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Steves birthday--------------i got the present

we were leaving in the taxi to get to steves 21st birthday,steve and sylvia-his mother.she was a very do-able 38year old.she prefered 38year young.
i just thought how gorgeous she looked .anyway steve and i were friends for years and sylvia always made me feel like a member of the f****y.

we already had a few drinks at the house as we were dressing and that seemed to loosen us the party is in full swing and everyone has arrived.mostly young well 21-30ish.sylvia apperars to be the oldest but doesnt look out of place.she mingles with steves friends and dances with a few.then the dj plays the stripper music.sylvia comes over and stands by me as the strippergram performs for steve.
sylvia knows its my idea and kisses me on the cheek and hugs me.shes not impressed by the stripper and says she can do better.

so there i am looking at sylvia as she undoes her dress.everyone else seems to be watching the real stripper while i am getting horny looking at steves mum as she gets her tits out and juggles them for me"how about these?not bad or what?"she says.not bad ,bl**dy magnificent i cock is so hard.forget about the girls i wanted her.but not here not now.but would i get another chance.?

i could tell there was chemistry between us that night.she kept flirting with me and stroking my butt everytime she passed.i wasnt paying much attention to steve i was more interested in sylvia.steve however was drinking too much but it was his party.taxis were ordered and people course we were the last ones there and steve was unsteady .we poure him into our taxi and went home.a 10 minute journey and steve has passed out.

sylvia and i finally get him into the house and upstairs to his bedroom.we get all the usual rubbish i love u man.we take off his shoes and trousers and shirt and cover him with the duvet...thats him till morning!

sylvia and i go downstairs for a nightcap.we chat about the evening and i mention about her flirting and flashing her tits at me.just to clear the air sort of conversation you have with your friends puts her glass down and comes towards me.i thought she was going to slap me.instead she wraps her arms round my neck and kisses me.i can feel her tongue in my mouth.i can feel my cock rising.i can feel her fingers running through my hair as she kisses me harder.she licks my ear .i know she can feel my cock throbing against her.she undoes my shirt and strokes my chest she kisses my nipples and gently bites each in turn. she starts to undo my belt.i kiss her passionately .i really want this but --------but what?

i whisper r u really sure u want this sylvia.she kisses me and tells me she has wanted me for months.she leads me to her need to ask now.she pushes me onto the bed and removes my cock is like a tent pole.looks like i am a lucky woman tonite she said.and here was i thinking what a lucky boy i with the undies,socks and shoes.her hand slowly and gently running up then down my shaft.massaging my balls with the other.i kiss her and tongue fence

i stand her upright.i want to take her clothes off.the dress falls to the only the white french lace knickers to hands cup her boobs and my thumbs roll over her nipples.i kiss her soft mouth again and again.i nibble on her ear lobes.i can feel her quiver as i run my hands down her side.she whispers theres no rush we have the whole night(so long as steve is still out of it)

i suck on her nipples and run my hand up and down her inner thigh.i can feel the heat from her pussy i can see the moisture stain on her shaking hand pulls her knickers down and she steps out of them.i open her legs wider so to bury my face between her tongue licking, almost catlike lapping at her juices.her hands playing with my hair then ears,sticking her fingers into them.i part her pussy lips with my tongue and enter the promised land.she is soo soo wet and i can hear her moaning.i alternate between clit and cunt.fingering her while i lick her clit rubbing her clit as i lick her cunt.
the moaning gets loader and faster.i know she is raedy to cum.i can feel her legs quivering and i can feel her nails in my back as she cums.i can taste her now .i keep licking till she pulls me up and kisses me and wraps her legs round my waist.then we fall together onto the bed.she smiles you know the big beaming smile when you know youve pleased someone.she kisses me more and now she is ontop she guides my cock into her .she works my cock up down side to side round.kissing me hard pulling at my chest hair.bouncing bouncing as i hold her tits and gently squeeze.i can feel my lava on the rise but i want to keep it from her for a bit longer.but then i remembered we have all night.her panting is rapid i can feel her ready to cum again and this time i can join her.i feel my explosion she feels everything too.our juices mixing together in her furry cup.we kiss again and again.i hold her tight.just in case she disappeared.and as my cock subsided and energed from its work she licked me clean.then began to massage my balls again.i saw her smile as my cock began to stir and rise.
just hope steve sl**ps all i said i think i got the present

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