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Gianna michaels catches a peeping tom 4

Gianna Michaels catches a peeping tom 4
By lilguy
Cuckold, femdom, she takes Ted to her porn Set

Warning- Cuckolding, extreme humiliation, spanking and other nasty things. So not more normal shoot em up Amazon story. You been warn.

Gianna Michaels was filming a scene for her new movie as part of her new Porn Company. It was a spoof of Red Sonja, with her in a red wig. They had her getting fucked by a well hung black man. His hard cock stretches her pussy. The man was a strong ox, thick filled with muscle. He still had an everyman face and kind of resembled a young will Smith.

She was on top of the man, as her gripped her ass, digging her finger into her ass flesh. Her massage them with her fingers making her moan. Her gigantic tits were bouncing up and down. She smiled getting into..Lauging with joy as she rode him. Her tits were big and pillowy and look great when they were squeezed together, especially when they were dripping with sweat. She licked her lips seductively and looked down on him with a wry smile and wink.

"Like that don't you fucker!!" She Said

"Damm girl you're beautiful" The Man Said

Behind her was a hot looking black girl name Jada Fire. She was a hot looking black porn start. Her tits weren't as big as Gianna but her ass was nice and thick. She had dark black skin, nice and smooth. Her skin always looked great next to Gianna Milky skin. Gianna had more curves but Jada had the nice firm ass. Jada spread her ass cheeks and started licking Gianna hole, pushing it deep into Gianna ass. Gianna grabbed Jada hair giving her a hot filthy look. Her deep blue eyes were looking deep in Jada.

"Yea Eat up..Baby" Gianna moaned

"Damm Girl…you taste just like Sugar".

The man was slamming his cock upward inside her. The camera did a close up of her thick vieny cock slamming into her. It hit her G spot Gianna screamed with pleasure.

The place was filled with the film crew and they all were cheering her on. Everyone was happy accept for one person. He was another black man...not as tough looking. A nerdy man that made Al Roker look like Malcolm X. He was thin and had bit of baby face. She hung his head down like a beaten dog. His name was Ted and he had Met Gianna a while ago. Gianna caught him peeping at her in her home...and she caught him. He was beaten, tease, broken and enslave. Sense then she made him her bitch. She wasn't allowed to cum ever. Gianna took great joy teasing him and taking him to the edge only to stop. She f***es him to use a penis pump so his cock was even more raging all the time. She was her house keeper, personal pussy eater, toilet, assistant and every other degrading thing she could think of. Gianna would call him urkel, dumbfuck and would humiliate him any change her get. Strapon paddles and whips were among the money things.

She smirked as she saw him through the corner of her eyes. Ted was wearing his Chastity Belt under his tight sweat pants. In his hands he was holding her lunch. Getting her lunch wouldn't be that humiliating but it was what he had to wear. First the pants were 2 sizes to small. People could see that Tattoo over his ass that said "Gianna Michael's Bitch". His pants were pink and behind it were the words "BABY PHAT". Her shirt was a tight Belly shirt and said "Princess with Sparkles". She wore a collar around his neck with his name around it and sandals. Worst let he had to carry the money in Gianna purse. It was humiliating.

She wanted to make sure he saw how a real man fucks a woman. He knew he would be never inside you. His cock was ready to explode just watch her. Gianna screamed as her body got hit with a multiple climax. She bit her lip as the man under her slammed inside her. Ted recognized the man. The personal current Gianna showed Ted pictures of him to show Ted was a man should look like. The guy name was "Don the Big Black Dong". Ted assumed that wasn't his Christine name. He assumed her earn it cause his first name was in fact Don. That part her believe was true. The second part was added due to him having a rather large black Dong. He would never mention that though. Otherwise Gianna might punish him by posting a picture of Ted in her panties on the net.

"Fuckkkkkk cum inside me" She Said

Don Lifted her up and stood on the bed. Her grabbed hold of her ass and slammed her up and down his cock. Both of them were sweaty and she pressed her tits into his strong chest.

"Shit" Gianna screamed with climax "Give it all to me you big dick bastard"

Ted watch and sighed and thought to himself no girl really wants a cock that big. Its gross he said to himself. But he knew deep down that was just him hating. So he stood there holding a drink, and sandwich, her designer purse, and a cinnamon bun bag.

