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Fun Times with Friends on Saturday, April 3, 2010

Fun Times with Friends on Saturday, April 3, 2010

Chapter One

I’ve been thinking about it ever since he called. “Hi babe. How are you doing?” he said in that low sexy voice of his. I checked the caller ID for his name and then I knew for sure that it was him. “Oh, Eric, hello lover, I’ve missed you very much,” I said in return, wishing that I would’ve thought of something more clever or enticing to say. Eric continued, “Hey, I’m going to be in town this weekend and I was wondering if you’d like me to drop by. It’s been such a long time.” “Oh, I know. How about Saturday night at 7 o’clock,” I ventured, hoping he’d say yes. “Yeah, that’s perfect,” he said. “I have an afternoon meeting and a late lunch / early supper with a client, but then I’m free for the rest of the night. So, I’ll see you at seven, and I’ll bring a bottle of wine.” “Great, I can’t wait to see you again. Thanks for calling sweetheart, bye bye,” I said as I hung up the phone. “Wow, Eric called! I can’t believe it,” I thought to myself as I looked around the room, feeling kind of shell shocked. “Just when I thought that I was going to have a quiet, boring weekend……….wow, this is going to be so much better!”

Eric is a very athletic, hard-bodied man in his mid-thirties. He is always impeccably well-groomed. He looks like he gets weekly haircuts and his beard is always neatly trimmed. He has this big radiant smile that always makes me feel really good inside. He has all the right sized bulges in all the right places too. And now that I come to think of it, I don’t believe that I’ve ever seen Eric wear any clothes except for a suit and tie. His clothes look so good on him that they must be custom-tailored. To say the least, Eric always looks like a million bucks.

I had a lot to do before Eric showed up and my mind was racing with all of the details. I spent a lot of time that Friday night picking up and cleaning up around my place. It’s funny how all those little things can add up after a while. I like to think of myself as a pretty neat and tidy girl but then I guess it’s the little things that catch up to you in the long run. My house was a mess and the last thing that I wanted to do on a Friday night, especially after a long session at the gym, was clean house! But I started in on it and thinking about Eric’s arrival the next day helped me keep my mind off the dirty work that I was doing. That and a little Motley Crue and Guns N’ Roses blasting away loudly on the stereo. Oh shit, I had to remember to change the sheets and the bedding too…..Should I use some of the silk sheets or not? When I finished up it was late. I had a crappy little pre-made frozen margarita all by myself out on the deck in the dark and then I went off to bed.

I awoke pretty early on Saturday morning and I goofed off as usual. I didn’t have to go to work on the weekend. I was going to go for an early walk but I decided instead to just hang around the place. I had a little breakfast, fed my cats, and then got online at this porn site that I’ve been posting to lately. You know me, I’ll do just about anything for a thrill. I always end up staying on-line too long when I go to this site. I must admit that the photos, videos, and especially the chatting makes me very horny. I like talking to the women that are on-line most of all, but the men are the aggressive ones and I have dozens of messages from them to wade through nearly every day. I write them pornographic responses that get them all worked up. It makes me hot just thinking about them, probably masturbating while they read what I write. Maybe that’s just the flirt in me coming out once again.

Finally I broke free from the computer and took off for the store. I had errands to run and I was running out of time. First I went to this fancy wine and cheese shop across town and bought a couple of bottles of French Champagne. I wanted the real thing; some actual champagne and not just another sparkling wine from who knows where. Mumm’s Cordon Rouge Brut it was called . I got some nice Brie cheese and some Russian Beluga caviar. Plus I found some of those little cracker-like things, blinis I think they call them, that you can serve caviar on. Thank goodness that I already had all the silver and crystal that I would need at home because this was getting expensive! Then I stopped at the florist on the way home and bought three dozen roses with all the accompanying greenery and baby’s breath and so forth. I had vases at home already. Finally done with errands, I drove home to put together the last finishing touches.

After feeding my cats and then locking them in the basement for the night, I placed the caviar into a silver bowl and arranged it in an ice bath to keep it properly cool.. I arranged the blinis to the side on a silver platter and peeling back the rind, I put the brie on a small wooden cutting board with some spreading knives and spoons. I arranged a few small china plates and my little, tiny, silver caviar spoons with small napkins, folded and creased diagonally. I wiped water spots from some of my crystal stemware champagne flutes and set them on the breakfast bar next to the other items. I only have one ice bucket for wine so I prepared one of the bottles of champagne in the bucket with some ice and a towel and sat it next to all the other stuff. I put the other bottle of champagne in the fridge for later. Shit, I still had to take care of the flowers! I cut stems and arranged the flowers into six different vases, placing them strategically throughout the living room, kitchen, dining room, and bedroom of my house. They looked and smelled great! “Things are looking really good,” I remember thinking to myself. I dimmed the lights and put some smooth jazz on the stereo. I remembered to light a few candles around the place. “Not bad,” I thought.

