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A New Girl In The House Part One

It all started off one day when I thought that I was going to be the only one at home all that evening.

So I got all dressed up in some of my s****rs clothing like I have done a few times before. I was wearing a pare of her sexy pink panties along with a matching bra. On over them I was wearing one of her short blue denim skirts along with a blue top and a pare of her black hills.

Anyway after I had gotten all dressed up in her clothing, I wore them around the house pretending to be a real girl. Than after a short time I sat down on the sofa to watch a movie while still in her clothing. While doing so I failed to hear my younger b*****r come home and enter the house.
By the time I realized that he was home, he was already in the house in the kitchen coming toward the living room where I was at still dressed in our s****rs clothing.

So I jumped up off the sofa a ran upstairs to my room. Where I closed the door behind me and crawled on my bed and sat there hoping that he hadn't seen me in her clothing. Because I knew that if he had seen me in her clothing he was going to tell and I would be in allot of trouble and I started to sob abit.

I wasnt in my room very long when I heard him at my door knocking. When I asked him what he wanted, he told me that he wanted to talk to me and that he had caught a quick look at me in our s****rs clothing. He then asked me if he could come into my room so we could talk and he promised that he wouldnt tell anyone about what he had just seen.

So I finally agreed to let him come in and talk to me. When he entered my room, he came over and sat down on the edge of my bed next to me. Than he reassured me that he wouldnt tell anyone about me dressing in our s****rs clothing and took me into his arms to sooth me while I was still crying.

Once I calmed down and quit crying. He let go of me and we started talking, he asked me if I done this allot and if I only done it when I was at home alone. I told him that most of the time when I was the only one at home I done it, but that I did have a few things I wore just about every night to bed. I then told him that most of it was old pare of panties that I had found along with a few nightgowns, and that I even had a sexy black lacy baby doll with matching panties.

When I told him about the baby doll and matching panties, he knew where I had gotten them from. They were a gift to our mother from a few of her friend as a joke for Christmas.
After talking for a short time, he told me that although he had seen me in her clothing he didnt get a very good look at me in it and that he still couldnt see me in it because I was covered up with a blanket. Then he asked me if he could get a better look at me in it.

I told him that I would be happy to let him have a good look at me in it, so I then took the blanket off and stood up in front of him so he could see me. While doing so I turned around real slow so he could see me from all directions.

When I finished and was standing in front of him looking at him. He smiled at me and told me that he thought that I looked great in her clothing and as a matter of fact he thought that I might even look better than she did in them. I thanked him and then sat back down on the edge of the bed next to him without covering myself up this time.

While we sat there talking. He told me that he really enjoyed seeing me in her clothing and that if I wanted to I could dress up in them and wear them around when we were the only ones at home. I told him that I would like doing that because I found it kind of exciting to have someone seeing me in them.

We then went back downstairs and watched a movie together. While doing so I noticed he kept looking at me. So I got up and started moving around the room so he could see me better. Then when the movie finally ended, I went over to the T.V. and bent over to turn it off. When I did so, I herd him whistle at me and then he told me that he enjoyed that shot of my ass in them pink panties under the skirt.

With this I stood up and walked over to him while smiling. Then I turned around with my back facing him and bent over giving him a real good look at it. While I was doing this, he reached up under my skirt and grabbed my panty covered ass witch was a surprise to me but also felt very nice.

I then sat back down on the sofa next to him and told him that it felt great when he grabbed my ass and that I realy enjoyed it.
With this he turned towards me and slipped his hand under me and up my skirt and took my panty covered ass into his hand. So at this time I turned sideways a little facing him while doing so rising my ass off the sofa so he could get at it easier.

While we sat there with him reaching over me and playing with my panty covered ass. It got me kind of excited so I leaned a little closer to him and gave him a kiss on the lips. He kissed me back and then took me into his arms with his hand still on my ass, we spent a long time like this.

Then things started to go further than I thought they would, he brought one of his hands up to my chest and started grabbed at it squeazing my nipples through the bra. We kept kissing all the time he was playing with me and then to my surprise he undid his jeans and pulled out his big 8 1/2 inch thick cock and before I knew what was happening I found myself sucking my b*****rs cock and I even started to enjoy it. I slowly licked up and down the lengh of his cock spending alot of time licking his big thick head. I moved one of my hands down and started to rub and play with his balls. He layed back and closed his eyes and gave out a loud moan as I started to take his full lengh down my throat.
Once I had got his cock nice and hard and wet I stood up and climed on to my b*****rs lap and got myself ready to take his big cock in my virgin ass.
I grabbed it and got it lined up with my ass and I slowly started to lower myself down, at first it hirt abit but as more of it slid inside me it really started to feel great.
I kept it slow for a while so I could get it all inside me and I wanted it to last forever. My b*****r then told me to get up and get on the floor on my hands and knees.
So I did as his asked and then my b*****r got in position behind me and grabbed hold of my hips and started to slide his cock inside me again, once his full lengh was in my ass he moved his hands up my body lifting my top and bra so he could get to my hard nipples. He left lifted my my top hald of my body up and held my back tight to his chest so we were both upright and he started to fuck my ass harder and he kept squeazing my chest like I had breast and after a while He started to fuck me really hard and I knew he was getting close to cumming and before I knew it I felt him unload his cum inside my ass, it felt like a hose had been turned on inside me and it felt great and we both collapsed on the floor and layed there for a while until our breathing slowed and my b*****rs cock slid out of my ass.

Latter on that night we both decided that it was time for me to get out of our s****rs clothing and put them back before anyone came home.

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