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The Sales Lady Part 2

I stood up and walked around my desk. I took her hand and pulled her up into my arms. We kissed passionatly and groped each other for a few minutes. My cock was about to rip through my pants as I fondled her tits. They were not big tits, maybe a C cup, but the nipples were as hard as my cock. I pulled her skirt up to her waist and started to finger her hairy pussy. I took one of her stiff nipples in my mouth and began to suck it. Mrs. M. was moaning and rubbing on my swollen cock. I grabbed her waist and lifted her up onto my desk, lifting her feet up and spreading them open. I gazed at the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen. It was the perfect camel toe, with thick outer lips and just a tiny strip of inner lips peeking past her slit. Her very light brown pubic hair was thick over her pussy. I began kissing her inner thighs working my way to her pussy. As I got close I could smell her pungent overheated sex. There was a tiny wet dribble forming at the bottom of her slit. I gently licked it up. It was a little tart and delicious. I ran my tongue up her slit to her clit sucking it in and out. She was moaning and humping her pussy into my face. She kept humping at me as I licked down to her fuck hole, stabbing my tongue inside to get all of her lovely juice. I licked further down to her butthole, feeling all of the wrinkles and tiny hairs around it. When I first licked her butthole she jumped but then continued moaning and humping. I was thinking, hey she likes it here. I stabbed my stiff tongue at the tiny opening a few times and then went back up to her leaking pussy. As I began suck her clit she started to hump harder and grabbed my ears, rubbing her pussy hard int my face. I reached up and started to finger fuck her soaked pussy. Taking my wet finger out of her pussy, I ran it over her asshole, probing gently. My finger finally penetrated her tight little butthole. I began to slowly work it in and out. I felt her stiffing and grunt through her first cum, her butt ring clutching at my finger. I kept sucking her through a second one. She released my head, saying she couldnt take another one.

I moved up and began to suck her pink nipple. She stroked my head and said "now we have to take care of you." She asked if I had a condom, and I told her I didnt. She said she was ovulating and didnt dare to let me fuck her without one. She said she would give me a hand job or suck me off but I couldnt cum in her pussy. She got a grin on her face and said orrrrr, I liked what your were doing, you know back there. I asked if she had ever let anyone fuck her in her butt and she said that her husband wouldnt go near there, but that she had always wondered what it would feel like.

I pulled her off of the deck, leaning her over it. Her butt hole was already wet from her pussy juice and I worked a finger up her butt and began to finger fuck her. It was tight and I wondered if I would be able to get my fat cock in there. I eventually managed to get a second finger as the muscle loosened a bit. I grabbed a bottle of lotion from my desk, unsipped my pants releasing my throbbing cock. I lubed it up with one hand as I continued to finger her butt. We were both as ready as we would ever be, so, I pulled my fingers out and positioned my cock at her butt entrance. The head flatted out against her tiny hole. I reached around and started to strum her clit. I pushed harder, getting just the tip starting to penetrate. Mrs. M. was gritting her teath but, encouraging me to fuck her. Working her clit seemed to relax her sphincter muscle a little and I managed to pop the head of my cock past it. I began to slowly fuck in and out of her ass. After a couple of minute of slowly inching ahead, I was in, balls deep. I continued to finger her clit as I began fucking her harder. I was getting ready to cum whe Mrs. M. screamed she was cumming. She didnt have to tell me. I could feel her ass muscle beging to milk my cock just as I started shooting jets of cum into her bowels. Her contractions were so strong the stopped my cum for a second. When I was done I just stood there with my cock still all the way up her ass as it softened and she f***ed it out of her butt.

Mrs. M straighted up and I notice tears on her cheek. I kissed her gently and she kissed me back. She looked at her watch and said that ehe had to get back home, but she wanted to do it again before her husband got back. We kissed again and she quickly straightened her cloths and left. I just stood there with my softening cock still out dripping cum on the floor, grinning.

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