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BBW Wife's Gangbang

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Story title : BBW Wife's Gangbang

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BBW Wife's Gangbang (M+/F, bbw, wife, voy, intr, orgy)
By BBW lover (address withheld by request)


A wife intends to cheat on her man only to find out that
she's in for much more than she imagined when his buddies
show up for and party with her.


She had her hair done which was what put me on to her,
she never has it done and she looked good, I then found
sexy underwear she had bought hidden in our wardrobe
with of all things a G-string which she swore she would
never wear for me claiming her ass was too big which was

We had been having trouble for a while now ever since
she found out I had been fucking my sectary, she made me
fire her and swear I would never do it again which I
did. My wife was fat and didn't much like herself which
meant we almost never had sex, I found her sexy but she
just hated sex so it was once a month if I insisted.

Now I knew she wanted revenge and as I was going away
she was planning it for that weekend asking me to drop
the k**s off at her mums house before I left town. I was
a mess, I wanted to confront her so badly but I knew she
would just say it wasn't true and open up the whole
sectary thing again, instead I decided I would come back
and see what she was up to. She went to work at the same
time I left with the k**s saying have a good trip and to
call her early as she would be going to bed early, I was
mad with rage but hide it well.

I dropped the k**s off and returned to the house to find
a hiding spot where I could catch her out later, the
sitting room had a large wardrobe where we kept stuff
with just enough room for me after I removed some stuff,
I tried it out and found I could keep the door open
enough to see the kitchen and sitting room no problem.

After that it was a matter of waiting for her to get
home, which she did at 6 as always, I was in my hide
hole and heard her go upstairs and run a bath. An hour
later she came into the sitting room all dressed up but
not like she normally does, this time she was searing a
short skirt and what looked like stockings with her high
heel shoes. The skirt was too small making her ass look
huge and her tits where crammed into an old shirt she
never wore as it too was too small.

She had a ton of make up on and I was wondering where
she was off to tonight to need such an outfit but I was
answered quickly as the doorbell rang. She almost ran to
answer it and I heard a deep voice from the hall and
then this huge black man walked into the sitting room,
he was younger than me and fucking huge with wide
shoulders and huge hands.

I watched as he held my wife in his arms and kissed her
in the middle of the sitting room, he ran his hands down
to squeeze her big ass and she pressed her body to his
loving it. She never likes me to touch her ass saying it
only make her feel bigger but here she was wriggling
about as he mauled her ass. When they broke away she
said in a sweet voice, "Ooh Leroy I'm so glad you came,
I've made a nice meal and I have some wine."

He grunted and pulled her back to kiss her again. She
broke away and said again in that sick voice, "Leroy,
you can wait until after we eat cant you."

He didn't look happy and said in a threatening voice, "I
didn't come here to eat."

She looked pained and a little uneasy. "I know but I
need to relax a little, it's the first time I've ever
done this," she said meekly.

"Listen lady, you asked me to come here to party with
you, now you where all for it yesterday what's up?" he
asked getting impatient.

She leaned up and kissed him with her mouth wide open I
could see her push her tongue into his mouth from where
I was and I wanted to leap out and stop her but to be
honest I was a little scared of the guy. He kissed her
hard right back and used both hands to squeeze her ass
tugging her skirt up enough to show me that she was
wearing stockings, the bitch would never wear them for
me saying she was not a whore.

When they broke away she said she would get diner ready
but he told her to stay where she was and started to
open his jeans, I was only a foot away and had a side
view of his cock as it came into view. Holy Christ it
was huge, a long black pole hanging down semi erect it
looked like it was made of rubber with a shin to it, my
wife actually gasped when she saw it and backed up a
little scared, this made me glad.

I was happy she was scared and I wanted her to be sorry
she brought this man to our house. He grinned at her and
lifted it up in his large hand tugging the foreskin back
to expose a huge purple knob.

"This is really why you invited me here lady, my big
black cock," he said laughing and jerking off slowly.
His cock was growing getting bigger and bigger. "Now I
want you to forget diner, the only thing your eating
tonight is my cock now get on your knees."

He pointed to the floor before him. She was staring at
his cock and looking scared as hell now, she never sucks
my cock saying she hates the taste and hates the
humiliation of it but this guy didn't look like he was
asking, he was telling.

Sure enough when she hesitated he took a step towards
her and grabbed her arm roughly, she backed away and
said quickly, "Wait a minute, give me a moment
sweetheart." He relaxed his grip but held her arm.

