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Angel & Beckys FUN Placer Mining-Day 7-part 2

About 9:00 the 2 of the last 4 boys came up & said the last 2 boys were getting
their cocks sucked clean finally. So some of us went back over to let the girls
down out of the trees. In 1 way or the other they had been hanging there for
about 7 hours by then. As we got close I saw that dad & 1 of the sons were now
getting 3rds in Angel & Becky & the other son had Angel sucking his cock, so we
waited for them to finish. This meant that all together this session the girls
had each been fucked in both their holes a total of 23 or 24 times. That gave
them a grand total for today of about 43 fuckings each & they still had to ride
home sitting on a cock in them for another 1 1/2 hours yet.

We went up to the girls & I had 2 boys take each 1 of them & hold them up while
Carl & me & the 2 sons untied them from the trees & then we laid them down in
the again cum covered pine needles under them so they could rest a few minutes
& get feeling back in their legs before we took them back across the river.
However this time neither 1 of them enjoyed getting washed off of the pine
needles much. It was well after dark & a lot colder having to dip themselves in
the river. They both were shivering so badly that we wound up carrying them
back to the camp area so they could get by the heaters & warm up a bit before
we headed home.

As the girls were sitting there getting warm I asked Angel if she enjoyed this
last bit of tree hanging that SHE suggested. She said " At 1st YES, but when
you & Carl took over flogging our cunts those last 2 times each hard I hated
it. Those hurt like hell & keeping from screaming out was almost impossible to
do, but I did NOT want even more of that. However once you guys repositioned us
& started fucking me again it was worth it I guess, because my cunt was really
ready for some cock. I started climaxing almost immediately, even having my
asshole fucked was great too. The only part of that I did not enjoy was the
swinging back & forth so long. My wrists are killing me now from the strain
they took. However ALL the rest of that was fun, even sucking off the guys that
had just fucked Becky. The only part of that I was surprised by was just how
easily I got the guys cocks down my throat with my head hanging back like that.
THAT really was fun being fucked in both ends at the same time & swinging back
& forth on 2 cocks in each end of me. Even when the guys in either my cunt or
my asshole traded holes I was still cumming like crazy the whole time, but I
did lose track of just how much I was fucked after awhile." Becky then
replied " I'm like Angel. I totally hated when you & Carl flogged my cunt but
there was NO WAY I was going to scream & get even more of that. Sex wise though
this whole week was FANTASTIC. I'm relatively new to gangbanging in relation to
Angel but now I wish I had of started sooner. I have climaxed more this week
than I have totally the last 10 years & like Angel during that last session of
fucking I think I was in a continous state of climax from shortly after the 1st
guy started fucking me to the last guy finishing off in me. I thoroughly loved
it ALL. But, my wrists hurt too from the strain on them. However I am willing
to do it again, just not real soon.

About then the last boys came & told us they had their stuff loaded so we all
headed to the pickups to leave. I had the boy with the 14 in cock get in the
middle of the front seat & told Angel to get on the floor & suck him hard as
the rest of us got in. Carl took off 1st to unlock the gate & just about the
time we passed him at the gate I told Angel to climb on the boy in the middle &
shove him in her asshole for the ride back. I looked over at the other truck &
saw that Becky was also sitting on the middle boy too, but no idea of which
hole he was in.

It took us about 45 minutes to get to Auburn & I had told Carl that we were
going to stop at AM/PM for gas. Angel however was totally surprised when I
pulled in there. She was sitting up high enough for anyone to easily see her
bare tits with a boys cock in her asshole & her legs open facing the passenger
window so that if anyone looked in they also could easily tell that too because
her cunt was in full view & IT was empty. I told her to stay there too while we
went inside for some snacks & coffee & to prepay for our gas. The only ones
that stayed in the pickup were her & the boy inside her & the other boy beside
her keeping her legs open. I looked over & saw that Becky was still in full
view as well. Luckily for the girls it was about midnight & only 3 or 4 other
cars were there. When we came back out to pump our gas I saw 2 guys taking a
good look at Angels tits from the aisle next to us. I just told them to come
over & get a closer look, they might enjoy the view. 1 of them when he saw how
Angel looked up close just said "Damn, is that guys cock in her ass?" Angel
just raised herself up a couple of inches & showed him that indeed it was. Then
he said "That is great. I wish my girlfriend would ride like that." About then
I had finished pumping gas & said " sorry guys, the show is over, hope you
enjoyed it though." The 1 guy responded "Yea, a NICE show, & a great little
whore putting it on too." To which Angel replied " I'm NOT a whore, These guys
have been fucking me all week for FREE & I have LOVED it too." The guy then
said "I'm sorry for saying that. I wish I had of been 1 of these lucky guys
then. You look great with your tattoos, shaved pussy & with a cock in your ass.
Thanks for at least letting us see you like that." Angel just said "apology
accepted & you're welcome." as I drove away.

