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A joint, my best mate and his girlfriend

The evening had started like any other, my mate Paul and his girlfriend Sarah came over for pizza and a DVD night. It was hot and Paul and myself got comfortable in our boxers and no shirts. We’d had the pizza and started the DVD and were sharing a joint of some really top grade grass. The movie was progressing but didn’t really keep our attention and then the sex scene started.

I was on the couch with the chase lounge extension so could lie straight out as I was watching the action on the screen. Well obviously smoking the mary jane and the scene in front, got things moving and before I knew it I had a boner in my shorts which I was trying to conceal.

Sarah was lying perpendicular to me with her head in Paul’s lap and she started tapping her feet at my shorts which only made things worse, I had a really hard boner and needed some release. Somehow she sensed it, or she was really horny too, this bit was fuzzy and I can’t quite remember what happened next. But the next thing I remember was she was sitting cross legged, next to me talking in baby talk and saying how much she admired me and began carelessly touching my arm and caressing my stomach as she spoke. Then she planted one straight on my mouth and started kissing me and nibbling my lower lip, which was pretty arousing. As I didn’t fight it off and could see that Paul was smiling behind her I didn’t feel I needed to resist her endeavours. She started sucking my nipples which began to drive me wild. “oh Fuck that feels awesome” I yelled, and she removed her top and let her soft pert breasts breathe freely in the summer evening. The sight of them was deleriously pleasing and her nipples were delightfully erect and wanting attention. She straddled me and leant down so that I could have a lick and suck as her breasts grazed my face, her hair falling over me, causing tickling tingles and sensations as it moved that somehow were amplified by being stoned. Of course all this rubbing and teasing had got me pretty excited and I reached up to grab her face with both my hands to kiss her some more. She likewise cradled my face with her hands as we kissed, our tongues danced the salsa as they flicked in and out of each others mouth. It was then I felt the glorious sensation of her removing my boxers down my legs and as we were still kissing, I wasn’t concentrating but felt happy to be free and have my hard cock out in the air. Then I felt it, warm wetness on my cock, the most beautiful sliding sensation and an explosion of sensations radiating out from cock as her soft pussy enclosed around me. Eating me as if it had a mind of its own. Our lips separated and I gazed at her in my stoned happiness as the motion sliding back and forth on my wet cock continued, pleasuring me in ways I’d never felt before. Then the hands running up my leg and tickling my balls, it was like an electrical storm, the most pleasurable sensations ever. I smiled and she smiled back at me and our hands played as I still felt the motions and pleasure on my cock. It was at that moment I realized all the pieces weren’t correct in my perception of what was happening and she giggled as she got up and I could see Paul feeding on my cock. His hands were gently strocking my legs, his mouth sliding back and forth on my shaft and cock head. He was worshipping it and sucking it down his throat burying his head to my pubes. I was in awe. The sight of him doing this to me and for me made my cock seem to swell even harder and I could feel my precum being pulsed out of where ever it is stored. Paul was moaning as he tasted it being expelled into his mouth, both his hands moving up my side and slid over my chest to reach my sensitive nipples. Tingling was going everywhere amplified by the grass, I dropped my legs on either side of the foot stool of the chase so that Paul had better access to my balls. This was the best blow job I had ever had and I wanted to maximise the pleasure. Sarah had meanwhile removed her pants and was fingering her hot little pussy, which was moist and glistening. She was giggling and saying “that’s right honey, eat that cock, taste that cum, its what you wanted baby”. This only turned me on more. My best mate was fucking awesome.

I was rock hard and feeling tingling in places I didn’t know could tingle. Paul had slid a finger up my crack which gave added deliciousness to my pulsating pleasure tool and drooling cock. Sarah restraddled me, backwards so she could watch Paul devour me. I reached my hand around to her front and ran my finger along her pussy groove and gently rubbed her hood and rocked her little man in the boat. She was heaving and moanong and giggling at the same time. Paul was still feasting on my throbbing cock and I couldn’t hold back anymore. The building sensations were at the point of no return and my pelvis contracted in a body jolt that was just the start of 8 or 10 of the most extraordinarily f***eful explulsions of cum I had ever experienced. I injected bolt after bolt of creamy cum down my best mates throat and he was loving it and swallowing every last drop. Sarah was squealing with delight as my hands gripped her thighs to stabilise myself during the jolts. Finally Paul withdrew from my cock and kissed Sarah passionately on the mouth as I could only watch and catch breath as this wonderful pair had just provided me with the most powerful orgasm of my life.

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