"Damm Girl…your pussy so tight" Said Don the Big black Dong, as said Dong proceeded to cum.

Her pussy was overflowing with cum as he slammed it in and out. She put her head into his shoulder and laughed with joy. She kisses his chest with big lips that had pink lipstick and lip balm on it.

"Damm Girl..Your wild" Don Said

"That why you Love me" Gianna Said

They pulled out showing her pussy dripping with cum. Gianna laid on the bed, and Jada sucked off the remaining cum from Don's penis.

"Cut" Gianna Said

"Good Job" The Director Said

"Thanks" Gianna Said smiling back "It been great working for you"

Gianna gave Don a hug and spoke to him in a sweet voice

"Next scene tomorrow" Gianna Said "Everyone feel free eat the pizza outside. I order it on me"

"Thanks" The Director Said

"What a sweet girl" Another person Said

She walked up to Ted and took her food. She took a sip of the drink.

"You want some" Gianna Said "You Look tired"

"Sure" Ted Said Happily

Gianna took a gulp of the juice. She spit it in his face.

"Drink up Faggot" She said spitting on him again.

She pushed him down on his knees and spread her pussy lips. Her pussy was dripping with cum.

"Clean it fag" She Said

He got on his knees and started sucking her pussy. Gianna pushed his head and moaned. One thing she taught him how to do was give head. Jada saw it and laughed.

"Wow can't believe he doing that…told me your assistant was a bitch but Damm" Jada Said

Gianna laughed back

"Told you, this little fuck does everything I told him" Gianna Said

"You going to let that little white punk you like that" Jada Said

Gianna wrapped her legs around him as her wet pussy juices mixed it. Her slurped up shamefully. Gianna moaned.

"Shit…Casper the Friendly Ghost blacker then this little bitch" Gianna Said

"You don't actually let this little bitch fuck you" Jada Said

"Oh Hell No…this bitch aint getting this ass. Aint getting any ass as long as I have something to do. Get fucked in the ass maybe" Gianna Said

Jada turn around showing off her ass. She pulled Ted hair and made him look

"You mean he wont get this fat booty" Jada Said

"No way" Gianna smiled

She slapped Jada ass and spread her cheeks

"Mmnmmmm to bad..I know Guys love it when you make that booty clap around their dicks. Boy wouldn't last 10 seconds" Gianna Said squeezing Jada booty

Jada smiled and pushed her finger through her butt cheeks.

"Met little PUNK ass bitches like you. In high school this one little wuss use to stare as this thick booty. Rich k**…thought he could impress me with money. Would follow me around like a little puppy. Buy me anything I wanted. Well one day I invited him to a hotel…that he paid for of course. I and my girls grabbed him…put on these thick strapon and run a trained on his little ass. Bitch was sore for months. We taped it, dress him up in women clothes and black mailed the bitch for the entire school year. Even tricked his ass out"

Jada spit in his face. Gianna had him eat her again. She calmly took a sip of her drink.

"Would trick his ass out but nobody would buy him" Gianna laughed

"Yea is a predicament" Jada Said

Gianna let out a moaned as she started to cum on his face.

"Slurp it up slut…clean it all up" Gianna Said

She pulled his hair back and spit in his face again.

"Listen to me. Listen closely because I know you're slows…your aint ever..."

"Never Ever" Jada Added

"Going to fuck this Pussy. You never going to feel the joy of having your cock deep inside a girls MOIST…wet….tight…pussy" Gianna Said

Jada started fingering herself and spreading her pussy lips

"Never going to get into this Sugar Wall. Never going to get a feel of sweet chocolate" Jada Said

"And creamy Vanilla" Gianna Added

"Smallest Dick I ever seen on a b*****r" Jada Said

Gianna motion Don over

"Hey Don..Come over and show him what a Real Dick looks like" Gianna Said

"Damm you bitches are crazy" Don laughed

"Come on..I promise I keep the little fairy off you" Gianna laughed

He came over. Jada and Gianna put their arms around him. Gianna grabbed Don's cock and started stroking

"Crawl back..And Look. See this…ready and hard. This dick should look like. She had thick his head is..Like a big mushroom overflowing with cum. That how a man dick should look like. Not like that little Kit Kat bar you has there" Gianna Said "Still Rock hard even after it came"

People were gathering around laughing. Jada went down and took Don's cock. She put it in his mouth and began sucking. Her lips stretch wrapping around his shaft. Her spit dribbled down his cock and she gave him a sloppy blow job.

