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My s****r and I

Chapter One

I was 16, and my half-s****r was 29, at the time of this story. I've always thought she was a good looking girl, as I grew up. She was blond, with cheeks that dimpled when she's happy, and a great body. My dick would go into a quivering mass of excitement whenever she came around, like a few months ago at a f****y picnic. She had on white shorts, and a short, loose blouse. Of course, she had a bra on, but you could see her nipples tenting her bra at times.

I watched as my b*****r-in-law pushed her high on the swing. s*s was working her beautiful legs up and down, keeping the swing in momentum. As she went down, her blouse would blow up to her bra, showing all her bare stomach. My dick was hard as it could be, and I had to go to the park bathroom to jerk off, so that it won't be a noticeable bulge while we ate.

There was another time s*s came by the house to pick up some material, but our mother hasn’t got back from the store yet. She had a short skirt, and a low cut blouse on. Her cleavage was really showing, and I was trying my best to see if she had a bra on. We made small talk as she fixed herself a glass of tea and dropped the spoon. s*s bent down, and her skirt revealed a bare bottom. My penis became rock hard as she stood back up with the spoon. She sat down, and noticed that I was staring hard at her skirt.

Realizing what had happened, s*s smiled. "Oops, gave you an eyeful, didn't I?"

I reddened, and didn't say anything. s*s uncrossed her legs and held them apart. I could see her fleshly pussy lips, as my dick was making a noticeable lump against my pants, and I tried to push it back down. She winked at me as our mother came home.

The next week s*s came back to deliver a wrap that she had made from the material. I was in my room reading. s*s had excused herself to go to the bathroom, then stepped into my room and rumpled me on my head. I saw her bare legs going into her tight jean shorts, and some skin above her shorts, then her shirt.

My eyes went up to her titties. s*s was showing cleavage again, and there were two nipple points just covered by the shirt. My dick was trying vainly to stand up inside my jeans. She reached down and ran her fingers lightly along the length of my dick. s*s smiled and kissed me tenderly on my forehead and backed out of my room.

A while later, after my dick had settled down, I went to the kitchen for a snack. s*s was talking with our mother. She asked me after I got my snack, "How would you like to go home with me for a few days?"

"I sure would." I said, as Mom smiled at us.

We went to my room to pack. My s****r sat on the bed and told me I didn't need to pack much, just my swim shorts and another pair of shorts and a T-shirt. I looked at her nipples as I dug my shoes out from under the bed, and she pressed up her titties with both hands, making her nipples stick out more. My dick was trying to pop out of my pants.

We left in her convertible, and soon stopped at Dairy Queen for ice cream. When we got back in the car, s*s unsnapped the top of her shorts as she sat down, and I dripped some ice cream on my shirt as I got in. s*s told me to pull it off. As we went down the highway, she worked her shorts open a little more, and I could see her blond pubic hair. She reached over and rubbed my thigh, then began to fumble with my zipper. I pulled it down, and she eased her fingers inside and gently stroked my dick.

It was getting dark when we stopped at a convenience store to get gas. We went in and I went to the restroom while she paid for the gas, and then followed me into the bathroom. I was peeing when s*s walked in. She pulled her shorts down, and I saw that she didn't have any panties on. She had trimmed pubic hair, and a nicely rounded butt, as she sat on the toilet next to the urinal.

I started to pull my pants back up. "Wait," s*s said. "Pull your under shorts off."

I stripped and she pulled me onto her lap. My naked bottom was on her bare legs, and my dick was so stiff I didn't know what to do with it. s*s began to massage my dick, and it felt so good, leaving tingly feelings all over my body. She finished her tinkling, and told me to put my pants back on as she wiped herself.

When we went back out, the female cashier was getting a bottle of cleaning fluid out of the closet and her eyes became big. I also noticed her nipples becoming erect in her shirt. My s****r had her hand on my butt as we went out the door and got into the car. s*s unfastened her shorts again as she sat down, and told me to pull my pants off as we pulled out onto the highway.

It felt good to be riding in a car naked for the first time in my life, as s*s caressed my dick. She told me of the times when she rode with her husband in his truck as he made deliveries that she would ride hours in the nude as he drove.

We arrived at her home in the wee hours of the morning, and I reluctantly pulled my pants back on, and followed s*s into the house. She went on to her bedroom while I deposited my bag by the sofa, unsure what to do. She came back with an armful of sheets and pillows. "Come on, pull your pants off." she said. s*s pulled out the sofa bed as I pulled my pants down.

"There," she said, "All ready for us."

I laid down and watched her pull her shirt off. My dick was turning blue from the excitement, hard as it could get and still trying to swell more. A drop of clear fluid had formed and quickly oozed down the head of my dick. s*s's titties were jiggling as she worked her shorts down. She had rather small, but fully pointed nipples.

My dick was delirious with excitement at seeing my s****r fully naked for the first time in my life. My eyes wandered over her neatly trimmed blond pubic hair, and took in the loveliness of her bare hips and buttocks. s*s sat on the bed and took my dick into her hand, and rubbed it up and down then bent over and sucked the whole thing into her mouth and ran her tongue around it, then sucked as if she were going to swallow it.

I reached down and ran my hands along her thigh to hip, and around to her butt. I traced the crack of her butt as my dick squirmed within her mouth. s*s had both her hands onto my butt, and squeezing them periodically, pressing my dick and body into her face.

This went on for a while, and then she slowly released my butt and pulled her face from my dick. "You've had a blowjob before?" s*s asked.

"I never had anything, much less than a naked girl." I answered, staring at her titties again. "You know how strict Mom was with us as we lived in her home."

She nodded and cupped her hand around one, pushing her nipple out. "Here, have a suck." my s****r encouraged.

I wrapped my arms around her back and took her nipple, running my tongue about its tip as she instructed me. My hand slipped down her side, and then I pulled my fingers around to the front, into her hairs. s*s parted her thighs, and told me to push on into her vaginal lips. I felt a split similar to her buttocks, and pressed my fingers into it. The hair ended abruptly, and my fingers slid along the soft, smooth, warm and moist skin.

I stirred my fingers around in the wet, soft tunnel as she laid back. "Just keep doing that," she said. I felt around until I found her clit, and flicked it gently as I watched her nipples contract from the sensations I was creating within her pussy.

The next morning I woke up and found my arm across her titties. s*s had her hand cupped around my dick as it was hard. I watched her butt sway as she got up and went to the bathroom. When she came back out, I stared with renewed interest at her nude body. Her titties were bouncing as she moved, and her pubic hair was trimmed neatly. "Go on, take a bath," she told me, "After breakfast, we'll do some errands."

I emerged from the shower to the smell of bacon frying, and found her in the kitchen. s*s had her front covered with an apron. My dick began to swell again as I checked out her naked butt again.

"I need to run a few errands," she said. "After that, we'll stop at my friend's house and swim a while, then come home."

