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Sex in the back garden

After our 4 some with Dan and Lou (see The House Warming) nothing happened for a while.

We saw a lot of each other and caught glimpses of them walking around naked in their house and having sex.

In fact meeting them seemed to reduce mine and Pete's inhibitions as we now often walked around the house naked. It is really liberating.

At about 10 am one sunny morning I was in the kitchen totally naked having a cup of tea when the door bell rang. I could not answer due to my state of undress. Suddenly I heard Lou's voice. Annie it's Lou she shouted through the letter box are you up?

I went to the door and opened it slightly and explained to Lou that I was naked. That's Ok she replied it isn't as though I haven't seen it before and she promptly came into the house. She was wearing a loose short Summery dress and said don't get embarassed I only have a dress on and she lifted it to reveal her shaven pussy.

I don't know why but I felt totally relaxed sitting naked in her company. She said she had noticed my car in the drive and assumed I was in. She wondered if we could hang out together or do some shopping. I explained I had planned to get a tan by sun bathing in the back garden and her eyes lit up. Great she said. I'll be back in 10 minutes. Make it half an hour I said as I need to have a shower to freshen up.

30 minutes later and Lou was ringing the bell again. I greeted her wearing a bikini and Lou still had her Summer dress on.

We went out into the back garden and sat on some sun loungers. Do you have any sun cream she asked. I said that I had and was about to put some on. Do me first she said and took off her dress to reveal a silver micro bikini that only covered her nipples and barely covered her pussy.

She sat on the lounger back to me and took off her bikini top. The breeze had an instant effect on her nipples and they became rock hard. I started by slowly rubbing the cream into her shoulders and back and then she turned around and instructed me to do her front. I slowly rubbed the cream all over her upper body taking a lot of time on her fabulous tits that were so firm. I made sure I took time around her nipples and she moaned quietly. Bottom half now she said and pulled down what only just passed for bikini bottoms.

I put cream on her legs and stopped before doing her bum and around her pussy. Go on she urged it's ok. I creamed her bum sliding my fingers betweenn her bum cheeks and then did all around her pussy but steered clear of touching it.

Your turn now she said. I was shaking and my heart was racing. She had an expert touch. At late 40 my boobs have gone slightly but my nipples were rock hard and they look=ked as good as they had in ages.

When on my bottom half Lou slowly slid her fingers down my bum crack and around my bum hole. Raise your bum she instructed and I did. Her finmgers were now putting sun cream on the tops of my legs right next to my soaking pussy and she frequently brushed across my pussy lips. Turn over she said and she spent ages doing the front on my legs and around my pussy. On more than one occasion she rubbed across my clitoris and commented on how wet I was.

We both lay there for about an hour before Lou asked if I had a blanket she could lie on on the lawn. I went in the house and upstairs to get one. I opened my wardrobe door got the blanket and when I turned around Lou was behind. We fell into a passionate kiss. Wait a minute I said and grabbed my vanity case. Lets's go back into the garden.

I opened the vanity case and Lou's eyes lit up it is where i keep my dildo collection.

She was immediately drawn to a massive black strap on. Pete and I fantasise about me being fucked by a big black cock and this is what we use. It also has a vibrating tip in it.

Lou put the "strap on" on and covered it in lube. She bent me onto all fours and slowly inserted it. My pussy was so stretched. She took long slow strokes and fuckled me for ages. My pussy was on fire. I reached into the case and got out another vibrator that I held against my clit. I was so excited. Any neighbour looking into the garden would have had a fabulous sight and within minutes I could feel my pussy starting to explode and came violently.

Lou then asked me to look after her. She lay on the blanket and raised her legs as if to do a bicycle kick and told me to sit astride her and to start licking her pussy. She was moaning with ecstasy and as my pussy was just above her face I could feel her hot breath on it. I then started licking her ass it tasted superb. Back to her pussy which was so wet and then at the same time I pushed a small vibrator right up her ass. I could feel her pussy starting to tighten and knew she was close to orgasm. Just before she came she grabbed my legs and started licking my pussy. My god I shouted as I was about to cum for a second time. We both came together and the noise was so loud. Anybody on the other side of my garden wall must have wondered what was happening.

We both collapsed on the blanket and fell asl**p for about an hour.

Lou is so so sexy and I can't wait for our next experience.

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