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Slut wife chronicles 1 Lisa

On Thursday, July 13, 2001 I boarded Amtrak train 89 headed for Miami, Florida. I take a couple of vacations each year and I normally fly or drive to my destinations. But, on occasion I have taken an Amtrak train. Traveling by train is not only fun, but highly exciting most times; I get to meet a lot of people that I would never meet otherwise and this type of traveling provides ample time, the atmosphere and accommodations to have unsurpassed fun if you set the stage properly.

At daytime you are able to mingle with other passengers and train personnel. The dining car, the bar, the smoking room, the card room, etc. are perfect places to meet others in a closed quarters setting and traveling is spent in what appears to be a totally different atmosphere, not unlike what you'd encounter on a cruise ship. But, with the exception that instead of spending long days and sometimes a week or two in a cruise ship, the train ride its usually over in a day and half in a trip such as the one along the eastern coast from NYC to Florida. Its perfect for one night stands.

On this particular trip I met John (not his real name) John made his rounds up and down the aisle attending to the needs of every passenger and making sure that everyone was having a good time. I doesn't take long time for a slut like me attracting special attention from the attentive crew member; little did John know that he never had a chance against my wishes and persistent advances. With my right arm resting on the arm of my chair, but, way outside of the normal space poor John had to turn sideways to make it through that portion of the aisle every time he passed by my assigned accommodation. It wasn't long before I was rubbing my arm against John's thigh every time and after a while he just kept coming a little bit closer to my arm in order to confirm my intentions. A few more passes and my arm was making full contact with his bulging cock every time.

This type of contact makes me aware of his size and the growing excitement in John's face was just priceless, by now he already knew that my casual position in the chair was highly intentional. He kept coming my way and by this time there was no doubt as my gestures and facial expressions were openly sexual; full eye contact and firm indications by way of my lips and the tip of my tongue sticking out in full motion as I now fully rubbed and pressed against his pants and huge cock.

In just a few minutes John was standing at the entrance door just a few feet away from my seat and with a subtle motion of his eyes he indicated that I should come over to him. I get up from my chair and start walking to him, he moved to the next car and I followed; soon after we are in the bathroom; me sitting on the toilet and John standing in front of me with his huge cock fully erect, 11" long and thick as a baseball bat and I'm sucking his cock dry. He comes in my mouth in huge amounts, and I'm in pure delight, he cums again, my mouth is now dripping cum from the sides, after three or four times of this action I then cleaned his cock with my mouth, we then engaged in long and passionate kissing, sucking and licking our tongues as I kept stroking his monumental cock. He came one more time on the floor and all over my shorts. I quickly cleaned myself and left John to do the same as I returned to my seat happy that my trip was off to a good start. We did the same 3 or 4 more times throughout the trip and I left the train in Miami knowing that John would be working that particular trip on our way back to New York, but our way back would be different, a lot different.

I get my ride to Miami Beach and to the condo next to the beach where I will be staying for the next two weeks. I settled in and freshen up a little and without unpacking with no delay I head down to the bar. A couple of margaritas, enjoying the ambiance and always on the lookout for a good fuck. No major breakthroughs here so I head out to the pool and the outside bar. I get another margarita from the bartender and we start talking.

The bartender is a big black guy, very muscular, shaved head and about 40 years old or so. Small talk at first and then the conversation suddenly turns hot after I mentioned that I'm there to have fun.

What kind of fun are you looking for? he asked,
Well, I said, the kind of fun that a woman tries to have and enjoy after a very nasty divorce (of course, this is not true, just my line) and I said this as I slowly sipped on my margarita and slowly but intentionally licked around the rim of the glass with the tip of my tongue sticking out.
"I could show a good time" the bartender replies.
Oh, how so? I ask.
Well, he says, "I enjoy the company of a nice woman, especially tourists, I like to show them the sights"
--Very interesting, I said, but I have a little problem.
What's the problem? the bartender asked.
The problem is that I'm not looking for nice, I'm veeeery bad. Anyway, I continue, What do you have in mind? I pushed on.
"I could show you around town in my free time"
Show me around town? I asked as I get up from my chair, leaned up and over the narrow counter and looked down on his pants. Why don't you show me around down there? as I point down to his cock.
You mean now? asked the bartender.
Well, now or later, I'll be staying here for a while.
OK, he says "Why don't you meet me by the stairs on the second floor, around 10:00 pm tonight.
OK, I'll see you then.