After breakfast, s*s told me to put on my bathing shorts and a t-shirt. She came out of her room buttoning her blouse over her bikini bra, with a short skirt on.

On the freeway, s*s rested her hand on the front of my shorts and gently squeezed my dick. Her skirt was blowing up her thighs at times revealing her bikini thongs. While we were in town, I noticed a few men looking at my s****r, and some even whistled at her as she went about with her blond hair, titties just right under her blouse, her waist bare and nice legs coming out of her skirt. We finished and left town.

Soon we arrived at her friend's home. "Looks like she's not here," my s****r said. "But it's okay if we go ahead and swim."

We went around to the back of the house and I pulled my shirt off. "Take your shorts off, too." s*s said smilingly at me as I did, and jumped into the pool.

When I came back up, s*s was standing on the diving board stark naked herself. I watched as she went into the water. We swam a while, and she kept going underwater and grabbing my dick or my butt. After an hour or so, she came up to me and hugged me. Her titties were right at my mouth, and I took one in, to her delight.

I ran my tongue around her nipple, noting its firmness, and the softness of the rest of her titty. s*s pulled my hand down to her crotch, and I slipped my fingers inside. I began to rub her clit, occasionally slipping my finger on inside her pussy like I did the night before. She encouraged me to keep on doing it, as my dick throbbed hard as it could. When she started gasping, I stopped, unsure of what was going on.

"NO! keep on!" s*s yelled.

I began again, as she pressed my hand tighter between her legs. I could feel the inside of her pussy going into spasms. Her titties were quivering, and her nipples had become pointed. After a few minutes, s*s relaxed and smiled at me.

"Thanks, that was great," s*s panted. I smiled as I knew it was the first time I had given her an orgasm.

We swam about for a while again, and then s*s grabbed my dick and popped it into her mouth while underwater, trying to swallow it. "What are y'all doing here?" a voice demanded behind me.

I jumped, making my dick pop out of my s****r's mouth, and she surged to the surface, as I turned. There was a woman standing there with a few bags in her hands."Oh, hi," my s****r said, "We were just having fun."

"Buck naked, I see," retorted her friend with a smile. "And who's this guy?"

My s****r introduced me as she looked me up and down, and stared at my dick. I could see her nipples enlarging and poking through her t-shirt. It was plain she didn't have a bra on.

s*s pulled herself out of the pool and began to dry herself off. "We'll be back in a few minutes." she told me and followed her friend into the house. I swam about lazily, and scratched myself under my dick, then rubbed the crack of my butt, enjoying the feel of water sloshing against my naked anus.

They came back, and I noticed her friend had undressed as well. Her titties were larger than my s****r's, and she didn't have any hair over her pussy. My dick began to harden again as they jumped into the pool, and swam about, enjoying the sight of two naked women with their titties rippling through the water and their butts with a pair of shapely legs kicking and twisting about.

I sat on the edge of the pool, with my legs in the water, as my s****r swam up to me, wrapped her hands around my butt, and began to suck on my dick again. I enjoyed the sensations as her friend swam about, then toward us. "Have ya'll really did it yet?" she asked.

"No," my s****r paused. "But I'm going to show him what it's like pretty soon."

"Wish I can find out," the friend said. "I haven't had a guy in like four months."

It seemed that my dick was trying to explode in my s****r's mouth, as she sucked on it but it couldn't.

s*s stopped sucking on it, and told her friend to try me. A moment later, I had a brown-haired head between my legs sucking more vigorously on my dick than my s****r was. She also was groping with her fingers in the crack of my butt and rubbing my anus. I watched my s****r swim, her naked body shimmering in the water.

The friend stopped sucking on my dick and hoisted herself out of the pool to sit beside me. "Have you ever had sex with another woman?"

"Not yet." I answered.

"I remember my first time," her friend went on, "I was like 17, then, staying a few days with my aunt and uncle. I caught them totally naked, having sex one morning and they invited me to come on in and watch. They did it for a long time, kissing and sucking on each other down there, fucking right in front of me. They were really enjoying getting off with me watching."

"Later that evening, my aunt had to go to work, so there I was with my uncle. He started feeling my body, and undressed me. Then he pulled his clothes off, and started kissing and licking my cunt for the longest, and I liked it. Next, he put his dick inside my cunt, and it hurt for a moment, and then felt really nice. He basically gave me my first real fuck and orgasm that night."

s*s was playing with my dick as we listened to her friend's story after finishing her lap around the pool. When s*s's friend was finished with her story, s*s asked me if I would like to see the inside of their pussies, and I nodded. She pulled herself out of the pool and laid on her back, then reached down, and pulled her skin back between her thighs. I saw varying shades of pink and red flesh, and a glistening hole.

Her friend encouraged me to put my mouth on it, and instructed me how to lick it. My whole body was trembling with excitement, and my s****r began to carry on as she had earlier, when I had my fingers inside her pussy.

I began to taste a slimy liquid as she began to squirm, trying to thrust her pussy into my face, and screamed. I fell backwards into the pool, and came back up spluttering, as her friend laughed at me.

My s****r helped me out of the water, her titties dangling before me. I laid down, well from the edge of the pool, as s*s began to suck on my dick, and her friend stood over me. I could see her smooth slit, and rounded butt. As she began to slowly squat down, her pussy opened up, closer to my face, until I was able to lick her pussy. s*s's friend would bounce occasionally on her heels, squashing her pussy into my mouth.

s*s stopped sucking on my dick and rose up. A moment later, she held my dick upward, and I felt it slip into something soft and warm, as she lowered herself onto it, and I realized with shock that it was inside my s****r's pussy! It was a pleasant sensation of being swallowed into a nice, warm, soft tunnel.

s*s's pussy gripped my dick tightly, and she began to bounce on it. The pussy in my face began to dribble a warm fluid into my mouth and down my chin. My s****r kept bouncing on my dick, as it became incredibly hot and sensitive, swelling up, then exploded. I gasped as it went into convulsions inside her pussy, shooting a creamy subtance out of it, as waves of euphoria washed over my whole body.

Chapter Two

When I came in, my s****r was drinking a glass of tea and talking with mom. She was wearing a tank top that exposed her pierced navel, surrounded by it's star tattoo. It did nothing to hide the fact she was braless. She also had on a pair of spandex shorts that formed a camel toe between her slightly spread legs. My penis began to stir within my shorts, as I grabbed a can of Mountain Dew from the fridge.

"Hi, s*s." I said, popping the can open.

Mom was happily wiping down the table, as her bare titties jiggled within the thin housedress she was wearing, the hemline riding up her bare butt as well. "How'd you like to go spend the weekend with s*s?" Mom asked me, rising up. I saw her nipples, surrounded by its dark areolas standing out from her breasts.

"It'll be cool, Mom." I said, as I looked over to s*s. She winked at me, and slid her hand over her camel toe. I saw a tiny dark spot, as her pussy was beginning to drip with anticipation. My penis had aroused within my shorts, as I turned and went to my room to pack.

