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Indian Princes + One (Part 3)

. . . began to kiss. First, very lightly - then a bit more passionately. Well, they got the attention of both of us (me and my dick). For two women that handn't been together before, they seemed to be naturals. The tipping of the heads as they kissed showed not a bit of clumsiness. The fingertips caressing each other's cheeks was incredible. They DID take a break - first to giggle, then to look at me, then to resume kissing.

Their hands began to slip down to their chests. Lisa appeared to be fairly slim-breasted compared to the Princess. Ever so lightly, they began to stroke the fabric that covered their breasts. It didn't last long, as I suspect they were a bit frustrated by the barrier. Their uniforms zipped in the back. Almost on cue, they each reached behind the other. I watched and listened as they pulled the tabs downward. NOTE: when a woman wears a zip-from-behind dress, I find little more sexy than having the zipper pulled down. There's something excellent about the back being exposed, while the front is still covered.

When the zippers were down, they began to kiss again. While this commenced, Lisa reached over to the shoulders of my Princess, and slowly pulled the uniform down her arms - to her waist. Now, I had seen the shoulders many times, but it was very different - for a woman was now touching what I had touched. Shivers and shudders abounded. Lisa's hands played with the straps of the bra my Princess was wearing. I'd never seen her wear white before, and seeing the stark white bra against her dark Indian skin was wonderful. The straps came down, and the Lisa slipped her hands behind the Princess. A quick "snap," and the bra came off.

Now, it was getting pretty crazy for me. Not to be outdone, the Princess reciprocated - pulling the uniform off Lisa's shoulders, also to her waist. Lisa's skin was so alabaster white, I assumed she was a natural blonde (she is). As opposed to the white bra of the Princess, Lisa wore bright red - adorned with lace. The cups of the scarlet garment were cut low enough to create great cleavage for Lisa's relatively small breasts. The Princess stroked her fingertips across Lisa's breasts - dipping into the crevace between the white, soft skin of her breasts. . .

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