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How we were stripped and enjoyed by crowd....

I was totally pressed from all side and could not move in the crowd. I was experiencing my body being touched and groped from all sides. Some hands of the youngsters were freely trying to take advantage of the rush.
" Reena, it is too crowded today."
" Yes, the rush is unusual." Reena said.
I found a hand slowly touching my boobs. The touch was soft and delicate, but I could not do anything as I was almost helpless. The touch became more bold and the hand mow was pressing my boobs. I looked at the boy doing this but he was looking the other side. I could also feel some hard cock touching from behind. The manner in which the cock was twitching, it was clear that he had already exposed it and rubbing against me. Two hands were also slowly creeping upwards on my legs and were groping my thighs below my skirt. They were slowly trying to move upwards. They ultimately managed to reach my panties and were groping my pussy. It was all making me shiver. My breathing had become quicker. All the strangers' hands caressing the young body so intimately was a fun and making me hot. I just closed my eyes and was enjoying the fun.
" Both the girls are young and beautiful. Look at their boobs...they are full and so soft...". Why not open their blouse and expose them...? " I heard a voice.
Reena looked at me but did not speak anything. She was feeling shy and I was sure, she too was feeling the hands of the young college boys- on her boobs and all over her body. I am sure many hard stiff throbbing cocks, were being pressed against her.
"Why not test our new remote today." I heard a voice from the crowd. I did not know as to what was meant by that.
"Yes go ahead, let us see as to how it performs." I heard another voice.
Suddenly I could feel my skirt being raised. I tried to resist it with my hands but my hands were held firmly and I could not resist the hands trying to expose me. While my skirt was held up, I found another hand entering my panties. The hand was trying to feel my pussy. My pussy was already wet. Two fingures just slipped inside and I heard the boy saying..." The path is clear. Give the little devil to me.."
I could see through my half closed eyes--a hand come forward and give something to the boy whose fingures were in my pussy.
Soon I found something round elliptical egg shaped object being pushed inside my wet pussy. The object went in easily as my pussy was already wet and could take the object in without any difficulty. The object was left deep inside in my pussy -- below my panties. But I could feel some small cable coming out of my pussy and it could be seen easily by all who were looking at me, as it was visible-- coming out of my panties.
" See I have placed the little devil deep inside her wet pussy. Now you can switch it on or off with your remote at your will.." I heard the boy telling.
" Soon we all will see the performance of the little devil and as to how you have placed it inside her.." I heard another voice.
I felt my skirt being raised up and the boy was pointing out to my panties and showing the crowd the cable coming out of my panties. The eager eyes were looking at my exposed panties and the cable coming out of my panties. They were also enjoying looking at my boobs getting fondled and caressed with all abandon.
" Yes it appears alright. Let us see as to how it works." I heard one voice from the crowd.
Reena was also looking at the whole scene, with half closed eyes and all amused. I could clearly see her own boobs being enjoyed and being fondled by the youngsters--who were all excited. I could clearly see her body responding to the wild groping by the youngsters.One boy had put his hands from behind and was nicely pressing both her boobs. Her boobs were well developed and could make any boy hard in no time. They slowly opened her blouse buttons and exposed her boobs The eager hands were pressing the boobs and pinching her nipples. She was moaning with half closed eyes.One boy was also kissing her wildly.
Suddenly I felt the little devil which had been planted in my pussy--start to vibrate. It was clear--some boy was operating it by the remote control. I could also listen to the slow humming sound coming from my pussy. The little devil was vibrating deep inside and driving me all crazy. I did not know what to do. I looked to Reena for some help but she was engrossed in getting all fondled and was in no mood to look at my predicaments.
The humming sound increased and I could feel the vibrator in my pussy increase the intensity of vibrations. The little devil was driving me crazy. I could not control my body and the whole body was shaking intensely.
" Look at her. See how she is shaking. Look at her whole body. Feel her vibrations...The little devil in her pussy is driving her mad..."... I heard a boy commenting.
Maybe he was the same boy who was operating the remote in my pussy. Mean while the boys had totally exposed my boobs and pulled them out. My blouse was open and they had unhooked my bra clips and pulled exposed them to the crowd. I could feel the hands playing with them. I could also feel my nipples being sucked and this was happening when the little vibrator in my pussy was driving me mad.
I could not control anymore I pleaded with them to remove the vibrator. But they were all laughing and enjoying my helplessness. I pleaded with Reena to help me. Reena opened her eyes and looked at my exposed pussy and the hand playing with my boobs. She tried to touch the cable hanging from my pussy to pull the devil out. But her hands were held firmly by two boys and she was prevented from doing so.
To keep her busy I could see a boy pushing his fingures in her wet pussy and giving her in and out strokes. One boy was now playing delicately with her clit --driving her all crazy.
I was in a deep trance. I could feel the impending orgasm. The next moment , the intensity of vibrations was put on maximum as the humming sound also increased.
" Look at her. I have increased the vibrations to maximum. See how her body is vibrating. Feel how her body is trembling. Come on hold her firmly. Feel her orgasm. It is going to come soon.".. I heard the boy with remote say....
Immediately more hands came forward to hold my body. I could feel one boy kissing me deep and put his tongue in my mouth. The tongue felt great. Two of them were already kissing my boobs and nibbling my nipples. And on top of this, the little devil deep inside my pussy, was vibrating with all it's intensity. I could not bear it any more and my whole body exploded in an intense orgasm.Despite me being firmly held, my body was shaking and trembling in the throes of the intensity of the climax, ripping through me.
I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feelings. I had never experienced such intense feelings in the past.
I slowly opened my eyes to see my close friend Reena, moaning and breathing heavily in the hands of the young boys surrounding her.One young boy had already pushed his hard cock in her wet pussy and was giving her strokes. The young boy had already deposited his thick white cream deep inside her pussy. His strokes were becoming slower and his cock was also getting softer. Reena too had experienced similar throes of orgasm and was enjoying the intense feeling with closed eyes....

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