We left in s*s's convertible in the late evening and rode to Arby's for supper. "Mom sure was happy to get me away." I commented.

"Yes, I think her boyfriend's coming over for a while." said s*s, as we went into the restaurant. I watched her spandex clad butt sway as she headed to the counter to place our orders. The teen guy must've noticed that s*s didn't have a bra on, and became flustered as he took the order. I smiled at his reaction as we retrieved our sodas.

We ate as I admired s*s's nipples showing through her top. "I have an idea," s*s smiled. "Let's stop at Wal-Mart and get us a black t-shirt, then go back home and see if we can catch mom with her boyfriend." My penis popped up at the dariness of her idea spying on mom.

Soon we were on our way back home in the darkness with the t-shirts, parked the car on the farm road next to the driveway, and pulled our other shirts off. I saw s*s’s titties momentarily as she pulled her shirt over her head, and I quickly did mine are as well. We walked up the drive in silence toward the lights, and crept softly around the house to the den windows, which were at ground level, and settled ourselves between the shrubberies.

We saw mom's boyfriend sitting on the sofa with a can of beer in his hand and wearing his boxers. Mom came into the room with a bag of chips and a bowl of dip. She had on a sheer negligee that showed her titties, and no panties, as she came to the sofa. They sat there for a while eating and drinking. My penis was swollen in it's excitement, and I had to reach into my shorts to shift it into a more comfortable position.

I glanced at s*s, and she had her hand inside her tight shorts as well, working her finger in her pussy. I looked back as the guy set his can on the table, and reached around mom, as she leaned over to kiss him. He began to remove her negligee, as she appeared to be laughing, and stood before him naked. Mom freed the guy's penis from his boxers, and straddled his legs as she lowered herself onto it.

The guy had one hand on Mom's butt and his other hand on his penis, guiding it into her pussy until she settled onto his lap. Mom leaned forward and kissed him, before she began to bounce on his lap, as he reached up and grasped her bobbing titties. I looked over to s*s, and she was working her fingers vigorously within her spandex, as my penis throbbed and oozed its precum.

Mom raised herself off his penis, and we saw it was coated with his cum and her juice, as well as dripping out of mom's pussy. She stood before the guy, and he began to lick her pussy clean. A few moments later she got down on her knees before him and started sucking on his penis, her butt was exposed towards the window, spread for us to see. A little cum was still oozing from her reddened, shaved pussy.

s*s withdrew her hand from her shorts with a sigh, and motioned for me to come. We crept away from the window, and began to walk back to the car. I was walking uncomfortably with my swollen penis, and reached inside my shorts to shift it again into a more comfortable position. s*s noticed. "Oh, we have to do something about that."

We stopped in the middle of the driveway, and s*s pulled my shorts down. She took my hard penis into her mouth and began to suck as I reached down to her head and held her hair. In no time, my hot cum was shooting into her mouth as I sighed with exhilaration, as images of my mom's dripping pussy played back through my mind. As my penis relaxed, I stepped out of my shorts and s*s picked them up.

We got into the car, I noticed a large dark spot on the crotch of s*s's shorts where it was obvious she had came too. Before s*s sat in the seat, she pulled her shorts off. s*s and I rode along in silence, as I clutched my semi flaccid penis, and she occasionally massaged her pussy. Little did people in other cars around us knew we were bottomless, even at traffic lights.

It was pretty late as we pulled into a convenience store for gas. As s*s pumped, she tossed me her purse and had me to go pay. Upon entering, I noticed the same girl working that had seen s*s and I the last time we stopped. I was conscious that I didn't have shorts on, but the shirt was long enough to just cover my butt, however my penis was erecting, and becoming noticeable. The girl smiled in recognition as I gave her the money.

s*s came in, and went to the bathroom, and I followed her. We both peed in our respective urinals in the unisex room. As s*s stood, I had to feel her nudity again, as it was a while since the last time I touched her bare butt. She came around to me as I knelt on the floor and spreaded her pussy. I pushed my tongue inside and began to lick her engorged clit when the door opened. The girl stood there watching as s*s began to cum into my mouth.

After I finished s*s, she headed for the coolers to get a soda, and I followed her. Her shirt rode up her bare butt as she bent to select a drink. I didn't have to bend for my Mountain Dew, but my shirt was tenting my erect penis as I turned, trying to hide it from the girl. But it was apparent that she noticed, as I saw her nipples becoming erect.

The girl rubbed over her titties and pulled down her pants a bit showing me her thong as I waited for s*s to come to the counter to pay for the sodas. We left, with a bit of our bare butts showing from the shirttails as we got into the car. I looked back and the girl had her shirt up in the window, exposing her titties. I told s*s. She laughed, "We're going have to come back one day and take care of her."

Arriving at s*s's home in the wee hours of the morning, we dumped our stuff and went to bed. Late that morning, I awoke with my arm around her titties, as her hand was resting on my semi erect penis. I slid my hand over her titties, awakening her as she grasped my penis. "Oh, it's you." She smiled. "I was thinking you were Bill."

As we ate breakfast for lunch, I was admiring s*s's titties. Her areolas’ was not as large and dark as moms, although her nipples seem to stand out more than mom's nipples. I could see the boyfriend tweaking mom's nipples as she rode his penis. The telephone rang, and s*s jumped up to answer. I watched her nude body across the room as she talked on the phone for a few minutes, then hung up. "Amy wants to come over for the weekend." she said. I was disappointed, as I thought we were not going to have any more sex as Amy is our cousin.

"Oh, don't be sad," s*s said. "I've played with Amy like this too."


"Yes, we've had fun for in the past like this. Auntie also let Amy go naked at home, and had sex with her too."

"Wow." My penis was jumping again at the prospect of seeing our cousin Amy naked, as she was a great looking girl, being a cheerleader at her school.

"She'll be here in a little while. We'll get dressed some after we finish the dishes." s*s began to clear the table, as I helped.

I pulled my shorts back on, as s*s tied on a halter and slid a mini skirt up her bare legs. The doorbell was ringing as we walked out of the bedroom. We greeted Auntie Jen and Amy as they came in. I saw that Auntie was wearing a pair of cut-off denim shorts, which was high in the back, revealing a portion of her butt, as well as a tank top It was obvious she didn't have a bra on. Amy was wearing a bikini top, and spandex panty-type shorts.

"I'm going to see Jill for a while, because we haven't visited in a long time." said Auntie Jen.

I and Amy looked each other over shyly as I wondered about her body and sex. She was lucky, I thought, to be having sex so long, while I just started. s*s went out with Aunt Jen after she and Amy kissed goodbye. I noticed Auntie squeezing Amy's butt during the kiss.

"I need to wash clothes." announced s*s as she came back in from seeing our aunt off. "Give me your shorts, David." I shot a quick look at Amy, then pulled down my shorts, revealing an erect penis.

