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A Married Man a Story of Casual Sex

I had been chatting with him for a week, his name was Robert, he was a local, middle aged married man. He likes girls like me and we both like dirty talk and sex. I had agreed to meet him in the parking area of the mall. I wore pink boy shorts (with my secret well tucked, I wouldn't want an unsightly bulge in mini skirt) and pink bra with inserts (they give me cute little a cup titties) suntan thigh highs, black mini skirt, a pink shell and black 4" ankle strap heels, pink lip gloss and eye shadow, pink nail polish and blond wig. It was dark when I pulled into the mall parking lot, he was parked at the far west end, I parked next to him and got into his car. He said he knew of a discreet place nearby we could park and not be bothered. It took about 5 minutes to drive there as we did I massaged the growing bulge in his pants, whispering in his ear how badly I wanted to suck his cock. He parked in the parking area of the local hiking trails and dog walk. I immediately unfastened his pants exposing his cut 6" thick cock, it was a very nice cock, as I stroked his cock it grew much bigger before sliding down into his lap, I licked, kissed and slobbered all over it.Taking it into my mouth I began to suck it swirling my tongue around the head before plunging down on it until my nose was buried in his pubes, his cock buried in my throat. He started to talk dirty to me as he ran his fingers through my hair and fucked my throat, telling me I was a slut, calling me a cocksucker, and that he knew a whore like me wanted him to cum in my mouth. I pulled off his cock long enough to lick and suck his balls and beg him to feed me his cum. He slipped his hand down the back of my panties as I continued sucking his cock, I could feel his finger push against my pussy then slide knuckle deep past my outer ring. He fingered me first with one then two fingers while I continued to suck his cock. I could feel the tell tale plumping and hear his heavy breathing and I knew he was close. He called me a slut telling me he was going to cum in my mouth as he frantically tried to fuck my mouth, but I held just his cock head in my mouth and worked it with my tongue as I squeezed his balls causing him to explode, I nursed on it as he filled my mouth with his hot cum, as I savored it he commanded me to swallow it calling me a little whore. I opened my mouth allowing him to see his handy work then swallowed it. His fingers were still buried in my pussy and he was working them in and out, I kissed him and told him he either had to stop doing that or he would have to fuck me, the next thing I knew my panties were off and I was bent over the trunk of his car. He rubbed his soft cock against my pussy trying to get it up again. I asked him if he wanted me to help, he said he did so I got on my knees and sucked his cock back to life. I laid back on the trunk lid and put my heels on the bumper and with my top pulled up exposing my bra covered tities and my skirt pushed up around my waist stroking my clitty while he stretched a condom on. I was giggling as I told him it was a good thing he had a condom because I was sure he didn't want get me pregnant. He said he would rather bareback me but we had to be safe I agreed with him as he pushed his cock into my waiting pussy. I felt the head pop past my outer ring causing me to cry out, he stopped for a few seconds then slid the rest of his cock into my pussy and started fucking me slowly. He told me he didn't know how a slut like me could be so tight, I told him it was because he had such a big cock. He had been fucking me hard for several minutes when he announced he was going to cum in my ass calling me a whore as I felt his cock spasm inside me, it felt soooo good, I thought I could feel his hot cum coating my insides, causing my clitty to spew all over me as he continued pound my ass finally collapsing on top of me. We laid there, exhusted for several minutes catching our breath. As he softened and pulled out of me I felt it, his cum was running down my legs I looked to see the broken condom rolled at the base of his cock, all I could do was hope he only cheated on his wife with me. I was and still am sure he arranged for the condom to break so he could bareback me. He said he was sorry as he drove me back to my car his cum soaking my boy shorts and skirt. We got back to my car he kissed me several times then pushed my head into his lap telling me to suck his cock again. As I sucked his cock, he reached up my skirt and stroked my clitty through my panties, telling me what a cumslut I was. I filled my panties with cum and he filled my mouth with cum. It was time to go home.

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