That night at around 10:00 pm we met on the stairs of the second floor and right then and there we fucked out brains out. It was good, about 9" of thick black meat, but the best is yet to come.

The next morning around 11:30 am I'm already unpacked and wearing one of my most revealing outfits, I mean, my tits are high and out to play, I'm horny and hot. I'm on the lookout again, I head out to the bar, not the one at poolside, but the inside bar and I ordered a Malibu (coconut flavored rum). I see a cleaning guy. A man in his early fifties, about 5'9" not fat, not skinny, just right. I'm attracted to these guys, not by his looks but by what looks like a long hose down the crotch of his pants and down his thigh. If this long hose is limp now, imagine what it would be like when fully erect, these thoughts are going through my mind.

They sure keep you busy here, I said. Oh yes, he replies with his eyes fixed on my tits.
Where are you from, I asked? (as if I didn't know)
Jamaica, he replied.
Oh, that’s great, I'd like to find out about Jamaica. Can we talk somewhere?
Oh, sure, he said. I'm getting a break in a few minutes and we can talk outside by the pool.
Great! I'll see your there in a few minutes, I said.
After about one half hour the man appears by poolside as I relaxed on a lounge chair. The man keeps exploring my tits with his eyes and down to my legs and feet then all the way up again after a brief pause at my crotch.

After a small talk and some pleasantries, I get down to business. I would like to make a trip to Jamaica and I like to find out more from someone like you. The man proudly starts talking at length about his country and how much fun people have when they go there.

I then asked. Tell me, I said, I hear that Jamaican men are great, its that true? How do you mean? the man wants to know. Well., I hear that they are very good in bed and very well hung. The nervous Jamaican man starts coughing, like I caught him by surprise at my pointed question. Are you all right? I asked. Yes, madam, I just wasn't expecting.....I mean, I supposed that you are right. A lot of people go to Jamaica to have fun, but, honestly I wouldn't know about that. I'm married with 4 c***dren.

Well, I said. You do know about yourself, don’t you? Yes, I do, the man said. Then tell me, I'm just asking discreetly --How big are you? Where? he asked, Well, down there, I'm now looking at his cock like I want to eat it. After all he had been doing the same thing to me and my tits and all over my body since we met. I'm very large, he says. Somehow I knew that, I replied.

Now I’m dying to touch the man’s cock so I just do it by placing my hand between his legs and start rubbing the man’s massive cock. Then man pulls back and said, I could get fired if I get caught. Don’t worry and I move my hand out of his way. But now I’m thinking..... I just want to get fucked by this guy.

Tell me now, Are Jamaican men as good in bed as they say. Well, I guess, he replied. I then said, look, the truth is that I would like to try a Jamaican man before I make my trip down there. The man now looks puzzled. So, I said, Do I look attractive to you? Oh, yes, he replied. Then, do you want to fuck me? Yes, I would like that , he said.

So I told this him "see me by the stairs on the second floor tonight at 10:00 pm." OK, we agreed. At 10:00 pm the man was already there waiting for me. I asked with a grin on my face, Are you ready? He said yes, but, lets go to the cleaning room, its more comfortable. We go to the cleaning room and in the midst of all the cleaning supplies and equipment there was a couch that employees use to sit and relax for a while. We go to the couch, I sit the man there and take his cock out, I started moving my tongue up and down his rod and sucking the head and in no time the man’s cock is hard as a rock, Fuck, I said, How large is this thing? I don’t know he said, my wife measured it once and said 14 inches. Fuck, I said again, this is massive, I love it.

