexual hair mingled with his, her full
firm tits almost flattened from the weight of his chest pressing on
her. Her arms were about his neck and her mouth was glued to his.

Then slowly he slipped off of her to look at her, her beautiful legs,
her cunt hair, her pale glowing skin, her mouth-watering tits, so full
and round and inviting, the stiffened nipples evidence of her heated
arousal. Her warm smile told him better than words could have, that she
was now fully convinced there was nothing wrong with lying here on a
beach towel, expecting to be fucked by her own eighteen year old son.

He was sitting close to her. She turned onto her side facing him, then
leaned over and took his semi-erect cock in her mouth. She licked it
softly, tenderly, lingering over the tip of it. His prick quivered.

He looked down at her and was thrilled by the sight of his most
fantastic fantasy having become reality. His mother's sensuous mouth
was beautifully curved around his cock. His own mother was kissing,
licking and gently sucking on his prick. With one hand she played with
his big hairy balls which she seemed to think were so wonderful. With
the other she held the shaft of his cock, her fingers entwined lovingly
about it, while she slipped her mouth again over the bulbous-shaped
head, enclosing it and pulling on it gently.

She sucked him for the longest time, until Michael was sure he was in
heaven. Then she had him lie down beside her, facing her. She took hold
of his cock again and guided it between her legs. She rubbed his cock
gently against her clitoris, over and over again. Michael watched her
hand, thinking how beautiful it looked, holding his prick. It stirred
but it did not harden sufficiently to enter her.

He could see at the opening of her cunt the moisture of her desire
appearing, glistening on her cunt hair. She continued to rub. Their two
bodies, equally beautiful, moved in harmony with her rubbing motion,
his prick feeling the touch of her skin, the warm tender flesh of her
cunt, enjoying the friction.

"Give me your tongue," she said in a lewd whisper. Without interrupting
the rubbing of his cock against her cunt, she took his tongue into her
mouth and touched the tip of it with her own. Each time his prick
touched her clitoris, her tongue touched the tip of his. And Michael
felt a warmth running between his tongue and his cock, running back and

In a husky voice his mother said, "Stick your tongue out, out, out . .

He obeyed her. She again said huskily, "Out, out, out . . ."
obsessively, and when he did so he felt a stirring in his body, as if
his prick were extending toward her, wanting to reach into her.

She kept her mouth open, her fingers closed around his cock, her legs
parted expectantly.

Michael felt himself in a turmoil, the bl**d running through his body
and down to his prick. It hardened.

His mother waited. She did not take his prick in at once. She let him
now and then thrust his tongue into her mouth. She let him pant like a
dog in heat, open his being, stretch toward her. He glanced at the red
mouth of her cunt, open and waiting, and suddenly the v******e of his
lust shook him, completed the hardening of his cock, making it once
again like a bar of steel. He flung himself on top of her, his tongue
inside her mouth, and his prick pushing its way up into her.

It was glorious, such a snug fit, like she was a teenage virgin who had
never had a cock up there until now that she was feeling his. She
squirmed beneath him, wriggled her hips sensuously, brought her legs up
over his back and helped him all she could. His hands took a firm grip
on her shoulders, for leverage, and he went in deeper. His mother
responded like she'd never had anything that good in her whole life.

"Ummm, that feels so nice. It's beautiful. Oh darling, you're making
your mother feel so good!"

He took his time, making it so good for her she could hardly stand it.
Each time he advanced, he pulled back slowly until only the head of his
cock was in her. Then he went back into her, a little deeper each time
until she had it in her as far as he could go. His mother had it all,
and she could feel his big hairy balls resting against her asshole.

She looked up at him with a warm loving smile and teased him. "Oh what
a bad boy you are. What a terrible thing to be doing - fucking your own

He laughed, then pulled back and jabbed her. His mother's response was
to tighten her cunt muscles around the base of his cock, making him
moan with delight. Then he went to work on her, using all that he had
learned from fucking all those teenage girls in high school and the
several married women in his neighborhood. Two of those married women
were his mother's close friends and they had taught him plenty. Holding
his mother by the cheeks of her gorgeous ass, he drove her into the
most sensational climax she'd ever experienced. She babbled
incoherently as she sailed off into ecstasy, crying out how good he was
and how much better it was with him than with his father.

With his mother lying beneath him, panting and gasping, trying to catch
her breath which her sensational orgasm had taken from her, Michael
couldn't help but be pleased with himself. She was his now. She loved
what he was giving her. She loved his cock and the way he was using it.
He knew that from now on he could have her whenever he wanted her, as
often as he wanted her. He would fuck her silly all summer long, and
even after that.