Amy smiled and murmured, "its so big."

I smiled back at Amy, as I fondled my penis while s*s went to load the washer. "Can I touch it?" Amy asked.


Amy came over and gingerly touched the tip of my penis, and got some cum on her finger. She brought it up to her nose and sniffed it. s*s came back naked and began to untie Amy's bikini top. I saw a set of puffy pink nipples on a pair of small titties, as the bra came off. My penis jumped in Amy's hand as she grasped it. I ran my hands along her tight shorts and hooked my fingers into the hemlines and pulled them down exposing a bare pussy. Amy rested her hand on my shoulder as she stepped out of the shorts, and turned.

I drew my breath in at the view of her butt cheeks. It was beautifully rounded and pink. I reached out and rubbed into the crack down to the inside of her thighs, and she spreaded her legs in response. My fingers soon slipped into her pussy. I withdrew my hand and Amy backed into my lap, with my penis between the cheeks of her butt. s*s had knelt in front of Amy, and helped her to sit into my lap. I leaned back as s*s began to lick into Amy's pussy, and pulled at my penis underneath until she could lick its head as well. I embraced Amy and began to fondle her small titties.

Amy relaxed against me as s*s alternated between her pussy and my penis until she had both of us cumming. My cum was squirting out onto s*s's face and Amy's pussy, then she licked it into Amy's pussy's juices and swallowing it. "Oh, it's so warm!" Amy exclaimed. s*s finished licking the last drops and raised up. My penis was still erect, as Amy began to slide herself off my lap, but my penis popped into Amy's moist, open pussy as we both gasped. s*s saw what happened and laughed.

I held Amy onto my lap, enjoying the feel of my penis in her warm, tight pussy. After a few moments s*s urged Amy to start bouncing on my lap, sliding her pussy up and down the shaft of my penis as I reached around her waist and slipped a finger onto her clitoris. As Amy was becoming breathless from bouncing, I felt my cum surging into her pussy. "Whoa," I gasped.

s*s saw cum oozing from around my penis and out of Amy's pussy when Amy stopped. She stood up from my lap giggling as cum started running down her legs. It was the most beautiful sight I has seen since the day s*s got off me at her friend's swimming pool with my cum dripping from her pussy as well. We went to the bathroom to clean ourselves up, and I had to pee. Amy watched the stream from my penis delighted, as she had never seen a guy pee.

"You can learn to pee standing up," s*s said, demonstrating for her. She straddled the toilet and held her pussy open as her urine flowed into the bowl.

"Cool," said Amy. "Can I try?"

"Let's try in the bathtub until you get the hang of it." s*s told her. "The first few times I did, I got it all over my legs and ground, before I found out how and where to hold it." Amy stepped over into the tub, and held her pussy open as she seen s*s do, and her urine shot out at first, then ran down the side of her legs. Amy giggled.

"I learned to do that outside." s*s told us. "Bill taught me on some of our truck runs out in the country. When we were out west, we can go for miles without seeing any stores or restaurants, so sometimes we just stopped in the middle of the road and went to bathroom beside the truck. It's not any trouble, really, after you get the hang of it." Amy was wiping her legs off with a washcloth. as s*s rinsed the pee out of the tub.

I surfed the channels on TV until I found a rather sexy program on cinemax. The guy was having an affair with some lady from his work, and then has sex with his wife afterwards. His wife later bumped into the co-worker while shopping and learns of the affair. She was angry at first, and had a fight with him and he left, going straight to the other woman's house. While there, they began having sex. His wife came, stripped and joined in having sex with both of them!

Amy had curled up besides me watching the program too. I embraced her naked body against mine's and slipped my fingers into her pussy, taking my time exploring her delicious nakedness as my penis jumped about in excitement. Occasionally Amy would grasp my penis and play with it. Once she almost made me cum, but stopped in time.

After the show went off, I knelt before Amy, and began to lick my cousin's pussy for the first time. Amy relaxed, and placed her legs over my shoulders, effectively opening her pussy wide to my probing tongue. I savored her tender pussy, which was becoming quite juicy as I slipped my fingers into her hole, and felt its occasional contractions, as I sucked onto her clit, as Amy giggled.

Then she tensed up, I felt her pussy jump, and go into spasms, pretty much like my penis does when I cum. Some of her juices dribbled out between my fingers onto the sofa, as Amy shrieked in delight. s*s came from the laundry where she was finishing up the wash, and saw what we were doing. She patted me on my shoulder as I finished Amy's pussy. "Boy, you really gave her a good one. I never had got her to react like that."

I raised up and Amy was still reclining on the sofa smiling in bliss. My penis was throbbing in excitement, as I observed her wet, open pussy, and drove my penis into it. I worked it for only a few moments before I came. Amy laughed at the warmth of my cum flooding her insides as my penis began to relax. I withdrew it as s*s said it was her turn, and knelt before Amy to lick my cum from her pussy.

I laid on the floor, and slid my head between s*s's knees, as she lowered her pussy to my face. I began to drink in her juices for it was dripping from the excitement of finding Amy and I having sex. Amy giggled again as she came into s*s's mouth, while s*s's pussy poured it's juice from her own orgasm into my mouth as I massaged her clit with my tongue, while caressing her butt with both my hands. We soon untangled ourselves as Amy asked s*s what my cum tasted like.

"You'll have to taste it and see for yourself." smiled s*s. "I've had tasted a couple of guy's cum and they all have a bit of different taste. I think Dave's taste the best, though."

"I want to try." said Amy.

"Okay. There's several ways to do it," said s*s. "We'll start with this one." She had Amy to kneel before me as I sat on the sofa, and guided my penis into her mouth, "Now, suck a bit, like you're drinking from a straw." Amy sucked my penis into her mouth, and it started to swell again.

"While you're doing that, run your tongue around it like you're licking an ice cream cone, and move it in and out of your mouth like he did in your pussy." Amy mumbled and kept moving my penis around in her mouth as it swelled and became hot from the excitement. It took her a few moments, as s*s stood nearby, while I feasted my eyes on their naked beauty, enjoying the delicious sensations on my penis, until I felt my cum surging up.

"It's coming," I warned, as the first spurt shot into her mouth. Amy jerked her head back and my penis popped out, and the second spurt hit her on her chin, and the remainder squirted onto her small titties with their erect nipples.

"He gave you a facial." laughed s*s, while Amy carefully tasted the cum in her mouth, and wiped the glob from her chin as the rest trickled down onto her titties.

"It kind of taste like egg whites." commented Amy, as she rubbed my cum about her titties.

"It does, does it?" agreed s*s.

Chapter Three

s*s decided she wanted to go to Sonics for supper. I pulled on my shorts as Amy slipped a sundress over her head. She didn't have panties on. s*s put her mini skirt and halter top back on as well. At Sonics, after we had placed our order, s*s asked Amy when the last time she had fun with her mother was.