I watched in horror as she tugged her skirt up a little
then squatted down in front of the giant with her legs
open and her stocking clad legs on show. She reached up
and wrapped her hand around his shaft lifting it up near
her mouth, the bl**d was rushing through my body and I
was shaking with anger and rage but too scared to move.

He hand looked so small with his cock in it and when she
moved her head closer the contrast of his black skin
against her white round face was mesmerising, there was
no way she could get his whole cock in her mouth and at
first she stuck out her tongue and started licking his
cock around the knob. He moaned and grinned down at her
letting her do the work she licked his cock from balls
to tip then took the first two inches into her mouth
closing her red lips around it and sucking her cheeks

The fucking slut was sucking his cock I could not
believe it and worse she was on her knees in the most
humiliating position possible, this is exactly what she
hated about blow jobs. He humped his hips forward and
she took more of his shaft reaching up and cupping his
huge balls in her hand and massaging them.

I heard her moan as if she was enjoying this and again I
almost burst out of my hiding place. He too groaned and
humped faster so she was now letting him fuck her mouth
taking a good 5 or 6 inches in her mouth.

"Yeah babe, that's it suck my cock," he groaned at her
and to me horror she increased her pace liking his

Her massive tits where swaying as she took his cock and
even her huge ass wobbled a little, his cock was shiny
now from her mouth and when he pulled her off it she
looked up at him like some kinda porn star licking her

"Take off you clothes slut, let me see your fat ass," he
growled at her. I thought, 'here it comes, she's not
going to like that.' But I was wrong again. She pulled
her top off from where she was then stood up and tugged
down her skirt to stand before him in her panties, bra
and stockings. Her belly was hanging down but dressed
like she was it looked good and I could tell by the way
this Leroy was jerking off that he liked it too.

She reached back and unclasped her bra letting it fall
and letting her huge tits flop down too, when she
reached down to unhook her stockings he stopped her
saying, "No leave the stockings they make you look like
a real whore."

She smiled and nodded then hooked her fingers into her
panties and pulled them down. She was now naked except
for the shoes and stockings her belly and tits hanging
down obscenely, you couldn't even see her pussy as her
belly hide it form view, But it didn't matter the guy
must have liked it as he told her to turn around.

She turned slowly letting him see every detail of her
fat body unashamed by it for once and when she had her
back to him he asked her to bend forward so he could see
her ass, she did it bending forward to face me letting
her tits swing forward and offering him her wide flabby
ass to look at.

He whistled and said, "Ooh yeah baby, I'm gonna fuck you
like that later now get your fat slut ass over here and
sit on my nigger cock." She turned back to him but not
before I saw the look of pure lust in her eyes, I
watched her dimpled fat ass wobble as she walked over to
where he sat on my sofa with his cock now fully erect
and at least 10 inches.

She bent over and took it in her mouth again giving me
the view he just had of her ass and to be honest it
looked fucking hot. Her ass might be huge but bent over
like that I could just see myself fucking her, it was
enough to make me forget my anger for a moment and to
see that my own cock was rock hard.

She didn't suck him for long as he wanted to fuck her
telling her to hurry up, I watched as she swung her
chunky leg over his outstretched legs and then lower her
ass down to where his cock waited. He had it in one hand
and used his free hand to pull her down to it, when his
cock touched her pussy she moaned out loud and stopped
with her ass quivering, he humped his ass up and buried
about half his shaft into her making her moan out even
louder screaming the house down, it must have hurt her
and the simple fact made me harder.

"Ooh God wait your too big. Ooh shit!!" she screamed.

It was true, his cock was stretching her pussy so much
it must have hurt like hell, I could see her lips
stretched tightly around his black shaft but he pushed
on relentlessly.

"OOOOhhh GODDDD, OOOh Christ your splitting me in
half!!" she said in a high pitched voice in real pain
but he humped harder until unbelievably he had his whole
10 inches imbedded into her wet pussy. He stopped once
he was there and they both stayed still while she got
used to having such a huge cock inside her. A minutes
passed where I could see that he was sucking on her
nipples and squeezing her swinging breasts while
rotating his hips so his cock stretched her pussy from
side to side she was whimpering and moaning.

Then she started to lift her giant ass up off his cock
and started to ride his shaft, she moved up and down
slowly making his cock wet with her pussy and moaning
unashamedly, he gripped her flabby hips and helped her
get so power into the trusts and before long she was
really fucking him pumping her flabby ass up and down
his shiny cock and moaning out loud, "Ooh my God that's
so fucking good, Ooh shit yeah I'm coming right now,"
she panted. "Yeah make me come with your big cock I love

She went nuts bouncing up and down taking his whole cock
now with relative ease her pussy stretched beyond
anything she had ever experienced and wetter from the
looks of it too, she came for a good two minutes while
he dug his fingers into her hips and pounded upwards at
her trusting cunt.