Always one to push the envelope as far as I can and still get away with it, I returned to the computer one last time. Yeah, I know, I was pushing my luck. Checking my messages I saw that several of my guys had responded to my messages so I wrote them back again. I was beginning to get really horny now. I excused myself from the messaging, watched a couple of porn video clips just to further stoke the fire, and then at last I stepped into the bathroom to finally get ready for my lover.

I showered and shaved and really cleaned myself up well. Certain precautions were necessary for what I was anticipating later on. Toweling off, I kept my hair wrapped in a damp towel while I worked on the rest of myself. After I got my makeup right, I fixed my hair with a blow dryer and a curling iron. I could touch things up a little bit later if I needed to. I put on a black lace garter belt and carefully pulled on a pair of black, back-seamed hose. I set the garter belt clasps in front and in back to hold my hose in place. I like to wear my hose up really high on my thighs. It makes my legs look even longer than they are. Last of all, I stepped into a pair of black patent leather spiked heels. Standing in the bathroom I checked myself out in the full length mirror. Wearing what I had on with nothing else made me look pretty sexy if I might say so myself. I felt very feminine in the lace and I felt very whorish with nothing else covering me up. “What a perfect combination,” I thought as I walked across my bedroom to my walk in closet. “I won’t have to wear any other undergarments at all.” I removed a little black dress from its hanger and slowly wiggled and worked my way into it. It was tight, short, and low-cut and I knew that it would arouse Eric the moment he saw me in it. A little make up and hair repair and I was ready. One last check in the mirror. You could see my nipples against the fabric of my dress and its hemline barely covered my ass cheeks. I put on a diamond necklace, tennis bracelet, and earrings. Now just a little perfume. Back to the mirror again one last time. Perfect.

Well, as it turns out, I wasn’t ready any too early because as I walked from my bedroom toward the kitchen, the doorbell rang. I passed a window on the way to the door and saw Eric’s automobile in the driveway. I hurried across the room the best I could in those heels, and pausing for just a second with my hand on the doorknob, I opened the door. “Hi beautiful,” Eric said to me, grinning that wonderful smile of his. True to form, he was all decked out in his tailored suit and everything. What a gentleman and what a stud! “Hi baby,” I said back to him as we hugged and embraced in the doorway. After a second or two, or maybe five or ten, I loosened my arms around him and kissed him on the lips. His lips parted and we French kissed like two teenagers at the movies. I could feel his breathing speeding up and I reached around behind him and grabbed both of his ass cheeks in my hands. He stopped kissing me and smiled at me again. “Marilyn, I think that you’ve been setting a trap for me,” he said quietly, still smiling. “Would I do that?“ I whispered back to him, gently nibbling at his earlobe. With him still standing just outside the doorway, I slowly bent at my knees and hips until my head was just in front of the zipper on his slacks. “No way! Out here? Come on, Marilyn…..” Eric said in disbelief as I undid his fly and reaching inside, took his growing erection from his pants and sucked it right into my mouth.

I put one of my hands into his fly and fondled his balls while I ran my tongue around his cockhead in my mouth. My other hand was still on his ass and I kneaded his tight buttocks between my fingers while I sucked him off. I could feel the sunlight against my cheek as I worked him deeper into my mouth and then into my throat. “Oh fuck, I can’t believe this is happening,” Eric said, trying to maintain some composure in an impossible situation. “Oh fuck yes,” he exclaimed as I took his entire length into my mouth and throat. I held it there for a few seconds, letting him feel the full pleasure of me deep-throating his entire erection. I could feel him pulsating in my throat and my pussy was beginning to drip onto the floor between my legs. My skirt had ridden up and was now up by my hips. My ass and my pussy were exposed. Slowly I back ed off his now fully erect and marvelous length until just his cock head was still in my mouth and then I moved forward again until I’d taken in his entire length back into my throat.

Back and forth now, quickening the pace, I sucked him off with a vengeance. I wanted my just reward. I wanted my first mouthful of hot cum and I was going for it. I took my one hand away from his balls and grabbed his other ass cheek with it. I pulled him toward me with both hands as I sucked his length into my throat once again. “Oh shit, baby. I’m gonna cum right here on your front porch,” Eric declared loudly as he began to shake and stagger. He blew his first load into my mouth with such f***e that I thought I might gag. I pulled his cockhead from my mouth but kept my mouth open. Swallowing his first spew, he blasted another load into my mouth and I swallowed it as I sucked him back into my mouth. He came in three more huge spurts before he finally stopped and half-collapsed onto me and the doorjamb. I put my hand around his cock and pulled him from my mouth. A long ribbon of his semen hung in the air between his cock and my lips. I licked him clean with my tongue to get the last of his load. I milked his length into my mouth and lustfully swallowed anything that was left. Standing back up again, I kissed his mouth deeply with my tongue, swapping some of his delicious semen back into his mouth. “Let’s get inside before the cops come, baby,” I said to him and we half-walked and half-staggered over to a couch in my living room, our arms around each other, my skirt up around my waist, and his cum-dripping, half-erect cock still hanging out of his fly.

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