"Ever do this to this geek" Jada Asked

"Ha FUCK no" Gianna Said

She spit on him

"Pathetic Loser" Gianna Said

Jada was sucking him faster and faster. Gianna took her tits and squeezed them together.

"These are GRADE a…Porn Star AVN winning tits. These tits get tifuck by Football Player, movie stars and Real men. Not little fucks like you…your dumb pathetic pieces of shit"

Gianna slapped him. He was sent to the ground. She brought him on his knees again.
"Is this BITCH crying" Jada Said shocked

Ted was stripped. She took off his Chastity Belt to show him nude. She held him up, twisting his hair.

"Would any girl here...fuck this little wimp" Gianna Said

Everyone laughed. The girls shook his head. Jada continued sucking Don. Her lips stick staining his cock. Don let out a moaned and came deep into Jada's mouth. Gianna pushed Ted on the ground and got to her knees sucking off Don. Don came in both the girls' mouths. The girls started to kissed each other swapping cum. Jada grabbed his face and started fingering herself. Jada was a when she brought herself to sprayed Ted in the face. It was a gusher and he was f***e to lick it up.

She pushed him on the ground

"Fucking Loser" Jada Said

Gianna went to her clothes and took her belt. Jada grabbed hers. She whipped it at the floor. Ted crawled away in fear.

"Where the FUCK you think you're going" Gianna Said

She dragged him by his leg.

"Whip his ass" She head someone cheer
Some were putting taking pictures and filming it. They gathered around eating and drinking like it was a big show.


He screamed in Pain.

"Quit your struggle don't you move" Gianna Said

"But it hurts" He Said

"Then Quick moving or it hurt more…dumb sissy bitch" Gianna Said

Jada got into it, hitting him with the belt.

"Going to whup the black of your little ass" Jada Said

Both girls were hitting him again and again. Laughter rang through the room as his ass was bruise. Some hits got between his legs. Other left marks on his ass and chest.

"Love that Tattoo" Jada Said

"Yea had it done myself..Think of getting whore tattooed across his chest" Gianna laughed

Both girls were working up a sweat

"Quit your CRYING…take it like a man" Gianna Said

"Damm this good exercise" Jada Said

"Yea….good Cardio…you see how trampling him burns calories" Gianna laughed.

10 minutest past

He laid there in a heap. Gianna and Jada snapped on two 12 inch strapon and took turns riding his ass. When one of them would pull out of his ass, they would then fuck his mouth as the other fucked him from behind

Gianna gave his ass a slap.

"Take that shit…takes it" Gianna Said "Dammit it your ass much of been taking my whole thing"

Gianna love looking at that tattoo that says he was her property, love seeing the dildo disappear in his mouth.

"You never going to win any away…with cock sucking like that" Jada Said "Take the whole FUCKING thing in your mouth"

She started to gag. Gianna pushed him toward Jada.

"Heh its fun controlling playing Hungry...hungry hippo. Maybe put this on the net..So the whole world will know what a slut your are…smile to the Camera...slut. SMILE…that's a good girl. Give him a wave. I know this not a real cock little faggot…but don't want you enjoying yourself to much." Gianna laughed.

Gianna stroked his cock..Bringing his close to the edge. Only to stop at the last minute.

"Ohhhh he love this shit…fucking loser" Gianna Said "If I don't watch him he may shoot that nasty goo of his"

"Cant has that" Jada laughed.

They continued this assault for 20 minutes.

Gianna grabbed his legs, and Jada grabbed his arms. They lifted him up fucking him from both ends. Gianna laughed and flexed doing a mock bodybuilder pose. The swung him back and fourth before releasing him. He flew slamming through a table. He could barely move. Gianna stood over him and spit in his face. She tossed his Chastity belt at him.

"Put this on Loser. And go do the rest of your chores" Gianna Said

Jada smiled

"Bye bye loser"

Don put his arms around the two ladies and walked away leaving Ted there.

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