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Young and horny work place fun

My first job out of university was in an office that had a real mix of young, old, females and males.
I was only 21 at the time and most of the guys in the office would head down to the local bar after work and have a few. Sometimes too many.
This was a daily ritual.
Occasionaly a few of the women from the office would join use.
As one of the youngest in the mix and horny all the time I would try my best to get one of the ladies in bed.
The first was a beautiful young one that had the most fantastic body you can imagine. We hit it off right away and we went back to her place.
We talked a bit, but we were faily pissed, so hitting the sack happened fast.
We removed our clothes and fuck was she built. Great tits, prefect pussy, wonderful curves and did I mention she had an young c***d? No I didn't.
I went for that beautiful pussy and the taste so great. Her tits were more then a handful and she had extremely sensitive nipples that drove her over the edge when I sucked and licked them. Her pussy was so wet, dripping wet.
She in turn went down and sucked my cock like it was her last meal.
I was in heaven and so was she.
We fucked the night away and in the wee small hours cumming multiple times, then I went home for a couple hours of sl**p.
The great thing was that after the first fucking, I could call her any time and come over and we would fuck all night.
Then it got a little complicated.
I got transfered to a different branch in the same city and started fucking a different co- worker. She wasn't anything special but a fuck was a fuck.
She had two k**s, saggy tits, but she could work her cunt like a machine. It was like a milking machine and we both had pleasure doing each other over and over again. She also loved to have me cum in her mouth and she wouls swallow.
At the time kissing her after words was abit of a at first, but after all, she was tasting her own pussy and me my cum. Tit for tat.
So now I have two at work to fuck when I want to.
Well then came a third. She was the company slut. She would fuck any one and every one, but she was really good at it.
I could call her anytime and we would get together and eat, suck, fuck. Indoors, outdoors, anywher and go home.
This was paridise. Having 3 women to have great sex with any night of the week.
Some times good things have to come to an end.
On a particlular weekend I met this absolute knock out girl. I took it slower with her, but eventually we go naked and what was thrill.
She had everything you could want. Great looking, hugh tits, sweet pussy and a very nice person.
As I was still doing the ladies from work during the week, I saw this new one on the weekends only. Fucking 3 women during the week and one on the weekend was my dreams come true.
At the company Christmas party I made the dicision to take the weekend girl to the party and that was a Big mistake at the time. I thought I was going to be hung up by my balls. Two of my week day girls approached me and asked what the fuck I was doing. I explained the best I could.
When the dust settled, I had to make the choice and I did.
I went with the weekend girl with no regrets.
Suprisingly enough, both of the girls that gave me shit, both apolgize the next week. I could have continued my multiple fucking ways, but I didn't or I woul lose the best of them all.
This isn't as explicide as most would want, but it worked for me.
After 30 years, I'm still fucking that sweet pussy and playing with those great tits and still get out to do all kinds of kinky adventures.
What more could a person ask for?

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