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Tricked into bi-threesome

Last week, I was out in a big city in the UK. we had a few drinks with workmates and chatted with locals in the bars. Towards the end of the evening, i found myself talking with an older but good looking woman - probably about late-40's. She was called Stacey. As my friends drifted away, i realized that there was just me and her left on our own chatting. The talk just got dirtier and dirtier and then she mentioned she was in town on business and invited me back to her hotel.

Well i didn't need a second invite!We went up to her room to find she was booked in with her partner who was waiting for us in the room. He said they were married - he was called Dave and loved a threesome and did this regularly with Stacey picking up a man to bring back. before i knew what was happening she was stripped off and giving me a magic blowjob. dave sat watching and stroking his dick. Stacey asked me to go down on her and with my face buried in her cunt, i suddenly felt the blowjob re-starting. Unless she had 2 mouths, i realized that this mouth was not hers.

i ask you, guys - what would you do? i was past caring by now and up for anything. when they saw that, Stacey sat back with three fingers up herself and watched us two guys 69ing. Now i know what cum tastes like but this was the first time I'd had it on draft! we both unloaded into each other's mouths at the same time and had our mouths licked out by the wife!

I tried to get a phone number but she said they had a "onceonly" rule to avoid complications. Anyone else met them?

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