Right after we got on the freeway I told Angel to get off the 1 boy & suck him
off the rest of the way & to then get the boy by the window hard so that she
could sit on him the rest of the way home & make it even easier for some
truckers to see her naked. I had her get on him with his cock in her ass too &
put her legs on the outside of his so that she was spread open for viewing &
completely full of his 12 inch cock. Angel rode the rest of the way home like
this giving a few dozen truckers & even a few others a nice view of her.

When we got to Carl & Beckys I told her to stay where she was until they got
there to open the house up while the rest of us got the boys stuff out of the
pickup. We were parked at the curb in front of their house too. It was about 5
minutes later when Carl pulled in the driveway & Becky got out & walked to
their door naked to unlock & open the door. Then Angel started to get off the
boy in her asshole but I stopped her. Then I asked the boy in her asshole to
carry her to the porch mounted on him still. When they got to the porch he
helped her put her feet down & then she got off him & walked to their door to
go inside.

After we got everything unloaded we all went inside for the boys to tell the
girls goodbye. I then found out that Becky had ridden home just like Angel,
with a cock in her asshole & even in more view than Angel because she was
taller. Angel & Becky were standing naked just inside the doorway waiting for
us. The boys started to say goodbye & thanks for the fantastic time the girls
had given them when Angel popped up & said " You guys aren't leaving yet. Us
riding home with cocks buried in our asses has made Becky & me both horny for
some more. At least fuck us 1 more time before you leave." The boys did NOT
need another invitation. All 10 of them quickly got naked as Angel & Becky each
laid belly down over an arm of their couch. 1 boy started fucking each of them
while another 2 boys kneeled on the couch in front of them to get their cocks
sucked. Then they took over fucking the girls as another 2 boys got in position
to get sucked too. Also the 2 boys that had just fucked them went around to the
other girl so that she could also lick their cocks clean. So now the girls had
1 guy fucking them as they sucked or licked on 2 other cocks. This continued
until all 10 boys had fucked 1 of them both again.

After the boys got redressed again & had again thanked the girls I told Angel &
Becky to step out on the porch with the boys cum dripping out of them to give
each boy a goodbye & thank you kiss. However I was nice enough to not turn on
the porch light, but the light coming out through the open door did illuminate
the girls naked glory quite well anyway. It did take them about 5 minutes for
them both to give each boy a kiss & a hug goodbye, during which 1 car did drive
by the house & they did see the girls too because they honked as they passed
by. Angel just waved at them too. Then the girls continued to stand on the
porch as the boys got their stuff & had left before they came back inside.
Angel just said to me Damn you for making us stand out there, BUT, it was kind
of exciting when that car drove by & honked their approval. Besides the boys
got a kick out of it so that made it OK."
Carl then said " Hey, it is late & we do still have some things to put away in
the garage, why don't you 2 just spend the night here." I said "OK, but on 2
conditions. 1, the girls have to stand in the garage naked as we unload the
pickups. 2, You have to sl**p with your cock in Angels asshole & me with mine
in Beckys." Carl replied "OK, that sounds good to me." We did not even give the
girls a chance to say anything about this either. Carls garage was fairly well
lit during the about 15 minutes it took us to unload everything out of the
pickups & carry it in through his open garage door with the girls standing
there in full view for us while we did this. Luckily for them no one else drove
by during all this time though because they were also still dripping cum too.

We did have a nice nights sl**p too after we all took a shower together before
going to bed.

Just in case anyone was keeping count; Over the 7 days of this adventure the
girls had both been fucked by 28 different guys over 325 times EACH. That is a
LOT of cock in them & a whole lot of CUM they drank as well...

End of story

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