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My Father-In-Law Plugged My Horny Hairy Pussy

I was all dressed up to go out to dinner with my husband when he called and told me he had to stay in the office to finish some paper process. My father in law lives with us, so I invited him to join me for dinner instead, since I had already booked reservation.

On the way back home in the taxi cab, he had his hand all over my legs but I didn’t make a big deal out of it and I just let him. He kept telling me that he didn’t really had much chance to be alone with me and talk like tonight and that he was happy that I invited him out for dinner. My father in law was 67 and he was always a little flirty. But then I felt his hand moving up my leg inside my dress and that felt a bit weird for me like he was hitting on me. So I tried to move his hand out of my dress and off my leg.

I expected my husband to be home already but when we got home my husband’s car was still not on our driveway yet so I knew he was still out. I was very upset because I was hoping this would be a nice romantic dinner just the two of us and afterward we could make love, since he hadn’t got time for me in a while because he was tired most of the time.

After we got inside the house I went straight to my room to get out of my dress. I took off my dress and my underwear, and then when I was about to remove my stockings I was shocked to find my door was opened and my father in law was standing outside looking in. It seemed that he was watching me getting undress.

I grabbed my dress that I tossed on my bed and wrapped it around my naked body, and then I rushed over to the door and tried to close it. I thought I just forgot to close my door, but I remembered I did close the door behind me. When I got my hand on the door trying to close it, my father in law grabbed my hand and pulled me into his arms. He wrapped his big arms around me and f***ed his lips on mine.

I tried to push him away but his arms’ grip around me was so strong I couldn’t break away and our lips were sealed together. He tried to push his tongue through my lips into my mouth but I sealed my lips tightly denying its entrance. I kept fighting him off then finally he released his arms and I lost my balance falling on the floor with my dress.

I was catching my breath when he started pulling down his pants revealing his huge hard on. His hard dick was pointing right at me and I didn’t know what to do because he was never like this. I tried to get up from the floor and make a run, but he rushed down on me and kept me on the floor. I crawled on the floor trying to make a run to the bathroom in my room but he caught me with his hands holding tightly on the side of my hips.

He brought his hips closer my behind. I knew I couldn’t let this happen. I crawled as hard as I can on the floor trying to break loose but without success. His hands got a good hold on my hips. Soon I felt his hard dick in between my butt cheeks and not long later I felt his manly hard flesh resting on my pussy lips.

“Please daddy, don’t do this, I beg you. We can’t do this. Stop this now!” I begged.

“Ahhh… oh god!” I screamed.

It was all too late. I felt his hard dick plugged inside my tight pussy. His dick was halfway inside me already. I felt his hands on my hips going softer so I thought I tried to break away and I began crawling forward on the floor again trying to pull his dick out of my pussy, but he quickly chased up to my pussy and plugged his dick deeper inside me.

He didn’t waste any time in fucking me. He started pumping hard on my helpless pussy. I had never had an old man’s cock in my pussy before and it felt strong and hard inside me. He was fucking me so hard I could no longer think and my mind was blank. I was totally helpless getting doggy fucked by my father in law on the floor.

“I love those black stockings on you, Denise. They are very sexy. It turns me on.” He suddenly said.

I heard what he said but I couldn’t process a response or reaction as I was having a brain freeze from his hard dick pumping in and out of my tight pussy. I never thought an old man’s cock could be so hard and strong. It felt good, really good. All I wanted was my husband’s dick for the past weeks and now his father was doing his job.

Not long after my body felt u*********sly tamed by his f***eful hard dick and I couldn’t fight it anymore, although it felt really wrong for this to happen. And I really hope my husband forgives me if he ever found out. I was horny as hell and my father in law got that out of me. I can’t deny that my pussy was yearning for his hard cock.

“I think I’m going to cum baby.” He cried.

“No daddy, you can’t cum yet. You have to fuck me some more.” I responded.

I guessed what I said worked. He took a couple of deep breathes and quickly picked up the pace and began pumping my pussy nice and hard again.

“Oh shit… that’s it, keep going daddy, I love it!” I screamed.

His thrust was harder each time he smacked his balls on my clit. I was starting to enjoy his passion when his pumps finally stopped and he collapsed on top of me pulling me to fall on my side with him on the floor. His hard dick was still inside me and we were spooning on the floor, both breathing heavily. My pussy felt hot with his cum inside me.

My senses were slowly coming back to me and I started to feel guilty about this happening. But then he pulled up my right leg in the air and started pumping my pussy again, fucking me in the spooning position. My senses quickly shattered and my mind was emptied again except for the jolts tickling my brain like a brain freeze from a cold drink.

“Oh god! Oh god!” I screamed with my eyes rolling back.

Not many 67 years old men can fuck a second time, and in between so little time after cumming. His cock didn’t feel old at all.

As he fucked me his cum that he shot in my pussy was gushing out down onto his dick and dripping to my bush. He crossed his right leg in between my legs and I slowly folded my right leg from the air onto his butt as his hand released its hold. His right hand was now free and he placed on my right breast, squeezing it gently in its palm’s caress.

He kept a constant pace on his hard pumps while squeezing my breast. He moved his warm lips on my right shoulder and laid kisses around the area. He was really caressing my body while he made love to me.

“Oh baby, are you going to cum? I know you didn’t cum the first time. Cum for me baby!” He said, breathing a little heavy again.