This man’s cock was gigantic and thick, the head kind of flat but huge and deliciously suckable, when I placed my hand around it there was at least a two inch gap. I couldn’t grab it fully. This cock is curved upwards which I love. I sucked his cock like there is no tomorrow and he kept cumming in my mouth with full loads in large amounts. For a fifty something guy, he had staying power I then rolled a condom up his cock and fully stretched out would only go to about half the length This is great I thought..... Well, we fucked that night and two more times the next day in the morning and the afternoon; we fucked whenever he could take a break. The third time that we were in the cleaning room, another employee came in, my man was worried but, he kept fucking me hard and I was delighted and all the more excited; this guy just stood there watching me getting fucked and he then left without saying one word.

Now I just wanted to get fucked even more and harder; this episode turned me on completely and I was wild with desire, even more than normal. When we were finished he said, we can’t come in here no more, see me tomorrow around 11:00 am and I’ll arrange for some other place if you are still interested, Oh, sure, I said.

The next morning he said that he had found the key to the penthouse apartment that was vacant and that it would be OK for us to be there, he spoke to his supervisor about using the apartment after work. We agreed to meet at the penthouse apartment around 6:00 pm after his work.

Earlier that same afternoon I met the head security man, this guy was white, about 40, graying hair and handsome as hell, to make a long story short, we talked and I flirted with him for a while, my cleavage so low that even my bare nipples showing at the slightest movement, he just couldn’t resist my slutty approach and without any waste of time we hit the sheets in his apartment in the same building. We had a very romantic afternoon, kissing, touching, massaging and fucking, but this guy just didn’t do it for me, his cock was good, but not that great either,. But, I had a good time because I liked the guy.

That evening around 6:00 pm. I went up to the penthouse and the man with the massive cock was already there waiting for me. We get in bed and he started licking and sucking my pussy so hard and it felt so good. He sucked on my clit and labia masterfully and tongue fucked me quite a few times. This man sucks pussy like a vacuum cleaner. We then fucked doggy style, him on top, then me on top and for a finale he fucked my asshole. What an evening! We kept on fucking in the penthouse apartment day after day.

One day I saw him early that morning and told him "I’ve got my period" he said "it doesn’t matter" so at 6:00 pm we again met at the penthouse and the fucking was equally great; by that afternoon of the same day bl**d was coming down somewhat in heavy fashion, so by the time I got to the penthouse I was bleeding heavier than before. By the time we were finished a mixture of bl**d and cum was rolling down my inner thighs and legs and my pussy was dripping the same.

The next four days I did nothing (fucking) I did other things like swimming in the ocean and the pool, a few walk trips on the beach and lots of flirting, talking and just being a slutty wife to a lot of other men and flashing them a lot. I love flashing and teasing sometimes. But, I was sad as I usually get when I have my period; my pussy was even sadder for the balance of the time with my period.

As I got on train 98 on July 29 for my trip back to NYC. My period was almost gone and there he was the Amtrak employee John; he greeted me with a big smile on his face and I did the same. It was approximately 7:00 am as I got on the train and heading to my assigned seat. After breakfast and around 11:00 am John asked me in a whisper (so that the other passengers wouldn't notice) to follow him to the sl**per car where he has his accommodations, so I did, this time we just got right down to the fucking (I had already done plenty of cock sucking on the train from NYC to Miami) the fucking was great as expected (11" cock and thick as a baseball bat) We fucked once and he asked if I wouldn’t mind fucking another Amtrak employee friend of his, of course, I said, I wouldn’t mind, so his friend walked in while John waited outside, I sucked and fucked this man and when we were finished the guy left and John came back into the little room. We fucked three more times that day at every chance, once more in the afternoon and twice during the night when most passengers were sl**ping and the 98 train was rushing towards NYC at what appeared to be nearly top speed. Hubby was waiting back in NYC to hear my story. What a vacation! I’m ready for more, a lot more.

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