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From lifeguards fucked brutally

In the swimming pool, fixed and fucked.
I am a 22 year young girl, was with friends at the pool, and looked where to swim. When I was suddenly thrown another into the pool. There was a problem, I could not swim. I tried again to get out of the pool but could not. Eventually, 2 lifeguards jumped into the water and rescued me. But I was not responsive.
The lifeguard took me out of the water, put me on the stretcher and took me in a locked room. Civil servants me until I was again accessible. They fixed me while I peed into my swimsuit. They moved me out of my swimsuit and pulled me a diaper. They told me that the doctor is the same. min after 4o. the doctor was still not there, the lifeguards called again to see the doctor, but the latter said: He would only in 1 hour, the two rescue swimmers 18 and 19 years old. Mike was 18 and Frank 19 years old. I said please, but I go by my fixation, but they just laughed. They came to my couch where I was attached. Mike me based on my diaper, which was now full of pissed again. I said let there please, I do not want this, but the two only said, here is it done what we want. And we want you to fuck right now. Mike went to my pussy still in the wet diaper and were pushed his Penisunter the diaper. I cried, please do not. But it was the two guys do not care. Frank took off my wet diaper, licking my Pfotze as dirty as it was. He licked my lips collide pushed them apart with his hands, licking my clit so I was really wet. Suddenly I accidentally peed off, and he swallowed it all. Frank said this can not and took his fist and stuck it in my ass. I screamed in pain. But now he took his big cock and fucked me mercilessly on in my ass. Well put Frank also his hard cock into my tight, wet pussy and fucked me the way through really hard. So the Mike and Frank fucked my asshole while durchfickte my pussy. I screamed please, please, but they did not pass, as Mike said, we must hurry, like the doctor comes, the hour is soon rum. As Frank said, then I will not piss on you now. He turned to me and I pissed on my inseminated, piss pussy, then he came with his plump thick cock stuck it in my small delicate mouth. I said now listen to at length, but no, he stuck his cock completely into my mouth until his penis in my mouth and squirts his semen ran out of my mouth on the lips. He then moved again to a fresh diaper and broke me of my fixation. Then came the doctor already. Mike and Frank told the doctor that they had to fix myself and I have eingepinkelt me. Therefore, you have given me a diaper have attracted caution. Then I was taken away by ambulance

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