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My niece Alicia cums to visit

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My niece just got a job not too far from where I live and since I am going to be her only f****y within 500 miles, I figured the least I could do was offer to have her stay with me while she found a place to stay and got settled in to life in Texas.
I had seen pictures of her with the rest of the f****y on the Christmas postcards, but I was not ready for the 21 year old woman who showed up on my doorstep in loose fitting boxer shorts and a halter type crop top that barely controlled the large firm breasts that sat proudly on her chest.
She had a couple of bags on the porch and while she scampered down the hall to the half-bath, under the stairs, I pulled them in out of the late afternoon heat. “Is it always this hot,” she asked a few moments later as she dried her hands on her shorts and joined me by the door. “Nope, sometimes we get hot down here!” I replied with a smile and she laughed and then hugged me.
As her big breasts pressed against my chest, I chastised myself and thought, “Get a grip! She is your niece!” and I almost had myself convinced that I was an idiot to even glance at her like that, when she leaned over to pick up one of the bags and gave me a perfect view of the globes as they came perilously close to falling out her top. I barely pulled my eyes away from staring as she straightened up and asked where she should put her stuff. I indicated up the stairs as I picked up the other two bags and found myself following her up the stairs.
She had not been in my house for five minutes and already I was a horny mess. I had known that I had really been horny lately but as we walked up the steps and I saw the sliver of half moons peaking out of the bottom of those loose fitting shorts I could not believe how horny I was. I strategically moved to put the bags I had down on the bed she was going to use and moved carefully to conceal the erection that now filled the front of my own shorts. “I will let you get settled in and if you want put things away.” I said and headed for the door.
I thought seriously about heading to my own restroom and beating off, she had affected me that much! I kept telling myself, “Get a grip!” but she was not a c***d, she was a woman, just nine years younger than me and she was built just the way I like a woman.
I flipped on ESPN and had just managed to deflate my third leg when she came bounding down the stairs and said, “I am famished, where can we get a good bite to eat?” So we headed out the door and I drove to a local Indian buffet and we ate and ate. She had so many questions about the area where I lived and she laughed and was so real that I found myself thinking less and less about her as a niece and more and more she was just a friend.
We drove around a while, looking at some of the places that she had found online and I pointed out some of the places and things I enjoyed and she seemed to genuinely appreciate what I had to say. When I pointed out a romantic little hole in the wall bar, she asked if we could stop, she could use a drink to relax after being in a car all day.
I have to admit, my first thought was, “You drink?!?!? “ and then I remembered she was 21 and when I turned 21 I never passed an opportunity for a drink. So we went in and she had a Manhattan and I had a Bud. We laughed and as she finished off her second drink, she reached across the table and rested her hands on my mine and said, “Bill, thank you so much for being such a great host. I really appreciate you. I really cannot believe that you are single. “
I looked into her eyes and felt the stirring in the front of my jeans once again. I paid the bill and headed back to the house. As we pulled in, I looked over at Alicia and had to resist the temptation to kiss her good-night. She looked at me and said, “I hope I can sl**p tonight. Even with the drinks, I still am just so tense from driving that I know it is going to be a long night.”
“Well I know how to take care of that.” I said. “You go upstairs and put on your swimsuit and I will uncover my Jacuzzi and in 20 minutes, I may have to carry you back in to sl**p!” She smiled and took off up the stairs, and my eyes followed her every move with lust that was flamed by the realization that she was forbidden fruit.
I ducked into the laundry and grabbed my swimsuit, and hurried out uncover the Jacuzzi. I had just fired it up and turned to go back in and get some drinks, when the porch light went off and Alicia opened the door and stepped through the darkened door. “I grabbed a couple of beers, but I couldn’t find my suit, so, you are just going to have to put up with me not wearing one.”
I about fell out of the tub. She walked over to the tub and then dropped her towel as she stepped carefully and slowly up the steps to the side of the tub and I offered her a hand down into the tub. Before either of us knew what was happening, we were standing together in the middle of the tub, inches apart.
Time stopped. I could see the moonlight reflect in her eyes. The tip of her tongue parted her perfect lips and then slowly slipped back in. As if pulled by her retreating tongue, her bottom lip curled so seductively, so innocently in as she softly bit her lower lip. My hands moved to steady her hips and felt the soft flesh that covered the curves of her body.
She moved slowly into me, never releasing my eyes from her gaze. Her head slowly turned to the side, and our lips came ever closer. I could breathe in the taste of her Manhattan’s and I remember wondering which was more intoxicating, the alcohol she drank or the desire that was consuming my every thought.
We froze there, a fraction of an inch, suspended in time and space. And then her lips gently touched mine ever so briefly and her eyes fluttered closed. For only a moment they parted and then as her heavily lidded eyes began to open I moved back to her and tasted her sweet, soft lips of passion.
We kissed and she raised my hands to cup her breasts. As I took the initiative and began to weigh and lift her breasts, she moaned a primeval deep sound that I felt in the marrow of myself as much as heard. Her hands were at the drawstring of my own suit and quickly found their way to my stiffening cock and rising balls.
She moved into me and I sat back against the side of the tub as she pulled my shorts down and freed my cock which was now fully at attention. She put her hands on my shoulders, forcing me to sit and then lowered her face to the level of my now aching cock and then d**g her fingernails down my chest as her warm lips began to engulf my hard on. My hands moved to the back of her head and I closed my eyes and raised my face to the sky as I felt my spike down her throat. I swore I had never felt anything so perfect as I did that moment. Her lips sealed around my shaft and began to slowly increase the suction as she pulled back on up to the rim o the head of my cock!
I didn’t last long. Her mouth moving perfectly up and down soon had me blowing my cum into the water as her hand knowingly milked me for my very last drops. She then moved to a corner seat of the tub and pulled me, with my head still spinning toward her. I found myself falling face first between her breasts, and she moaned that lust-filled sound once more.
She held my face just above the surface of the water where her breast now floated freely on the water. Then with words so filthy in a voice so angelic, she began imploring me to suck on her massive nipples and make her cum. It was as if ever tug on her breast, whether by my mouth or fingers, pulled a magic pleasure string that was wrapped around her clitoris. My knee lodged against the opening of her vagina and she was soon grinding with urgency and hunger of a sex-starved nymph.
I sucked and kneaded her breasts until I thought my own lips would fall off and then she moved up to the edge of the tub and grabbed my hand and thrust two of my fingers deep into her clenching pussy. With both of her hands wrapped around my wrist, she began to slam my fingers and fist into her hairless gash and I sucked for all I was worth on her breast.
The moment she began to climax, I realized that all of my work on her had succeeded in reviving my cock. She buried her face in my shoulder and I felt her bite into the muscle next to my neck and smothered her screams.
As her orgasm began to subside and she pulled my hand from her still throbbing pussy, I decided it was time to finish this right. I reached around behind her and lifted her onto my hips and lowered her slowly until I was completely impaled inside of her. As much as I wanted to hold her there forever, I felt her raise up and then slam herself down upon me. Again and again I felt her flat belly slam into me, taking every inch of me inside of her.
For the second time in less than an hour I exploded, and came so hard I swear I blacked out.
We soaked in the warm bubbly water for only a few more minutes before stumbling together into my bedroom. Alicia has been with me now for three weeks and she has yet to sl**p in that other bed and I am not certain I will ever have another full night’s sl**p nor do I really ever want one!!

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