"Ooh yeah baby that's a good slut fuck my nigger cock,
fuck it," he grunted pounding faster. "White nigger
loving whore, go on do it baby fuck that cock," he
snarled at her. She went completely nuts bouncing up and
down now so hard his cock was coming out of her slippery
hole with each trust.

He then grabbed her roughly and rolled her over beside
him and got between her open legs, he started pounding
his monster cock into my wife now so hard I could hear
the slapping sounds as he banged into her and she was
coming non stop.

"YES! YES!! YES OOH!!! Y-yes fuck me give me your black
cock! OOH God!! I love it YES!!!" she screamed, her tits
and belly flopped up and down obscenely and he mauled
both with his large hands.

The sofa looked like it light break from the pressure as
it banged against the sitting room wall and her legs
where up in the air getting jerked up and down like a
rag doll. I pulled my cock out and jerked off still
angry but too excited to care now, my wife was acting
like a complete slut and I was loving the show.

"I'm gonna come baby, I'm gonna come now," he grunted.
She told him to fill her pussy. At the last moment he
pulled out and stood back up, "Get your whore mouth up
here bitch and swallow my spunk!" He commanded. And the
slut jumped up like a dog in heat and swallowed his cock

He pumped his shaft into her mouth a couple of times
then I saw his black ass clench and I knew he was
filling her mouth for the first time with come, she
gagged and made slurping sounds but he carried on
pumping his cock in to her mouth making sure she got the
lot. I came too inside my hiding hole and watched them
both collapse on the sofa breathless.

After a few minutes she got up to go to the bathroom and
Leroy pulled out his cell phone, I listened as he said
hello to some one then in shock I heard him say, "Yeah,
come on over, she can handle it don't worry and besides
her asshole old man is away so what's she gonna say." He
laughed at whatever the guy said and hung up putting his
phone away.

When she came back she was still naked and smiling like
a cat. "Come here and clean my dick bitch, clean your
pussy juice off it," he said in a mean voice.

She finally spoke up for herself, "Leroy you don't have
to be so nasty."

That was a mistake, he jumped up naked and slapped her
across the face she screamed and fell back a little but
he had her again twisting her arm painfully until she
dropped down to the floor before him. He pressed her
face to his cock and she had no choice but to suck it,
so she did.

"That's it bitch, when I say do something you better do
it or you'll be sorry," he snarled down at her pulling
her head up and down his semi erect cock.

She moaned and slurped but did as he asked sucking and
licking his cock clean, I should have jumped out and
saved her known full well that there where some other
men coming to the house to gangbang my poor wife but I
was still mad at her and secretly wanted to see it

Leroy's cock was now hard once again and my wife was
sucking it now on her own lapping away at it when he
released her hair she carried on sucking it making the
slutiest sounds ever like some fucked up porn star. It
got me angry again and I then wanted to see her gang
fucked, my wish was about to be answered as the doorbell
rang just then.

My wife looked up in shock with a look of worry and her
face saying, "Who can that and be?" Then she got up to
look for her dressing gown but Leroy told her to wait.

"Answer the door naked bitch I know who it is."

She looked at him confused asking what he was talking
about. He laughed and said he was expecting some friends
and she still didn't get it, mean while the bell rings
again. He got pissed and dragged her up onto her feet
saying, "Listen slut, you're my whore tonight and if I
say answer the door buck naked you do it otherwise your
gonna be real sorry."

She jerked herself away from him saying he was crazy and
he slapped her again hard this time across the face, I
almost jumped out if I hadn't been so scared myself. He
gave up with her and went to answer the door himself
leaving her alone, she looked around helplessly for
something to wear but there was nothing except her shirt
and short skirt which she hurriedly put on making her
look more a slut then when she was naked.

We both heard voices in the hallway and then they all
walked into our sitting room four including Leroy and
all of them large and black. When they saw my wife they
all made comments and none where flattering to her "Man
another fat bitch," and "Fuck look at those tits."

Leroy was loving it showing her off like this he told
them to sit and then looked at my wife who was trembling
with fear. "Get your clothes of slut, your not gonna
need them for what your going be doing," he said.

They all laughed and my wife backed up terrified.

"Get them off now cunt, of I'll rip them off!" He
screamed at her making her jump and making the boys

My poor wife had to remove her clothing in front of
three strange men all which she knew she would have to
fuck, when she took her top off the boys whistled and
cheered her on and when she was naked Leroy told her to
get on her knees in the middle of the room.

