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Real orgy

Bi orgy

One day I left my friends house about 10 pm. I got to the top of his road going past a shop and this fat bird was walking up to me. Then she stopes so I stop and she asked me if I had a spare fag. So I said yeah hang on a sec. As I reached for my fags she asked me where I was going. I said i'm going home. All of a sudden she asked me do you find me atractive with my big tits and my fat ass. So I said yes I do. Do you find me atractive. She said yeah do you fancy a fuck. I said where shall we go. She said I don't no lets go the way you are going. As we walked I was telling her that I'm not a bad man she was telling me how horny she was and how she wants me to ram my cock up her. As we were walking I had my hand down her pants rubbing her ass putting my finger up her hole. Then she said that she once shagged a man up the ass with a strap on. I asked her if she was up for it she said ok then but I don't it on me so I said I wave a dildo at my house so you can dildo me. She said i'm going to ram it in my ass then In yours and lick it after. So we went to mind and got the dildo and went to a green house across the road. As we got there I said I know you Abby I'm in love with your saggy tits and your fat belly how old aer you. She said in 44 but enough small talk lets fuck. She then stripped off and laid on the floor with the dildo in her hand. The she started rubbing it on her fanny lips she said get naked I want to stick in your bum. So I stripped off and sat on the floor with my ass in the air she spat on my hole and fingerd me. She placed the dildo on my hole and she pushed it deep in my ass. She was pushing it in and out and twisting it. She then pulled it out and licked it clean. So I bent her over put my dick between her cheeks and pushed it in her pussy. I was pumping away we heard a car pull up. Three people ran in to the green house it was craig reece and jade. me and Abby stayed quiet. Craig striped of straight away and layed on the floor. Reece and jade then stripped off and reece sat on craigs face. Jade sat on craigs cock and started to ride him. I shouted over craig what are you doing. He looked shocked untill I got closer. He said dan come over hear and join in and bring your friend. So we went over I pulled jade off of craig stood her up put my hand between her legs and played with her hairy pussy. Then i stood over craig I lowered down knelt on the floor. I spat on my fingers and rubbed the spit in to my bumhole. I stuck 3 fingers In and twisted them around till my hole was wide. I grabed craigs dick from under me I lowerd my ass and his bell end popped in my hole. I sat right down his hole nine inches slid in my ass. I pulled reece closer so he was standing over craig and I started sucking his cock and riding craig. All of a sudden craig came up my ass there was so much cum it filled my bum and it driped down his cock. I slid his cock out and turned around and licked it clean. Jade stood me up bent me over pulled my cheeks apart and spunk oozed out of my hole. Abby pulled reece over and pushed his head towards my ass and he d***k all of craigs cum out of my bum. Abby then laid on the floor spat on her fingers and with both hands pulled her pussy open realy wide. I got jade to kneel between abbys legs and jade pushed her hand in abbys fanny. Jade slowly moved her arm in and out. Abby said faster. In the end jade was so deep it was up to her elbow.

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