"Last night." Amy replied. "Mom licked me until I got my orgasm, then I watched her play with a dildo until she got her orgasm and we went to bed." I slid my hand into my shorts as the attractive waitress skated to the car with our food. She winked at me as I pulled my hand out of my shorts to take my coke from her. As we ate, Amy began to describe watching her mom having sex with her boyfriend the previous week.

"Yeah. Jeff took me and mom out to Shoney’s, and then after we got back home, Mom wanted me to go to bed, I did, but I wasn't sl**py. I didn't hear Jeff leave. They were laughing about something, so I went to see what was going on. He had his hands inside of Mom's shirt, playing with her titties. After a while, Mom pulled her shirt off, and Jeff took her bra off. He sucked her titties for a while, and then he pulled Mom's pants down and stuck his fingers into her pussy. He made Mom sit down and he licked her pussy. After Mom came, she opened Jeff's pants and started sucking on his cock. It was so big!"

The waitress skated back to the car to see if we need anything else. I had my hand in my shorts again, and didn't pull it out that time. The girl smiled at me as she left. I wondered if I saw her nipples poking out in her shirt.

"Did they do anything else? Asked s*s. I leaned back and fondled my growing penis, remembering that it had been inside Amy and was sucked off twice earlier in the day. I had attempted to jerk it off several times before, but it became chaffed and sore after two times. I had tried again for the third time a couple of weeks ago with the same results back when Mom wasn't at home that day and I roamed the house naked.

Amy drank her coke, then continued: "He made Mom sit on his cock and bounce on his lap, like I did to David, until she got up with his cum running out her pussy. They kissed for a while, and then he dressed and left. Mom was still naked, and his cum was going down her legs when she came down the hall. I jumped in bed and pretended to be asl**p when mommy looked in my room."

The waitress skated back to the car, after I had pulled my penis out a little, to collect our trash. She saw what I had done, licked her lips and winked at me.

It was dark when s*s stopped at a roadside park, but there was enough light to play by, so we went for the swings. s*s pushed Amy and I on the swings until I tired of the swing and jumped off at the height of its momentum and sailed through the air briefly to Amy's delight. s*s caught my swing and began to swing herself. I watched them for a few moments as the air pushed their clothing up to show their bare pussies.

Amy stopped swinging and ran for the slide as I spun on the merry go round. Her sundress was hindering her slides, so she pulled it off and slid down naked. I had spinning glimpses of Amy's naked slides and s*s's up skirts. s*s's halter became untied, and she pulled it off. On my next revolution I saw that she was topless. Her nipples were bobbing up and down from the momentum of the swing.

I stopped pushing the merry go round and let it spin down to a slow stop. Amy came to the merry go round and wanted to ride. So I spun her around for a while, then jumped on it and pulled Amy to the center, and had her to sit on my penis as I laid there luxuriating in the feel of her tight pussy sliding up and down the shaft of my penis until I came. The merry go round had slowed its revolutions again, as Amy got up with my cum dripping from her pussy onto the merry go round.

s*s had stopped swinging and was sitting there peeing into the sand. Amy saw what s*s was doing, and wanted to try peeing standing, so s*s stood behind her and reached down to Amy's pussy and showed her where to spread and hold the lips of her pussy so the pee came out instead of running down her legs. Amy was more successful that time.

I felt I had to do a little more than pee, so I went to the edge of the play ground, and released my bowels as s*s saw what I was doing and brought some napkins. After I cleaned up, s*s wanted to go get some ice cream. She told Amy and me that we don't have to dress, as it were completely dark then, just get in the car. s*s re-tied her halter, but left her skirt off, and drove to an ice cream store's drive thru. She told us not to show ourselves after she ordered.

We went to the window, and the cashier leaned out to give s*s her change, and noticed that s*s was bottomless. A few moments later the cashier returned with the ice cream without her t-shirt and asked s*s to wait until the end of her shift, and give her a ride home, and they'll have fun together! I noticed the cashier's nipples were tenting her bra. s*s laughed and told her maybe the next time.

Amy and I finished our ice cream and I had Amy to lie down in the seat while I crouched on the floor of the car and began to explore Amy's pussy again with my fingers and tongue. Amy enjoyed the chilly sensation of my tongue on her clit, while I liked the feel of her pussy warming my tongue up. From the vibrations of the car and my tongue motions, as I tasted the remnants of my earlier cum and her tangy pussy juices, it was not long until Amy began to cum into my mouth while she giggled in delight from the waves of euphoria washing over her nude body, fanned by the nighttime air rushing over our skin.

s*s watched us with a smile in her rearview mirror, as she drove bare breasted, for she had pulled her shirt off at a traffic light a while back. She was fingering her pussy and close to cumming when she pulled the car over to the side of the highway and came around to the back. "Lick me off." s*s begged me.

I clambered out as s*s laid herself across the hood of the car, and I began to eat her warm, moist, ice cream coated pussy until she came with a scream of delight as a couple of cars whizzed by. My penis was throbbing, and dripping precum heavily as we got back into the convertible. I asked Amy if she wanted to lick the cream from it, and she grasped my swollen penis eagerly and sucked it vigorously as I stroked her hair from her head.

My excitement has been building for a while, so it did not take long to cum into Amy's mouth. This time she didn't let go of me, and hung on until my penis finished it's spasms within her mouth. She then rose up and swallowed the cum and wiped her lips and chin with the back of her hand, as s*s pulled the car into the driveway of her home.

We had brunch the next morning after sl**ping together naked in s*s's bed. The phone rang. s*s went for it as I watched her butt cheeks working with her shapely thighs. Amy was drinking deeply from her glass of orange juice as I checked out her budding titties again. Her areolas were quite large and puffy in comparison to the rest of her breast. My penis stirred as I recalled the events we had the night before.

s*s returned. "That was Auntie Jen. She's leaving mom's house now and will be here in a little while to pick Amy up." Amy and I were downcast, as we realized our fun together would soon end. "We'll get back together again very soon and have more fun." s*s tried to cheer us up.

After we had cleared the table, Amy and I sat cross legged on the floor playing Skip Bo. I could see into Amy's pussy as it opened due to the position she was sitting, and I recalled seeing my cum oozing from it as we had sex on the playground merry go round the night before. We had left the park without cleaning up our bodily evidence, knowing it would dry by morning. I imagined the other k**s and their parents playing about unawares that someone were playing naked and having sex the night before on the equipment! Amy won the game, and I wanted a last lick at her pussy, as I didn't know when, if ever, I would get to do that again.

