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Backstory to "Asians Like It Rough" vid:

xxx310: remember that video of us I said I made
yumi:No!! Lol video?!
xxx310: you dont be listenin man, I told you like twice... I even pointed to the camera. you was like "HUH"
yumi:Lol oh.... Lol I can't really listen anything while I'm getting fucked lol
xxx310: lol damn
xxx310: Ive had it like 4ever... I wondered why you never asked about it again
yumi: Lol u should've told me! Lol was it good?
yumi: U did tell me huh lol
xxx310: yes luv I did...twice...ehhh yea its good... its mostly my huge legz and ass pounding you into the mattress... want me to describe it?
yumi: Hahaaa omg lol Yea tell me lol could u jack off to it? Lol
yumi: Man I had no idea... Lol
xxx310: Hell yea... you would too!!! First I eat you out until you start doin that shivering thing... then you suck my dick all the way to the back of your throat...
xxx310: I wet it up again and split your legs open...
xxx310: slow shallow strokes in time witht the music in
yumi: Omg! Lmao
bloxxx310: eventually your legs end up next to your ears...
yumi: I'm not that flexible.... Lol
xxx310: umm yes you are..Wait til you see the video...I make you tell me you want it deeper... cuz the next thing I hear is you screaming "Deeper!"... I went deeper lol...
xxx310: then I flip you over on your feet I think
yumi: Yea I could play wit myself to that ... I can even jack off to that memory lol
yumi: I remember everything we did n I screamed a lot.... Lol
xxx310: I really used to fuck the shit out of you dude. When I look at how big I was, I have no idea how you could take that. I musta been at least two fifty... Theres one scream when Im hittin it from the back that made me laugh. I'll figure out a way too send it to you
sladabloxxx310: I wanna post it on website lol
yumi: Oh my fucking god lmao u did Well that's why I loved it!! lol that wild a****l sex lmao yea.... I loved it from the back.... Lol
yumi: Yea I need to see that lol
yumi: I liked to b treated rough by u...
xxx310: yea its hard thing to find
xxx310: If I post it you'd be able to see it instantly
yumi: Yea... where u gon post it? Lol I miss sucking ur cock
yumi: U never showed it to somebody have u? Lol
xxx310: Id title it "Asians like it Ruff" lol... Xhamster.. Really? why?... naw(*LiE), Im shy about who see's my ass... if it was the internet tho, nobody would kno its MY ass
xxx310: God your so sexy... I remember the first or second time we fucked for like twelve hours
yumi: Hahaaa lol u might as well find the way to sell it lol yea... My pussy got swollen next day lol
yumi: We sure did fucked a lot tho lol
xxx310: I loved it when that happens
xxx310: puffier it got the more I wanted it
xxx310: What you miss about sucking my dick tho
yumi: Hahaa omg U make me horny lol I just loved the taste n I liked that lil leak n twitching when I'm sucking
yumi: N harder It got in my mouth got me excited cuz its going in my pussy
yumi: Oh and I love tasting my cum on ur dick
xxx310: ha! thass crazy,,, didnt know I had a taste... you taste like strawberries...
xxx310: I liked when you came in mouth... I LOVED nutting on your face tho, you looked so hot
yumi: LoL! I liked getting cum on my face too lol
xxx310: really?
yumi: Yea lol
yumi: Cuz it just nasty! Lmao
xxx310: thats why your my dreamgurl... you had evrything I needed sexwise down-packed
xxx310: except the anal thing... but I think I was workin it in lol
yumi: LoL yea I think there is nothing I won't do now I kinda like the anal too but urs kinda fat so... Lol
xxx310: WHAT!?!
xxx310: since when?
Sayumi: Lol
xxx310: my dick is the perfect size for it by the way
yumi: Well a lot of guys like anal, I start doing it wit guys wit small dick lol n it wasn't that bad so lol
yumi: Well urs gon take lil time for me to get used to
xxx310: Told you so, punk! Hah!
xxx310: its fat at the tip, once I get the head in its the best... Ive made women cum out the ass. Ask around.
yumi: No but I always liked finger in my butt so small dick is just like lil fatter finger but urs is a DICK dick lol
xxx310: eh
yumi: Yea but I guess if u take time
xxx310: of course... wit lube... you almost let me put it in wit just pussy juice
yumi: U always made me cum so...
xxx310: man... you makin me wanna fly to japan
yumi: Lol yea u make me squirt too.. My whole body is so sensitive especially my clit n nipple
xxx310: I never got to see it, but we'll do more..Would you be mad if I posted the video?
yumi: No I bet nobody gon notice its me anyway lol
xxx310: Cool... cuz I kinda did it already
yumi: Haha ok lol [/video]

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