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F***ed by dad and b*****r

It was the summer of my 19th birthday, me and my b*****r both decided to come home to spend our vacation. Although my b*****r and I shared a apartment together, since we we"re both in the same university, but i often noticed him looking at me in a "hungry way". I wasn"t gay, at te time I was what you would call a player, going from one girl to another.

We were heading down to montreal from Boston, and it was a long drive. We were taking turns driving the car because 6hrs is way to long for anyone to be driving. we finally arived at out father"s house, he and our mother had been divorced for 10 years for reasons we never knew. As soon as we arrived at the house our father came out to greet us. My dad was a burly, but strong man who looked very good for his age. We spent the entire night talking about university and work, we knew that that our father loved to hear about what we we"re up to. My dad told us to get a goodnight"s sl**p because he had a surprise for us the next day.

Before I went to sl**p i decided i needed a shower, while bathing I realized my b*****r was peeking through the crack of the door, I then realized my b*****r was gay. It was weird, we were twins, him being older, we looked the same, except he was a bit heavier and i was a bit taller, other than that we looked and sounded the same , but i know realized we weren"t. I spent the entire night thinking about my b*****r and his orientation and i came to the conclusion that i was ok with it.

The next morning, my dad led my b*****r and me to the car, we felt like young c***dren again, waiting for our dad's surprise. He brought us to a spa, because he wanted us to relax. It was surprising to me that you needed to give in all your clothers and stay in a bathrobe, but we all got naked and then slipped into our robe.

I decided to go and take a swim while my dad and b*****r went to the sauna, soon after i relaized that this was a males only club since their we no women. during my swim i began hearing noises that disturbed me so i decided to go back to our room. I sat down and opened the tv and to my surprise gay porn was playing and then i realized it, my dad was gay. I paged my dad and b*****r and they came to the room. they walked in and saw me getting dressed. they asked me what was wrong and i told them that i knew they were gay and this was a gay spa and i needed to leave.

My dad stopped me and told me that he didnt care if I wasnt gay and that he payed good money for this and we were gonna enjoy it, my b*****r left the room and said he"d be back later. my dad then grabbed me and kissed me as i tried to stuggle free nothing worked, he took my head and shoved to his cock and made me suck his thick 7 inch dick. i began to gag, it was too much, i couldn"t believe it my dad was forcing me to suck his cock. as if that wasn't bad enough he tore the back of my pants and then my underwear, and shoved me on the bed. i asked him to stop but he didn't he put me on my stomache and layed himself on my back, i knew what was comming, he spit on his dick and shoved it very hard in my virgin hole, the pain was excrushiating but i just layed there not being able to move since my dad was forcing himself on me. right then my b*****r walked in, surprised at first he didnt know what to do, as i asked him to help, my dad asked him to join in, my b*****r opened his robe and f***ed fed me his cock. I then felt a shot of liquid in my mouth and realized my b*****r had cum in my mouth. cum dripping down my chin. my dad kept thrusting until he began to scream he then let his load flow in my ass, i felt like a whore.

the entire summer they used me as a boy toy and then when my vacations were over I changed school and apartments not being able to look at my b*****r the same

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