Amy laid flat and I crawled over her until my head was over her pussy and my penis was over her face. I began to lick into her soft pussy, stirring up her juices once again, as she had bathed my cum off before breakfast. Amy slid my erect penis into her mouth, and gripped my butt as I probed deeper into her pussy with my tongue. Shortly afterwards I had her cumming as I released my hot cum into her mouth, and she released my penis and it spewed the rest onto her titties, as I lapped up her pussy's juice.

s*s had sat on the sofa and watched us, fingering her own pussy until we finished. "Okay,” she said.” It’s time to wipe up and get dressed, as Auntie will be here any moment." Amy and s*s went to the bathroom as I pulled on my shorts. I heard the car, and went to let Aunt Jen in. She wasn't dressed much herself as I realized and became a bit self conscious. Aunt Jen had on a pair of cut-off shorts really high, which showed the lower portion of her buttocks, and not much between her legs over her pussy. It was plain that her pussy was shaven. Her bikini bra just covered her nipples, but her large areolas were showing around the fabric. Amy ran to greet her mom. She had dressed in the sundress that she wore the evening before, while s*s had her mini skirt and t-shirt on.

"Jill and I had a great time." smiled Aunt Jen. "We plan to get together again next weekend." She turned to me. "I think your mom will have some surprises for you when you get back home." She was perching herself on the arm of the sofa, and the seam of her shorts rested between her shaved pussy lips.

"Okay." I said, hoping my growing penis wasn't bulging in my shorts too much for Aunt Jen to see. Amy had collected her overnight bag and was leaning over her mom's leg, her sundress had rode up showing her bare butt as Aunt Jen patted her on it, then rested her hand over the exposed cheeks. She worked two of her fingers between the cheeks, and stroked the lips of Amy's pussy gently. Then she pulled her hand away and winked at me.

After they had left, s*s excused herself to go to her room and check her emails, so I surfed the channels on TV for a while. s*s came back. "Mom wrote that you can come home this evening, so we'll go. We'll stop by that store and see if that girl is there tonight and play with her." She smiled. We left after having a long round of sex with each other that afternoon. I had given s*s several orgasms and she made me cum three times as well, both in her mouth and pussy. We left her home in the growing darkness of the night, and rode in silence.

I played back in my mind scenes of mom's dripping pussy at home, to the first time I had Amy's pussy, as well as the first time s*s and I did it nearly a month ago at her friend's pool. I had my hand inside my shorts feeling the precum ooze from my penis when we pulled into the store. I noticed the girl was there and told s*s as she selected a gas pump.

s*s tossed me her purse and had me to go in and pay for the gas. The girl recognized me and smiled as she took the money. "Been having a good time?" she asked.

"Yes." I answered, noticing her titties with their nipple becoming erect within its thin bra.

"Man, you're so lucky," she said as s*s walked in the store.

s*s went to the back to select a coke, and I followed her. As she bent down to get a bottle, her mini skirt rode up revealing a bare butt. I couldn't resist running my hand over her butt, and on between her legs and pushed my finger into her pussy. She stayed like that for a moment as I felt the wetness form within. s*s stood back up as the girl went around the counter and locked the store's door. "I'm going to take a break with y'all." she announced.

s*s smiled. "All right."

The girl invited us to the deli counter to get a hot dog, and as she served us, she pulled her t-shirt off. Her nipples were really standing through her bra. "You know, the last time you guys were here," she said, "after I caught ya'll in the bathroom, I diddled myself and came like I had never came before. I never thought I'd see anything like that here."

s*s told her of the times she and her husband played in stores and restaurants on his delivery runs as the girl's eyes widened. As we sat at the booth, I eyed both s*s' and the girl's titties, and nipples. s*s noticed, and pulled her bra down. The girl hesitated for a moment, and then unfastened her bra as well. Her titties were fuller than my s*s, while her areolas were pinker in color, and smaller. My penis was straining within its shorts, and I reached down to shift it into a better position. "You can pull it off." The girl begged.

I stood and pulled my shorts down, letting my penis pop out. Both girls smiled at the quivering drop of precum glistening on the already shiny head of my penis. The girl asked me if I ever had a blowjob before. "Sure," I said, "a lot of times."

"May I try it?" she begged. I glanced at s*s and she shrugged, and ate another bite of her hot dog.

The girl eagerly grasped my penis and slowly brought it to her mouth, and licked the precum drop off, then sucked the head between her lips, flicking her tongue over its tip. Soon she was sucking deeply, and grasping my butt with both hands. I felt her titties brush against the front of my thighs occasionally as she devoured my penis. I began to cum into her mouth as s*s got up and went to the bathroom. After my penis settled down and began to relax, the girl released me. She looked up at me and smiled. "Thanks. It's been a while since I've had one."

"Sure, no problem." I said as the girl rose to her feet, her titties heaving slightly from the effort.

s*s came from the bathroom nude, carrying her clothes. She came to the table and laid on it. "Let's fuck, Dave." Her pussy was at the right height so I popped my penis into her and began to thrust myself in and out of her well juicy pussy as the girl looked on, unfastening her pants. I watched her pants and panties slide down, revealing a neatly trimmed blond haired pussy. My penis grew hotter, as I thrusted a bit more vigorously.

The girl climbed up onto the table and straddled over s*s's head, giving her an excellent view of her crotch, then at s*s's invitation, she lowered herself into a squatting position over s*s's face and s*s began to eat her pussy as I looked again at the pair of titties before me, with its nipples firmly erect. As I had had several cums throughout the day, I lasted a while inside s*s's pussy before I came again. The girl also was cumming as well, as we filled s*s with our orgasmic juices.

I pulled out, and cum oozed out of s*s's pussy as the girl also raised herself from s*s's face. I helped s*s up. "Woo, first time I really got it like that." s*s grinned, as my cum still dribbled out of her pussy. The girl saw it and asked could she lick it off.

"Sure." okayed s*s, as she leaned against the table and the girl crouched at her pussy and began to suck my cum out. I fixed myself another hot dog and ate while I watched s*s cum into the girl's mouth, mixing my cum with her juices. I recalled the sweet tangy taste of our cum mixed together as I had ate it earlier from her pussy as well. We began to dress, as a customer drove to the gas pumps.

The girl pulled her shirt over her bare titties and ran bottomless to the pump register and activated it for the customer, as s*s and I finished our dressing. The girl came back for her pants, and I noticed she left her bra and panties on the bench as she went back to man the register.

We took our leave after the customer paid for her gas. She had on a ripped t-shirt which revealed her titties, and not quite covering her naked bottom. The man was sitting in their car with no shirt on. We wondered if he had pants on. Knowing the cashier was watching, I pulled my shorts off as I got into the car. s*s smilingly patted my leg and fondled my penis as she drove me home.

Mom was waiting up when we got there. I smelled a musky odor as I carried my overnight bag in, and sat on the sofa. I had a flashback to the view on mom riding the guy's penis where I was sitting. The musky odor was also more noticeable there. As usual, Mom didn't have anything on under the night gown she was wearing. s*s decided to spend the night there as it was so late and go home the next morning for her husband was supposed to come back from his long haul run later.

