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Sl**p-over at johnny's

"JanCarlos Rodriguez!!...come and eat"..i woke up as my mother yelled..went to sl**p late cuz my mom was bitchin at me cuz da kitchen wasn't clean yesterday round 11 pm. i brushed my teeth, did my hair nd went to eat. "pull dem pant up." .."ay ma. leave me alone", i sat down as my bestfriend joe, came trough da kitchen nd whispered "good morning sunshine" in my ear. i instantly got a hard on. he is so sexy i thought to my self. He had a wife beater on. i didnt want to eat so me and him left for school. after gym we went to da showers wit da boyz. They talked bout our school sluts. while i was in my locker changing, some one smacked me hard im my ass. It was johnny. "waddup johnny?". "nada., hey u wanna chill afta skool?".."um...sure". da bell rang and we went to his house
"srry. i invited ur friend joe to, we fonnna play sum xbox nd record sum raps.".."ok?.."
after we played nd recorded. johnny asked us both to stay over. i called ma momz. she said yea. so did joes. so were chillen. den johnny brings out a box collection of porn. so we watchin dat porn lik theres no hooked on it. i watch as johnny pulls out his big semi-hard dick and starts jackin off. in front of me nd joe . joe and i thought it was a signal for us to have a threesum, so me and joe started kissing. and johnny yells out "wadd da phuck???".. "wtf r u guys doin?" ...embarrrased by wat jusst happend we grabbed our stuff and headed torward da door. johnny come behind us quick and ask us if were gay.. we say no..were just bi-sexual. so johnny grabbes my hand and guide it toward his dick, and lead us to his room again. we got naked and started to jack each others dick.. but we took it further and johnny wanted to eat my hole. so he stuck his tongue out and lick my hole so good, he did circle motions wit his long tongue, then stuck it in ma hole. as he ate me , i sucked joes dick. den we switch joe was suckin me nd gettin his hole ramed by johnny's huge 9.5 cock. dis went on for lik 32 minutes, nd i was bout tu squirt ma juice. i squirted in joes face makin sure i filled his hot dimples wit ma seed. after i licked him clean. then johnny pulled out cuz he didnt want to cum in joe. so joe is fuckin da shyt outta me now. and decides to take off his condom and do it barebakk. den joe ram his dick hard up, and slid it out den ramed it up again till he came in ma inside. then johnny did the same. we drifted to sl**p.............
"JanCarlos, !!!!wat the hell is diss". "mami, its not wat it looks lik"......

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