"Ok boys line up so she can suck your cocks, don't worry
she can take whatever you got cant you baby?" He said
laughing. The lads all got up and removed their
clothing, they all had huge cocks just like Leroy and
two of them where hard already.

My poor wife was scared to look keeping her head pointed
at the carpet instead but the boys surrounded her and
she was f***ed to looked up at the four cocks pointing
at her. "Now suck slut," demanded Leroy offering her his

She had no choice and took his cock another took one of
her hands and placed it on his hard shaft and she
wrapped her fingers around it and started jerking it off
followed by another with her free hand. I watched from
my hiding hole as she went from one cock to the next
sucking each one for a minute while jerking off two

They mauled her swinging tits and some of them pushed
their hands between her legs to feel her pussy while she
blew them, "Man this bitch is sopping wet there here,"
said one. "You gagging for a nice hard cock in there
lady?" he asked her sucking head.

My poor wife was then brought over to the sofa where one
man sat down so she could suck his cock while another
rammed his cock into her from behind, they pounded her
hard like that sending her ass wobbling all over the
place, "Ooh yeah Leroy this bitch is hot," said the guy
fucking her. He was really slamming into her gripping
her soft hips and yanking her back at him.

She was moaning around the cock in her mouth and from
what I could see she was taking his whole cock down her
troth, the troth that would never suck my cock was now
deep-throating this huge black cock. "Come baby come, I
know your close," snarled the one fucking her. And as if
on command she let the cock in her mouth slip free and
howled out loud, "Ooh yes you fucker I'm coming! Ooh
fuck yeah!"

I don't know if she was really coming or if she was
trying to please the guys but the guy went crazy
pounding his large cock into her stretched cunt.
"YESSS!! Oh yes!! That's it... pound my pussy, fuck my
fat white pussy you fuck," she continued making him fuck
her harder still.

"Yeah baby come on my cock, come baby," he snarled out
of breath now, "Man the bitch is soaking my cock with
cunt juice," he said to his buddies.

"I'm coming too," said the one in her mouth and I
couldn't see but I heard her muffled cries as he emptied
his nuts into her mouth holding her head in place.
"Drink it slut, suck my spunk down!" he cried out.

Leroy sat down next to them with his cock pointing at
the roof jerking off slowly then he said "Get up here
cunt and sit on my cock" it was an order and the man
fucking her pulled out and helped her up. I could see
her pussy from behind now stretched open like never
before, she climbed up and swung her chunky leg over
Leroy and then lowered her pussy down onto his cock.

As she lowered herself down she moaned out breaking my
heart again, she was not faking it this time and all the
guys cheered and egged her on, she sank all the way down
and then knowing well that all eyes where on her she
started riding Leroy like a fucking horse really humping
up and down, she even lifted her own tits up and offered
them to his waiting mouth to suck on.

"Yeah baby ride that cock, ride it slut," he grunted.
"Tell me you like it baby tell me."

She flung her head back and cried out, "Ooh fuck yeah I
love it I love your black cock, fuck me like a whore!!"
She went nuts bouncing hard on his cock. Her tits
flopped about comically as she fucked him to an other
orgasm screaming the house down to the applause of the
other three men.

When she calmed down one of the guys came up behind her
and started feeling her flabby ass and even started
poking at her puckered asshole, she let him do it not
saying a word. Even after all our years together she
never let me touch her asshole and now she had a guy
fingering her tight hole while she bounced up and down
on a cock.

When the guy stepped up with his cock in hand she didn't
realize what he was up to until he pressed his cock to
her hole and then she cried out in shock and surprise.
"No, don't do that, I can't." Making them all laugh.

I saw Leroy pull her to him so her ass stuck out and
wrap his arms around her to hold her still while his
friend f***ed his monster cock up her ass, she screamed
out in pain and tried to buck backwards but only managed
to help him fuck her.

It took him a minute to work his cock into her ass while
she screamed and cursed like a wild woman "Ooh you
fuckers, no it hurts stop please stop!!" she howled but
they held her tight and carried on fucking her.

I watched as they both fucked their massive cocks into
both holes pumping in and out and after a while she
stopped crying and just leaned forward and let them have
her. They both came inside her pumping her full of hot
spunk filling her ass and cunt at almost the same time
and when they pulled away they where replaced by the
second two guys where also fucked her ass and pussy but
this time she didn't fight them.

In all, this little orgy lasted two hours and I watched
her take on all four men at least three times taking
come in her mouth ass and pussy, I too came three times
hidden in my spot. When they left she went to bed not
even showering and I slipped out and went to a hotel
near by.


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