Chapter Four

I woke up late the next morning with my hand on my throbbing penis as I recalled the events of the last few days. I realized that I had come about 9 times the previous day! My penis quivered in excitement, as I pondered jacking off as usual in bed, and decided to wait a bit, and do it perhaps after breakfast. I went to the kitchen where Mom was sipping her coffee in her nightie, revealing her bare thigh and butt in the chair. My penis stirred again as I went for the coffee pot. "Good Morning sl**pyhead." smiled Mom.

"Morning, mom."

I decided on the cereal and ate as Mom leafed through the newspaper, occasionally giving me a glimpse of her bare titties as she turned the pages. After I finished the breakfast, Mom put her newspaper down. "I want to talk to you about something." she said.

"Uh-oh,” I thought. "Here it comes."

"Jen and I were visiting the other day, and she told me about teaching Amy the 'birds and bees' a while back. I realized that I haven't talked to you about that. I had told your s****r back when she was of age." She paused, draining her cup. "In fact, I more than told her. I showed her."

My penis leaped a bit at her unabashed forwardness in admitting having sex with s*s. "She had saw John and I having sex one morning, so we decided to teach her then what that was all about. s*s really enjoyed it, and I think we did too. The next year we were on vacation, camping out in a tent when a thunderstorm came up. John wanted to have sex, so I got ready, and s*s watched us do it. That was when I got pregnant with you." Mom smiled, as she shifted in her chair, her nipples standing from her titties. "Now, I don't know how much you know about sex, or even had any. So what do you know? And I'll go from there."

"Um," I began, wondering just how much I could tell her. "Uh, I do know how they do it and make babies and all that."

"Okay. Guess I won't get into all that and bore you then, as you've learned that from somewhere else." Smiled mom, seemingly relieved. "Now, have you had any sex?"

I really didn't know how to handle that question, as my penis quickly went down in its sticky precum mess. I wondered if she knew what all I did with my s****r and Amy. I took a big breath and licked my lips. "Well,"

"It's okay David," Mom broke in. "I'm not surprised. We've all messed around with sex sometimes or the other." She leaned forward, the low neckline of her nightie revealing her deep cleavage and a nipple of one of her titties. "Jen and I had to sl**p together in the same bed back when we were at home, so Jen started feeling my pussy one night. It tickled, but felt good. We felt each other like that a lot, until we went to a friend's birthday slumber party. There we found out that some of our friends claimed to have did it with their boyfriends, and one said she did it with her b*****r."

Mom got up and took the dishes to the dishwasher. Her butt was exposed as she loaded the washer, and I had another image of her butt in the air with her exposed, dripping pussy as she sucked her boyfriend's penis the other night. We went into the den where I smelled again the musky odors as I settled on the sofa. Mom sat in the chair, and crossed her shapely bare legs.

"I had my first sex with a boyfriend in the backseat of his car. Jen said she did it at her friend's home when she baby sat their k**s and their big b*****r came home. Jen and I was already fingering and sucking on each other practically every night at home. Our mother knew about it, but she didn't care. So we've been there." She smiled.

"The reason I asked is that Jen and I talked about letting you and Amy do it here next weekend." My penis jumped inside my shorts and I felt hot and caught my breath. "Jen is going to talk to their doctor this week and get Amy on birth control pills, so it'll be okay." She uncrossed her legs and I saw a bit of her shaved pussy before her thighs closed back onto it as she stood.

"Okay, it's getting warm here, and I know you've seen a lot of my body, so I'm going to take this shirt off." Mom pulled the nightie over her head, and her titties bobbed as the material pulled over them. My throbbing penis was straining against the zipper of my shorts, sticky in precum. I didn't know whether to look at her or what, as she sat back down after dropping her nightie on the floor.

"I'm not going to hide anything from you, David." she said. "It's natural to look at naked people and have sex. Jen and I did it all day yesterday and the night before. Before she came, I had sex with my boyfriend as well right there on the sofa. I thought it was not fair to you as your s****r saw me and John have so much sex at your age, and you haven't seen anything." She opened her legs and rubbed her pussy, spreading it open for me to see. My penis was becoming painful inside my shorts as I thought I had already come.

"Come over here, David, and let's take your shorts off. It'll feel better, I know." invited mom.

I got up and went to her, with my erect penis tenting my shorts. Mom unsnapped the band and pulled the zipper down, and pulled the fly open. My penis sprang out as I remembered that I didn't have under shorts on. "My," smiled mom, looking up at me. "It's pretty big."

Mom slid her hands around my thighs and worked my shorts down. I stepped out of them, and stood before her as she tenderly grasped my penis and examined it. "It's been a while I've saw this, since your diaper days."

A drop of precum quickly oozed from the head of my penis, and mom brushed it with her finger, then stuck that finger into her mouth. She reached around me and pulled me to her face, as she opened her mouth and began to lick the end of my penis, before sucking the whole thing between her lips.

I enjoyed the warm, tingly sensations that only the tongue can do to a penis, as mom sucked it into her mouth. I felt her titties brushing on my thighs as she worked her mouth and head back and forth on my penis. It wasn't long before I started cumming into her mouth. She slowed, and took all my cum in. After she slid my penis out, she tasted my cum carefully, then swallowed it.

"It's not bad at all." she told me. "It's not as tart as some of the older men's, probably due to what they eat and drink. Your's is a little sweeter, somehow." she finished thoughtfully, as she leaned back, her nipples erect and areolas shrunken and a bit puffy.

Mom reached down to her pussy and spreaded it, as she inserted two of her fingers into it. "Here, check this out." She moved her thighs apart wide as she could, showing a larger pussy than what I had seen on s*s and Amy. It was red and glistening in its juices.

I knelt down before her and touched her pussy, as she took my finger with her fingers already soaked from her juice, and pressed it onto her clitoris. "That's what you play with and lick on to make a woman feel good." she instructed, then moved my finger on down to her hole. As it sank into the soft warmness, "This is where your dick goes into." She looked up and smiled at me. "Any questions?"

As I played my fingers through her pussy, my penis was swelling again as my heart pounded. I had never thought I would get to see or touch the pussy where I had slid through a little over 15 years ago when she gave birth to me. "You know, a virgin's pussy is often tighter and smaller, because she may not have had a lot of sex, and haven't yet gave birth. After a baby or two, it stretches the pussy so it looks larger, but it'll still tighten up to the dick whenever she has sex." It was as if she had read the question on my mind.

"I see." I said thoughtfully, as I compared with s*s's and Amy's pussies mentally, while I moved my fingers from her clit to the entrance, and felt her muscles contract around the finger as well as the pulse within its soaked chamber.

"Come on and kiss it." Mom invited, pulling her pussy lips back. I bent my head to it and began to lick at her clit as she placed her hands on my head and hugged it tenderly. I noticed the musky smell of her pussy was the same as I had smelled about the sofa, and realized that she must've had a lot of sex in the past few days on the sofa, therefore soaking it with her juices. My penis was throbbing excitedly and dripping as I grew bolder and began to lick deeply into her pussy.

