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Surprise Visit

I’m staying in a motel room, doing a little work in my room catching up on some emails, when there is a knock at the door. I am not expecting anyone, so I feel a little funny about getting the door, considering I’m wearing my usual hotel room garb. T-shirt and underwear, I figure it’ll be ok since the t-shirt is long and the underwear is kind of like shorts.

To my surprise I open the door to find you smiling, I pull open the door to let you in. As I close the door you kiss me, I can tell you are nervous and excited. We embrace and kiss, softly at first letting you take the lead somewhat. I can feel you shaking a little, not sure if it’s nerves or excitement. My tongue presses its way into your mouth and finds your tongue.

Plunging into deeper and more passionate kiss, I begin to move my hands down your back to your ass. As I caress your ass, you begin to respond with soft moans. You reach for my ass and squeeze it in your hands, pulling me to you and then you push me away. Smiling you say that I’ll get my turn but now is your turn. You push at me to sit down and I cooperate, you begin to remove your clothes, you are wearing, some sexy lacy bra and panties, you go to your purse and purposely bend over so I have a direct look at your tight ass. You spread your legs a little so that I can see that your panties are crotchless, you stand up and turn back around to me and kneel down in front of me. You tell me your going to show me exactly how you masturbate after reading the stories I send you. You tell me that you’ve thought about watching me get hard from watching you fuck yourself for a long time. As your talking with me your hand is between your legs caressing your crotch, I notice and of course try and look but your staring me right in the eye. You tell me that your pussy is hot and wet, as one of your hand caresses your breast you see me trying to watch your hands and look you in the eye. You tell me go ahead watch me that is what I want, you tell me how you sometimes start out like this just slowly rubbing at your pussy to make it hotter and wetter. You lean back a little and I can see that your hand is rubbing across your pussy, your fingers slightly parting the lips of your pussy. Your fingers gently probing against your love hole. You lay back and spread your legs, to give you better view of your masturbation. You look up and tell me that your pussy is so tight that you really have to spread your legs wide to get anything inside.

You look directly at my rising manhood in my underwear and tell me that you can’t wait to get started on my swelling cock. You spread your legs wide as your finger begins to probe into your wet but tight pussy. Your hand that has been caressing your breast moves to rub against the top of your pussy, flicking and rubbing at your clit, as you press deeper into your pussy. I can see the wetness of your pussy begin to show on your fingers and against the lips, I tell you that I want to lick that beautiful pussy right now and you tell me I have to wait. You tell me how good its going to feel my tongue on it but you have a lot yet in store for me.

Your hand moves to find your white toy which, for effect you lick it and you see my cock flutter with anticipation. You press it slowly at first and gently strokes pressing deeper, and longer. While your hand rubs at your clit you begin to move the dildo faster and faster in long soft strokes, I can see your legs stiffen as you prepare for your orgasm. My cock is throbbing with delight as I watch your orgasm, I start to reach for my own manhood and you see this as your orgasm subsides and you ask me no, I’ll do that. You come to me and you kiss me, you brush your wet fingers against me lips and my tongue, licks at and sucks them deep into my mouth. I can’t wait to taste more of your cum, I beg you to let me lick your pussy, you reply only after you’ve sucked the cum out of my cock, you pull my t-shirt off and kiss my chest, your head moving quickly to my crotch. You pull my underwear from underneath me and expose my throbbing cock. Your hands and mouth move about it, licking and rubbing it, tugging at my balls, nipping the head of it with your teeth, your tongue running up the shaft and swirling around the head, and plunging your mouth over the top and taking me deep into your mouth. You tease and flirt with it building the pressure as it wants to explode and then stopping, and starting and soon I’m shooting hot jism deep into your mouth as swallow every drop. You smile up at me as you lick at my cock one last time and kiss me, pulling me up with you kissing me you pull me to the bed. You say now I want me to lick your pussy and you want me lay down so you can sit on your face and lick it until I’m hard again, so you can fuck me wild.

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