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My s****r and I Part 2.

For those of you who read my first story about this subject,the second better part has happened.

Well this is a few years later as I am now 28 and she is 32,She is now married and has 2 k**s but they were both c-sections,thank god.

My s****r is now 5'6'' 132lbs with 36 c cup tits.Her husband and her came up from so cal to see my grandmother in the hospital.
My s****r's husband is a total tool,he works all the time and never shows my s*s any love unless he is horny and even then he only thinks of himself,selfish bastard.

When they came up here,a day later he got a call from work and said he had to go back for a few days,so he left my s****r and her k**s at my house...big mistake.
After she put her k**s to bed her and I were hanging out in the kitchen,she was wearing common blue jeans and a loose fitting shirt. I got up the nerve to talk to her about her and her husband's sex life.

She told me that it was ok but he has a small dick (about 5 in hard)and doesn't like eating pussy.Well I brought up how good I ate her out when I was 13 yrs old.
She asked if I wanted to do it again and I said yes so I took her to my room and laid her down on the bed,she pulled off her shirt to reveal her bare breasts,perfectly white,smooth with little pink nipples so I started licking and kissing them.I moved my hand down her pants only to find she was not wearing panties either and have shaved her muff too.I pulled her pants down and started eating her pussy.

She tasted so good,I ate her for about 20 minutes at which time she came and had an orgasm.She then got this look in her eyes,when I asked her what was wrong? She simply said take off your pants and FUCK ME!

I was shocked but wasted no time,I stripped off my clothes and climb on top of my s****r,I slid my cock in slowly because it was so tight! Her husband must have had a really small dick because she felt like a Virgin!After about 30 minutes of me fucking her I pulled out and blasted the biggest load I ever had on her stomach and tits.That was some of the best sex I have ever had,and look forward to a repeat performance next time she is up.

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