She was a bit tangier than what I had tasted of s*s's and Amy's. Mom sighed and told me that I was doing a good job. As I ate some more, she whimpered and moaned in pleasure and pressed my face into her pussy a few times. It wasn't long after that when it seemed her pussy tightened on my finger, then exploded as mom gave a yelp. I felt the violent contractions of her pussy as a quantity of juice rushed out and dribbled down my chin into the fabric of the chair. My penis was throbbing painfully from the excitement of seeing its own mother's nakedness and orgasm.

"I need to go pay a few bill and get some things at the store." said mom, after we had went to the bathroom and cleaned the excess cum off ourselves. "You can come, it you want." I decided not to, as I wanted to check my emails for I wasn't at home over the weekend, and told mom that.

"Okay." she said, and went to her room. I watched her dress, as she pulled on a skirt, without panties, and a blouse over her bare titties. "Bye."

The mailbox light was blinking as I powered up my computer, as I knew it would be. I ran through the mail, deleting most of them, and noticing that s*s had sent one, I opened it. She had her cam on, and Bill was really pumping her pussy. I watched as he pulled his penis out and sprayed her with his cum. Her pussy was gaped open and quite reddened. I thought they must've had sex nonstop since they got home and still at it. I left the window open to watch for more action, as I surfed through Flickr.

s*s had loaded quite a few new cam shots of her and Bill for all to see. I began fondling my penis, as I recalled mom's juicy pussy over the ones I saw on Flickr, and wondered it she would let me take a few pictures of it and post them. I went back to s*s's cam. The bed was empty, with rumpled sheets. There were quite a few dark wet spots on them. s*s reappeared in the nude, and stripped the sheets of the bed, then looked at the cam and blew a kiss.

Mom brought home a pizza for supper, and we ate in the nude. It felt so good to be able to go naked around the house without having to dress and hide from her. We made small talk as I admired her titties and nipples. I asked her how many times she had sex. "Honey," smiled mom. "I really don't know. It has been several times a week with Jen, until I got married, also a few times on dates with a couple of guys from school. After that, maybe 3-4 times a week in college, either with Will, s*s's father, or roommate, if not with Jen on her visits. After Will died, I met John, and had some with him, even the night before we married."

She leaned back in her chair, looking dreamily past me. "When I married John, I had to wear a bra with my gown, because of the low neckline, but I wore only a thong underneath. John wore a thong under his tuxedo too. After we escaped for our honeymoon, I worked my bra and thong off in the car and John actually hung them from his rearview mirror along with the garter!"

My penis jumped at the imagination of seeing a car with such decorations hanging from its mirror as we laughed. Mom got up from the table. "I'll be right back." I watched her butt as she walked down the hall. It was not quite as smooth as s*s' or Amy's, but still shapely. She returned momentarily with some white fabrics in her hand, and a bag. "This is the thong and bra." She said.

I took them and my penis quickly rose at the thought of holding some material that had hugged my mom's nakedness over 15 years ago. She had married young, when she was 17, and finished college as a Mrs. "Here's a gift for you." Inside the bag, was a black male thong.

"Your daddy was wearing that when he married me." she said quietly. "You can keep it as a souvenir from him." I did not know what to say, holding the satin material, and noticing a stain on its cup where he had likely leaked cum.

We went into the den and I sat in the chair as mom settled on the sofa. I smelled again the sexual muskiness permeating the fabrics of our seats, and my penis began its erection, as I noticed my mom's position on the sofa. She had sat, and hugged her knees to her titties, leaving her pussy exposed between her ankles. I noticed it's smoothness as she kept it shaved. "So you really don't have any questions about sex." Mom stated.

"No, not really." I admitted.

"Have you had sex?"

I decided to go ahead and get it over with. "Yes." I admitted.

Mom smiled. "You're not in trouble. It'll happen sooner or later, like I told you. When did you have it, and with who?"

I drew a deep breath. "With s*s last month, and again over the weekend."

"I'm not surprised." said mom. "s*s has always been sexual since she learned. It probably was because her dad and I didn't hide our sex from her, even when we went on vacation to Disney World and took her with us. She was supposed to be asl**p in the next bed, but I think she saw everything between us."

Mom released her knees and crossed her legs. "Will gave her a lot of baths, and I'm not really sure if her did anything else with her. She says he didn't. He died in an accident when she was in her teens, and I married John later. John liked her to watch us have sex, and even did some with her, but he always had a condom and we had gotten her on the pill."

"When did s*s have sex with dad?" I asked, pressing my throbbing penis down.

"It was after her 16th birthday party that night. I think the girls we had over during the day got John excited, so after they went home, he wanted to have sex, so we started in the living room. s*s came into the room to ask about something, and John asked her to join in. And she did. We really got into licking each other's pussies and sucking his dick, and then I asked John to go into her and let her see what it felt like. She loved it, and John lost his cum in no time." Her titties jiggled as she laughed.

"Wow." I said. My penis was throbbing it's excitement at that revelation.

“I know s*s and Bill have sex every which way they can. I think they ended all their dates with sex instead of a kiss like most teens does." Mom said, as she rubbed her pussy thoughtfully. "I didn't care, because I knew once the sex started, it's not going to stop from my experience."

She looked at my penis, which is standing straight up from me, pulsating with my heartbeats. Mom arose from her seat, and knelt down before me, and grasped my penis. She leaned over and kissed it, licking the precum from its head. "What do you think about having sex with a 46 year old mom?" She asked.

"Um." was my surprised reply.

"Your s****r did with your daddy, you know." Mom reached over and opened a little cabinet under the magazine table by the chair and retrieved a small box. "Here's a condom that was left over from last Friday." She said, opening the box and taking the square foil out.

Mom looked at me. "If you are not sure about having sex safely, but need to have it anyway, please always use a condom so you won't get her pregnant, or get some disease. In my case, I can't get pregnant, nor do I have any disease. I just want you to see what it feels like to use a condom on a woman, ok?

"Yes, ma'am." I said breathlessly. I was highly excited at the thought of having sex with my own mother, as my penis tried to swell more within my mom's hand. She handed me the pack and I opened it, and removed the yellow ring of slippery rubber. She guided my hand as I placed it over my penis, and began to unroll it down. Mom stood then, and straddled my legs, then lowered herself onto my lap, guiding my penis into her pussy until it was swallowed in its warm depth.

Mom sat on my lap for a few moments as I felt her warm, bare butt resting on my naked lap and her titties were in my face. I leaned my head forward and took a nipple into my mouth, as mom embraced my head with her hand. I began to suck it as she gave a soft moan of pleasure. After a few moments, mom began to bounce herself on my lap, sliding my penis up and down her pussy. I placed both my hands on her buttocks and bounced them with her, as her titties bobbed and occasionally brushing my face. It wasn’t long until I was cumming into the condom.

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