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Gianna michaels catches a peeping tom

Gianna Michaels catches a peeping tom 3
By lilguy
Cuckold, femdom, tease and denial fun follows strapon

Flower Tucci and Gianna Michaels walked down the steps. They were naked accept for their strapons

Flower had a 12 inch strap on, 3 inches in length. It was pink and had a vibrating tip. Her blond hair flowed over her face after having a night of hot sex with any buff guy she could find. Her tattoos glisten with sweat. Next to her was Gianna with a 12 inch black strap on, same lengthy, accept it was curved. Their toys glisten with lubed. Their tits glisten with cum.

"Told you we be back faggot" Gianna Said

Ted was chain to the wall, shaking with fear.

"Bend your ass over" Flower Said

She didn't waste any time, pushing him on the ground. She slammed her toy deep inside, him, spreading his cheeks and slamming into his prostate. He moaned with pain and odd sense of pleasure as she was hitting her wall. Flower pulled his hair slamming it in.

"His ass really taking…slut much LOVE it…do you love it slut" Gianna scoled.

"Damm never saw a girl take so much." Flower laughed

Gianna grabbed his hair making him look at the mirrors on the wall

"LOOK at yourself your whore….look at how pathetic you are. Going to make you suck that strap on, make you suck all your filth of" Gianna said

Ted saw Flower Behind, sweat dripping down her curvy body as she slammed into him. She flipped him the bird as she slapped his ass. His ass cheeks were bruise as the palm of her hand connected. Her looked comical, tears running down his eyes, as this curvy Amazon rammed him from behind.

Gianna shoved her toys in his mouth and both girls slammed them from all sides. They kissed each other, feeling each other soft and sultry lips against one another

"Love big dick men, but sometime its fun to fuck some wimpy pussy" Gianna Said

"Look he crying again" Flower laughed.

"Fucking whore takes it like a man" Gianna Said

Gianna put her finger over his nose making it hard to breath for a bit. She release it when he was about to pass out.

"Don't bite it; slut…let it hit the back of your throated. Don't want teeth marks on my new toy" Gianna Said

The two women high five each other

"So after we finish fucking this whore what you want to do" Flower Said

"I don't know. There this Biker Ball…with these big dick guys. Real men..not like this slut. Figure we let them fuck us against the bar. There some nice nasty, tattooed muscle bound guys there" Gianna Said

"Hmmm Know a Gym to. I can bring them over to laugh at this asshole" Flower Said

"Shit girl…that will be fun" Gianna said slapping Ted

"Think he bleeding…should we go gentle…may damage him" Flower Said

"Fuck em"

Both girls laughed

"We should give him a bitch shake" Gianna Said

"Whats that"

"Oh never gave a bitch one. That where you get some real men to cum. Collect that in a blender, then have people use that as a toilet, drip some pussy juice or breast milk, mixed it up with some milk and blend it all together and make the bitch drink ever drop. A bitch shakes"

Flower was grinding deep into him, not even looking at him but talking to Gianna.

"The whore actually does that" Flower asked

"Oh he doing anything I fucking want. Don't even have to chain this slut up anymore. Do it for fun and to keep his hand off his dick. One time he tried to escape. I beat the shit out of him and dragged his bitch ass back down here an ass ****d him. He been a perfect obedient slut ever sense. He terrified of me. Boy trembles like a scared little bunny ever time I so much as raise my voice!!!" Gianna Said

"Ahhhhh how cute" Flower Laughed

"Oooooo You got a lot of spit on my cock slut you much be getting real good at this" Gianna Said

The two women started to kiss again. Gianna tongue wrestles in Flower's mouth making her moan. They started to grab each other breast gently massaging them. Both girls slammed the toys all the way in at the same time and kept it there for a minute. They pulled out and slammed it all the way in again

20 minutes later the girls switch places

Gianna stretch out his asshole, grabbing a fist full of her hair. She was f***e to lick Flower's messy dildo clean

"Damm you really did a number on this ass…it not much left" Gianna left

"Slaves like this a dime a doze. I give you a dollar to buy a new one" Flower laughed.

"How your shit taste faggot" Gianna smirked

His legs soon went limp after the pounding. Both girls pulled out and made him suck both strapons at the same time.

Gianna pulled off her strapon showing a dripping wet pussy. She shoved his face in.

"Lick my clit…like I taught you. Higher you dumb fuck" Gianna Said "Right there right fucker"

He sucked her clit, humming on it to vibrate it. His tongue dived in like a tornadoes licking like a man starving for nourishment. He had grown addicted to the taste of her pussy. It was the closes he came to fucking her. The tip of his tongue licked her sweet spot as she grinded into him. Flower was taking off the strap on

"Ohhhhhhh Yesssss" Gianna moaned "Cummmmmmmming. Take all my juices you wimp"

Flower grabbed him by his hair and shoved his face into her cunt.

"Fuck….this guys tongue well" Flower Said

"Figure the fag is good at giving head" Gianna Said

Flower wrapped her legs around his head and began slamming him

"Fuckkkkkkkk r****g your ass got me hot" Flower Said "Ha look at this whore giving us head, feel like I am a rapper in one the those video and this is my hoe."

Flower slammed her fist on his head

"Big wammys" Flower Said

This causes both women to laugh. Her tongue teased her pussy lips, sucking and stretching it. She mad him look up at her as he sucked her.

"Hungry little slut aren't you. I think I make you lick me all day next time and use your back to hold my Beer. Gianna can fuck you from behind." Flower Said

Her cheeks started to blush as she came. The girls passed him around to each other making him bring them to climax with his tongue. This tongue was sore to the point he could barely moved it. When that happen they just use his face like a dildo slamming against. The laid him down on the ground and took turns riding his face.


He laid on the ground whimper

"So long BITCH" Flower Said spitting on him

"Tada for now" Gianna Said "Good like with those blue nuts bitch"

Gianna gave him two middle finger and spit on him. She stomped on his balls hard making him scream

"Let's get the fuck out of here" Gianna Said

They put their arms around each other. Ted could just cry as he saw their thick asses as they walked away.

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