And wouldn't it be great? Who would ever suspect him of fucking his own
mother? They would keep it a secret, of course, a much better secret
than the three women and their sons that he had told his mother about.
No one would ever know. It would be wonderful for his mother too. She
needed his cock. She had made it quite obvious from the way she had
responded to him, that she hadn't been getting enough from the old man,
not as much as a hot, sexy woman like her should be getting. He knew
why she hadn't taken a lover, hadn't been getting a little on the side.
It was too risky. Having some man slip around to see her while hubby
was at work, could happen only a few times before the neighbors would
catch on and start gossiping. Mom had her unblemished reputation to
think of, her social standing in the community to protect. But she had
the ideal solution now. Who would ever dream she was getting all the
cock she wanted, by getting into bed with her own son?

His cock was still hard, as solid as bone, and he hardly gave her time
to catch her breath before he went at her again. After all, he had
waited a long time for this moment, to get his prick into her, and now
that he was actually fucking her, he was going to make the most of it.
He pounded away at her until she finally got into harmony with his
movements and gave back as good as she was getting. Then he brought her
off a second time. Sometime later, he got her off a third time and then
he discovered that he could not come. He had sent his mother sailing
through three hot fiery climaxes, but he couldn't get off himself. She
was thrilled at his staying power but enough was enough. He wanted to
send his hot boiling juices gushing up into her twat, just as she was
getting off and really send her into orbit.

He fucked his delighted mother until she was breathless, while her
orgasmic juices soaked his balls and his crotch. They rolled together
for a long time. He got her off two more times, then he stood up and
helped her to her feet.

They walked along the beach, their arms about each other. Michael's
cock was stretched and taut, and his mother delighted in the sight.
Farther along they dropped to the ground and he fucked her again,
bringing her off three times, before they again got to their feet. Part
way around the small lake as they walked, she in front of him, he
encircled her in his arms and pulled her to the ground so that they
were like dogs coupling, on their hands and knees. His immense cock was
all the way in her as it quivered, shook and gyrated inside her. His
mother cried out with pleasure and her shapely ass wriggled and
undulated in a lewd and obscene fashion against his groin. She climaxed
twice, in response to her son humping her, leaning over her and kissing
her, holding her tits in his eager hands.

"Do you like it, Mom?" he panted. "Do you really like it?"

"Oh yes! Oh do I ever!" she gasped. "But make it last. Do not come. I
love it like this, over and over and over."

She was so moist and feverish as they walked some more. All the time
she waited for the moment he would pull her to the ground and fuck her
like he was obsessed. Then with her mind still spinning from her third
and sometimes fourth climax, he would pull her to her feet and they
would trudge on again, their arms about each other. Each time he fucked
her, she felt anew his hands all over her body, the warm sand on her
back, his caressing mouth on hers and his wonderful cock deep inside
her cunt.

As they walked, she held his fully erect prick in her hand. Then she
stopped him and dropped to her knees before him and took it into her
mouth. He stood towering over her, his hands on her head, his fingers
tangling in her golden hair, his belly moving slightly forward.

As they were nearly around the lake, she again dropped to her knees in
front of him. This time she pressed his upright cock between her tits,
making a cushion for it, holding it and letting it glide between this
soft embrace. Dizzy, palpitating, vibrating from these caresses, they
walked on d***kenly.

They returned to the cottage and once more he put her down on the
ground. He wanted to come, to fill her hot pussy full of his copious
fluids, and would not let up on her until he did. She was so hotly
aroused, so delighted that her son had fucked her over and over again
without letup. She moaned with delight as she felt his enormous cock
push its way up into her. As she entwined her legs about him, he took a
firm hold on her ass, then doubled over so that he could get his mouth
onto one of her tits. Her nipple slipped in past his lips and he began
sucking. In this way he fucked her for the longest time, bringing her
through one orgasm after another.

Suddenly he began shaking all over. Even his cock inside her was
shaking. And then he came with a v******e. Huge spurts of boiling come
gushed into her pussy, flooding her snug and tender passage and sending
her into another climax along with him. She half climbed over his body
in the extreme joy of reaching her own fulfillment. They laughed and
cried together.

Lying side by side, pressed tightly together, their arms and legs about
each other, they dozed off. With the dawn coming upon them they felt
too cool and Michael awoke to find his mother tenderly and lovingly
kissing him all over, her hands fluttering across his thighs, touching
his cock and his balls.

"Do you know what I think we should do now?" she said in a soft


"I think we should go into the cottage, take a warm shower together,
then get into bed - together."

On their feet once more, they walked with their arms about each other
to the cottage. Just inside the door, he hugged her to him and said,
"This is Tuesday. Isn't that nice?"

"Why?" she asked.

"We have four days and three nights to be alone together, before Dad
arrives for the weekend."

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