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A bad friend!!!

This is a true story and I won't people opinion on what happen and what I did... all day I look at him and I think what I did and I feel horrible... but here goes!!!

Well I share a place wit 3 other roommates and the dude I share a room wit has a gf and me and the other 2 don't... well last night we all went out to the movies and he brought his gf and she is okay lookin but from what he tells us.. she swallow loves anal sex... being cum on being piss on and she a total freak.. sooo I guess that makes up for her look... well after the movies we came back started d***k and kickin back watchin movies... well she went to take a shower and ke kept tellin us how honry she was and kept fingering her pussy and rubbing his dick alll night.. well when she got out the shower she called him into the room and left me and the other 2 in the living room.. 30 mins later she came out piss and bitch how she was suckin his cock and pass out, and we started laughin and continue to drink.. well I wanted shoot pool and when I was leaving she and the other 2 came alone... after shooting and drinking all night we got home around 4am and all went to our rooms... the other 2 pass out on their bed... and I was laying on my and she kept hitting him to wake up.. well I took off my clothes and was in my boxers and she strip down to bra and boy shorts... well I saw her playin wit herself and I wanted to spice it up and said u don't mind if I jack and she goes not as long I can play wit my pussy... well I through on a porno and and we started masterbating watching porn... well I had the balls to ask can I help since ur bf didn't and she laugh and said yea yea... and I said I was serious and she told me put my mouth where her pussy is.. well she came to my bed and I went under the covers and begain to eat her ass and pussy...after a good 20 mins of eating her ass and pussy she told me finger her ass and when I did she squirted everwhere... well I came up and started to kiss her and when I slow easy my dick in her pussy... he started moving and we stop and both look at him hopin he didn't get up.. well I told her I dk if I could do this she said fine and went back over and we pass out... at 7 this morning i got up and notice she was still naked and my dick was hard... well I started sucking her toes and went up to her ass and begain to eat it till she woke up... she told me I had a lot of balls and she wanted me to finsih..well this time I plan too... I put her on all four and fuck her good and we were facing her bf, so if he did wake up he would open his eyes to us fucking.. ater 30 mins of fuckin I came inside her and kept goin... I fuck her till I got hard and from her and my cum I use it as lube to fuck her in her ass... after a good hour I came inside her ass.. and we kiss and both went to bed... this afternoon I woke up to hearing him yelling and saying y does ur ass and pussy taste like cum... and she said I fuck myself since u pass out.. and when I hear him say y is ur pussy swallon and red and she told him I fuck myself hard and good and she told him sorry but my pussy hurts and I don't wanna fuck... but not know he tasted my cum and her pussy is beat up cuz of me....

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