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My story. The forth and final part….whewww

My story. The forth and final part….whewww The trip to LESBOLAND

I’m sorry the trip took four parts. But the more I thought about it the more I wanted to tell you all. I have to leave for a little while so I thought I’d finish with the last chapter this soon after posting the third part just to be sure you remembered me.

If you all like, I will add more details when I get back…… xxxxxx Lori aka Roberta

Susan’s beach name was Susan. She didn’t know anything about beach names. She had been going to the nude beach now for two or three years and never actually sat and chatted with anyone. She did not know about peeing in the surf or the dunes. She did what she was supposed to do and that was walk back a half mile and use a toilet. And wash her hands after she was done. She showed up after 9oo:am and left before the evening rush hour. She did not know about the free beach passes you would get for showing up early before 7:00am. She was a loner and although she said she liked it like that it made her sad. She lived alone and owned her own home in a rich suburb of Somerset Hills New Jersey.

I had been passing Susan on the beach now for two years, I can’t say I ever once remembered seeing her. Later on she told me she was watching me all that time. Not a stalker, but watching. She later said she envied my informal manner, my loud outbursts of laughter and the mysterious ways I would wander up and down South Beach or snuggle behind a wind screen, It was all news to me.

Susan is a bit older than me, a way lot smarter and a lot better bred. She came from a wealthy f****y of doctors and lawyers, graduated from a real college and had a Masters degree in Chemistry. She was a chemist with a large (really large) pharmaceutical firm in central Jersey and had since been promoted to an executive position there. She still wore a white lab coat once in a while but the extent of her working with chemicals was limited to board rooms and advertising agencies. She made a huge salary and the only way she was like me was she had Fridays off. I knew none of this before.

On the other hand, I barely made it out of community college. I was one lousy credit away from an ‘associate degree in building construction’… I thought I wanted to be an architect. But that was before I found out women made lousy architects and before I realized I was not bright or motivated. And the credit I was missing was because I never turned in an essay for English 201. Shit, I feel like printing this one out and mailing it in to Union College and saying: “Here, remember me? Stick this essay up your ass and mail me my degree you fuckheads!” lol ….. Of course, Susan would never, ever think of saying anything like that, but later she said that was what she liked about me. But I did not know that then.

I was a construction estimator for a concrete company back then. I would go out after the salesmen closed a deal and measure the job and estimate time and materials and then be the go-between between the customer and the construction boss. I wore kaki shirts and black shorts and hi-topped work boots. The construction guys called me “puss-in-boots”.

Most of our work was around those same big mansions and Mc’Mansions that I saw as a k** with my dad. I still did not live with big paving stone patios and barbecue pits, pools and five car garages…….only now I took part in building them. Susan liked that. But I did not know that then.

Susan was a natural redhead (like my aunt) and had beautiful white breasts with raspberry colored nipples. She had soft milky white skin with the few perfectly placed freckles. Her butt was just a tad larger and softer than was perfect for the times. But it was perfect for the 1950’s. She preferred a more formal way of dressing for work with skirts and slips and blouses and scarves. She was my aunt reincarnated. But I knew none of this then.

I probably never noticed Susan before this year because she had a perfect tan (not the beautiful milky white I love) but a perfect fake tan! One of her company’s big money makers to come was a ‘spray tan’. It was not on the market yet, but Susan was ‘testing’ it out. She was the person in charge so that was easy for her. And what better place than a nude beach to test a fake tan?. She always had a fascination with the thought of going nude, so this was her idea. I’m sure there was more to it than that but that was good enough reasoning for her.

When I first noticed her she was milky white again. It was the spring of the year on a really nice Friday afternoon.

I had walked the length of South Beach following dozens of other walkers and passing dozens walking the other way. I was thinking about Amyee from the year before. And thinking about Ed and little Ed who were now long gone. I was thinking about penis and the gay guys standing with erections talking to one another and the women spreading their legs as men passed by and all the guys sitting on beach towels jerking off and thinking no one noticed them. I was horney and sad at the same time. I was aroused and depressed at the same time. I was happy to be naked and proud of my walk but ashamed of my thoughts. I was confused, I missed my parents but hated them for deserting me years before. I was glad I had the experience with Dawn and Amyee but concerned why I had these feelings. I wondered why I did not like men……or bozo annoying men at least. And I had to take a leak. I had no intention of sitting in the surf and no desire to ‘exhibit’ . I was really, really depressed. Eventually, all the people I was following had already turned and were walking back the other way to the main beach. I was the last person still walking South. I was almost to the next beach and it would not be too good to continue to a ‘textile’ beach while naked.

This was a good time to stop, take a pee and walk back the other way. I stopped and sat along the little cliff. I had no towel to sit on but I’d take a little splash in the ocean when I was done if I was too sandy. But then I noticed there was a woman, a very white, red haired woman still walking up the beach behind me. She was still two hundred feet away. I could see she was carrying a beach towel and a bottle of suntan oil. I tried to pee but the flow would not start. I guess it was that same old ‘can’t-do-it-when someone- is-in-the-room’ mental block. I would let the woman pass, obviously she was looking for a place to set down, (probably a little further down the beach) and sunbathe. I would pee after she passed. But she did not pass. She slowed down her pace before she went by me. She pretended she was looking at sea shells. She took a few more steps and was almost in front of me. She was wearing a thong. A thong before they were really popular. A thong that was waaaaaay too small for her ass. With a bigger butt, the thong makes it look even bigger. But, Oh my God… so sexy. At least to me. She stopped about 20 feet before she was directly in front of me. She picked up another shell. She turned, and bent over and picked up another. She glanced at me but did not acknowledge me. She stepped back and dropped her towel in the dry sand and dropped her sun block on the towel. She pushed her thong down and stepped out of it. And flipped it onto the towel with her toes. She went back to the waters edge and bent over to pick at another shell. She was beautiful! A power rushed over me in a wave of heat, I was dizzy. She had milky white skin and beautiful white breasts and raspberry nipples and red hair and was perfectly ‘kempt’ with a perfect butt (at least to me) and she was loitering and bending and crouching now not twenty feet away.