“I’m almost there daddy, just keep fucking me, don’t stop.” I answered.

He moved his hand from my breast down to my bush and he started stimulating my clit and in between my pussy lips while he continued ramming my pussy.

“Oh god, I’m cumming daddy. Don’t stop!” I screamed loudly.

I cum hard and my pussy juice was gushing out of my pussy with his cum. He pulled his dick out of my pussy finally and started rubbing it up and down on top of my pussy in between the lips and through my bush. I took a peek down my pussy and his dick was still so hard. I had a feeling he didn’t cum a second time.

I rolled on top of him with my face facing him. I aligned my pussy with his hard cock and guided the head in between the lips. In a deep breath I dropped my pussy down burying his cock completely inside me. He almost jumped up when I did that.

“Oh shit, your cock is big, daddy.” I cried.

I started riding his cock. He was staring at me with his sparkling eyes. His white hair, his hairy chest, I can’t believe I was fucking an old man, and one who is my husband’s father, although I saw my husband’s image in him. But it was exactly what my horny pussy needed and he took advantage of it.

“Oh baby, you don’t know how long I dreamt about you Denise. I’ve been waiting for this to happen ever since you married my son and moved in with us.” He said.

I tried to ignore what he said since I didn’t want to have myself believed we were really making love, because I was still the victim in this. But I couldn’t lie to myself about the great pleasure I was having from his cock.

I concentrated on grinding on his hard dick and getting him to cum. He was squeezing on my breasts while I fucked him. My butt cheeks bashing on his balls with my every hump, it felt good with his dick sliding in and out of my tight pussy, with every stimulation from his cock a mind popping experience.

“It’s coming. I’m cumming baby.” He screamed.

The way he caressed my breasts felt so good, along with his tasteful hard dick going in and out of my pussy, I too was about to cum again.

“Daddy, I’m cumming with you!” I screamed.

I felt his hard cock shooting his hot juice up my pussy and not long after I cum with my pussy juice washing his cum down. We were both breathing heavily again. I leaned my upper body down and rested on his warm chest. I kept his dick inside me.

But suddenly my senses came back to me and I just realized something terrifying. He wasn’t using a condom and I was never on birth control. My world was upside down. “I can’t get pregnant with my father-in-law’s baby.” I screamed in my head.

I quickly got off of him and rushed into my bathroom trying to take a piss hoping I could get his cum out. But I knew it was just wishful thinking, because he cum twice and his first cum was so deep inside me.

Tears started to run down my eyes while I was in front of the sink washing my hands. “How could I be so stupid?” I yelled at myself in my mind.

My father in law came into the bathroom and starting rubbing his hand on my back trying to comfort me and apologizing for not using protection. I couldn’t hold my tears and I cried. Although I should be angry at him but he was so sensitive to me, he got behind me and wrapped his arms around me caressing me in his body.

I was feeling a bit better and he suggested I take a shower. I thought it was a good idea so I took off my stockings and walked into the shower chamber, but I didn’t expect him to remove his shirt and jump in with me. I wanted to be alone but he insisted that he took a shower with me to make me feel better.

His way of making me feel better was to fuck me in the shower. He plugged his hard dick in my pussy again from behind while the hot water was running down on us.

“Oh god, fuck me, but please don’t cum in me again daddy.” I said.

He fucked me hard. I had my hands holding onto the rail bar on the wall for support. Because we were both wet from the running water, squishing sound can be heard each time he pushed his dick back inside my pussy. I was beginning to wonder, how many times an old man can fuck a day. My horny pussy’s appetite was completely filled by his hungry hard dick.

After fucking for a few long minutes, the inevitable happened, he cum inside me again. I could have pulled away when I felt he was cumming but I didn’t. And after our shower together, I made him promise me that this will never happen again and that he cannot mention this to anyone, especially my husband. He vaguely agreed.

My husband ended coming home really late that night and he had no idea what I been through. Nothing happened between my father in law and me for about one month or so, although we started to look at each other differently since what happened between us could never be undone.

But my worst nightmare came true when I found out I was pregnant with my father-in-law’s baby. I knew for sure it was his baby because my husband and I never made love since what happened. My husband did want to make love to me a few times but I was too ashamed and didn’t let him.

When I decided to tell my father in law, he was a little worry but suggested that I should tell my husband that I was pregnant since we can’t hide a thing like that and it was normal for a wife to tell her husband that she was pregnant. He said that my husband didn’t have to know anything about my baby being not his. My father in law and I fucked twice that night in his room while my husband was asl**p.

I finally got the courage to tell my husband that I was pregnant, and he was so excited to hear the news, since he always wanted a baby with me. He didn’t suspect a thing. I took a leave from work and I was at home with my father in law most of the time.

Strange that I felt more like husband and wife with my father in law than with my husband since I got pregnant with my father-in-law’s baby, it was like my baby connected me to my father in law.

Each morning when my husband left for work, that was the time my father in law made love to me in my room and sometimes in his room. We were inseparable. And he really took care of me around the house as my belly grew bigger and heavier, not to mention fucking me nice and hard.

I really look forward to the coming of my baby. But I just hope that my baby can be with his two fathers as he grew up strong and healthy. I promised myself that I would never speak of the truth and my father in law will kept this a secret as well.

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