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True Story

True story.. So me and my girlfriend started reading these stories awhile back and really liked these things so we decided to give it a try..

My girl is 6 months pregant with our daughter and she get the stranges idea lets have a threesome. So i agree with it and she says with ur best friend so i go along wit and i call him over to do some homework. She hops in the shower and i get him.. We come back to my apartment and says he has to pee. He walks into the bathroom just in time to see her drying off.. I walk in the bathroom behind him and to my surprise there they were.. He feeling on her naked ass and his dick in her hand hard as a roc. I let it go on for 5mins till i put my dick on her ass. She walks out the bathroom naked with our dicks in her hand.. She gets on her knees and sucks one cock after another.. So we then return the favor i lick her fat pussy while he licks her ass. he turns to me and i start to jerk his dick to the sound of her playing wit her pussy. With one hard thrust he pushes his hard black dick in her pussy... She screams his name he goes hard for 10 mins We then switch. I put my dick in her ass while he licks on her freshly shaven pussy... I decied to pick her up and put my dick in her pussy and he put his dick in her ass. Now she scratching and screaming and cuming all over my dick.. i begin to go harder till i dump a fat load of cum in her pussy. My friend turns to me and ask could he go next. Ask her i said.. she gently nodds her head and said cum in me daddy.. in the next 2min he dumbs a load of cum into her pussy.. We all fall asl**p next to another wit her in the middle. 2hrs later we wake up and do it again..

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