What was she thinking? What was she doing? Before I realized it, I was peeing. A strong powerful arc straight out in front of me. I guess I relaxed or something inside of me let loose, I have no idea. She was watching me. She moved closer, and only watched. She crouched down not 10 feet in front of me. Neither one of us said a word or changed the expression on our faces. When I was done I squeezed hoping just a little more would come out. I did not want the feeling to end. But it did end. I wanted so bad to touch myself. But I wanted more to touch her, And more still for her to touch me. OH MY GOD I thought, puuleeease touch me! I want to touch you, I want to kiss you and rub you and ………..well you know the picture. Susan stood up, smiled and walked right up to me.
“I’ve wanted to meet you now for two years” she said. “Really” was the only thing I could mumble. “ I have been watching you and I adore your shape and your attitude” she said.. We talked for five or ten minutes and I have no idea what we said. I was dizzy. She went back the twenty feet or so and got her towel and sun block and returned to where we were sitting and flipped her towel open.. “Here, sit” she said as she sat on the towel and patted the spot next to her. She had a firm authoritive voice, but a beautiful voice. I started to move and as I raised to my knees she brushed the sand off my back, and my butt. And spent more time brushing my butt and the back of my legs. Her hands were warm and soft. I was still reeling and I was dizzy. We talked a little more. She told me how she watched me walk last year and where I sat and who I talked to and how she saw me pee and how she was fascinated with my free style and ,,,,and it just swarmed in my head. She was so sure of herself, and so beautiful. She was rubbing sun block onto my back and onto my neck and on my shoulders. Her hands were warm and tender and firm. And she was doing my arms and my chest and my breasts and my nipples. OH MY GOD… once again I thought I was in heaven. That felt sooooooooooo good. I felt like I was going to melt. “Do me” she said and handed me the tube of sunblock. I did her breasts first. And spent what seemed like minutes on her beautiful raspberry nipples., and the sides of her breasts and her underarms and her chest and her neck.
People were still walking the beach but most turned and walked back the other way before they reached us. But some were going to or coming from the textile beach to the South so we paused as they passed. We did not touch one another, or talk as they passed by . We just sat quiet. But after they passed we touched even harder. It is very difficult for me to explain to you. I guess unless you have been there yourself you would not understand. Remembering what happened and writing it down is almost as erotic as when it happened for me.

I am wet now. Soaking wet! I feel like a teenager on my first date where someone is stroking my crotch. I am aroused, I can feel myself swelling up and warm liquid oozing out between my soft, but erect lips. My panties are soaking wet and slippery, I slip my finger beneath my panties and touch myself; and feel the wetness and the warmth and bring my fingers to my face and I can smell the gentle odor of myself, and the taste, the warm soft slippery taste of me……………….egg drop soup from the Chinese Restaurant take out. I have always thought Egg Drop soup smells, feels and tastes like my own pussy! Or Susans pussy, But I did not know that then. Or at least right then.

Holy shit!....did I say that? Whoaa, sorry! But it does.

Susan and I rubbed each others nipples and softly held each others breasts for god knows how long. We did not kiss. We did not scream out and moan like in all the fake videos. We did not say a word. We did not even sigh. She put her hand flat over my crotch and ran her fingers between the beach towel on the sand and my pussy lips. I did the same to her as she knelt in front of me. Were both wet…. Super wet! I felt her finger go up into me and I did the same to her. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh I can’t explain it. I could feel the ridges inside her, her warmth, her hotness actually, her tightness and her contractions. We just stayed there, her kneeling in front of me and me sitting on the towel just hiked a bit to give her hand the freedom it needed to penetrate me, I could feel her finger moving around inside me. And then………and then I felt like I exploded from the inside out. One hundred times more that the best orgasm I ever had that time watching Dawn. I could not stop shaking.
It is impossible to explain the feeling. At the same time I felt a whoosh of warm liquid rush over my wrist and forearm from deep within Susan, She said nothing. I said nothing. We did not scream and moan like in the videos. We just held one another and squeezed one another. When it was over I was compelled to hold my hand over my face and mouth and nose and smell her and taste my fingers…………..ohhhhhhhhhh my god!
I almost can’t go on telling you the rest. I had to stop and dry myself off and fix another drink… a gin and tonic with mint leaves….. If I were a straight young woman this is the time I would say FUCK ME… fuck me hard, fuck me deep, fuck me with the biggest cock in the room. Ahhhhh, but I am not straight and I am no longer young.

Susan and I walked back to the main beach. By the time we got there we were acting like just two friends. We exchanged phone numbers and met for dinner at the Bridgewater Mall a few nights later. We kissed in the parking lot when we left.
I left as a lesbian.

We dated and someday, if you like I will tell you about those dates.
I rented my condo out and moved into Susan’s house. We lived there for seven years as a couple. And then one day I realized she was an executive and I was a shit schmuck. She had tired of me. It was no longer fun. It was inevitable. I moved to Arizona (probably thinking about Ed but I never knew his last name so that was silly.) I have been here in Arizona for a few years and love it. But no Ocean! Dammit
I finally sold my condo back in New Jersey so I am heading back there to clean it out and close……..I will be gone for a few weeks.
This was my story………………………..Lori ( Roberta!)

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