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Kim looked at herself in the mirror the next morning. She didn’t look any different. Still the same woman looked back at her. The one you would pass in the street without a second look. But she felt different inside. Her pussy was freshly shaved. She put on clean red lacy underwear. She smiled. She has accepted herself for who she was and it was a good feeling.
The day in the shop went well. Bill was in and out at one point he came over to her and opened the top 3 buttons of the blouse. The creamy swell of her tits where exposed and the edges of her bra. Men who entered the shop leered at her. Not attempting to hide their enjoyment of the free view. Bill passed her and stroked her ass. He ran his fingers up the length of her spine. He pressed his cock against her. Just little things and little touches but he kept her in a state of simmering arousal.
At 5pm the door opened and a Goth looking girl of about 20 entered. She seemed to know Bill and Kim was surprised when she came behind the counter.
“This is Cherry, she going to help in the shop this evening. So that you can come and help me catch up on the book work and the mountain of paperwork which needs doing”. Kim just nodded and waited. Bill handed her a note and said “Deal with this and then join me in the back room”.
Kim opened the note.
“Select a large carrot, a good sized banana and the fattest cucumber you can find”. Kim took a deep breath. Oh my God what did he have on his devious mind tonight! She collected the fruit and vegetables as instructed. She swore the silent girl behind the counter smirked. She put them in a bag and went to the rear of the shop.
The room was warm and well lit. Bill sat in the leather armchair and there was an armless dinning chair in the middles of the room.
“Lock the door Kim and bring me the key. Put the bag on the table”. Kim locked the door nervously. Took the key out of the lock, placed the bag on the table as instructed and handed Bill the key.
“Good girl” he smiled. “Strip”.
Kim gasped. Naked? He expected her to get totally naked? But she felt the shift in the atmosphere, that subtle change of voice tone which meant he would not stand argument. Kim unbuttoned her blouse and removed it. Placing it on the nearby table. Better not to think about it just do it. She unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it. She was aware of how his eyes slid across her body. She unclasped he bar and her big tits were freed. She slid her panties down and took them off. She kept her eyes down looking at her pink painted toe nails.
“Stand in the middle of the room. Clasp your hands behind your head. Stick those luscious tits out. Open your legs.” Kim moved slowly into the position he described feeling like some public exabition. Bill stood up and started to circle her like a predator. She had never felt so naked in her life. His eyes inspected every inch of her. She was aware of every flaw, her chubby thighs, her belly, the droop of her tits. But still her nipples stiffened.
“Remember this position Kim. In the future I expect you you adopt it each time I order you to strip no matter where we are. If you forget I will take great pleasure in reminding you of it”. He brought his mouth to her ear
“So you will never forget again”. He bit the ear lope. Kim shrieked and jerked.
“Sit on the chair and put your arms around the back of the chair behind you”. Kim mind raced at what was going to happen, but already she felt the familiar wetness start to grow between her cunt lips. She sat on the wooden chair and placed the arms behind her. Bill moved quickly and Kim felt metal on her wrists. Handcuffs? Oh God. She thought. She gave and exploratory pull and felt herself firmly restrained. Bill knelt in front of her.
“Open your legs. I want them placed each side of the cahir”.Kim wriggled herself into the position he wanted. She watched as he fastened her ankles to the legs of the chair and her breathing hitched up a notch. Bill took two more lengths of rope and bound her thighs. So that there was no way she could close her thighs to prevent his gaze. She was completely open and exposed.
Bill spent time. Just looking at her. He stoked up the inside of her thigh. He ran his finger tips along the groove of her cunt. He pulled her labia open. He was examining every part of her. He drew the hood of her clitoris back to reveal the swollen centre and blew. A shiver of excitement coursed through her body. Bill stood and moved behind her
“As we have a guest in the shop tonight I thought it was wise to take an extra precaution. Open your mouth.” Bill placed something in her mouth. She moved her head to try to avoid it but Bill persisted and pushed in ball firmly in place. Buckling the ball gag behind her head. His fingers moved to her nipples and pinched hard. Kim’s cry was just a muffled sound.
“Good “he said “Seems effective”
Bill lifted the bag from the table and removed the contents. Placing them on the floor beside him. He picked up the banana and ran it between her legs.
“I was going to use lubricant for this, but it seems you have self lubricated.” He laughed. She felt him press it against her opening of her cunt and begin to f***e it inside. Inch by inch it penetrated her, her cunt lips stretched obscenely around the fruit. And then in a powerful steady motion he began to fuck her with it. With every stroked he f***ed it inside her deeper and Kim was aware of a whimpering moan filling the room which she realised was coming from herself
“Such a horny little slut “ he said. Her fucking became rougher and rougher until the sounds she was making became a continual groan.
“I think we need to stretch this horny cunt a little more!” Bill laughed and removing the banana retrieved the cucumber from the floor. Oh God she would never had selected such a fat long cucumber if she had anticipated what he was going to use it for. She felt the coolness of it at her entrance. Her cunt juice dripped from her coating the seat of the wooden chair. She felt as if she was sitting in a puddle of water. Bill gave one f***eful push and her cunt was filled. Kim’s scream was dulled but the gag.
“Does my whore need a good fucking?” Bill asked. Kim was filled with a want she had never felt so intensely before. She nodded looking into Bills eyes.
“Work for it whores. If your horny fuckhole needs this then work for it”. She was confused at first but then realised there was some movement within her bonds. She began to rock on the vegetable. Moving her hips she fucked herself as Bill held it steady. Like a bitch on heat she craved it deep inside her. She fucked it openly, wantonly driving it deeper into her open hole. She could feel her orgasm approaching as she climbed closed to release, a****l noises of pure lust escaped from the gagged mouth.
Then it was removed. No!!!! So whimpered shaking with lust. Bill picked up the carrot. Big, but no where a big as the cucumber. He ran it up and down her soaked slit. No Kim thought that will feel like nothing after the fullness of the cucumber. Bill ran it round her hole and then lower until it pressed against her anus. She shook her head fully understanding what he intended. She trashed and wriggled on the chair. But he pressed harder, insistently into her and with a pop it was inside her. Bill watched her face as he pushed it into her. Opening, stretching, plundering, ****ing her anus. Kim grunted with every thrust and felt the burning pain deep inside.
“I know you want to cum Kim, I know you feel like a filthy whore for taking pleasure from what I’m doing to you, you do want to cum don’t you?” Kim’s roar grew, she was shaking from head to foot. As he continued to fuck her ass he squeezed her clit with the other hand
“Cum” Bill breathed and wave after wave of Kim’s sexual release was felt in every cell of her body. She slumped in the chair sobbing as he removed the intruder.
Bill stood and she heard his zip being undone. Through tear filled eyes she saw he hard cock inches from her face. Bill undid the ball gag and filled her mouth with his cock. Holding her firmly by the hair he fucked her face. She gagged and drooled on his cock, sucking him hungrily.
“Look at me Bill” said.
“Your mine Kim. You belong to me”. With one final deep push his spunk, hot and salty erupted into her mouth and she swallowed, gratefully. Bills cock was removed from her mouth and Bill knelt in front of her. His kissed her, a long possessive kiss.
“Mine” he breathed,

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