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Victoria’s first time with a girl – pa

Reassured by Victoria’s reaction to her so far, Elise felt brave enough to go on.

“Can I touch you? I mean, we could take our clothes off.”

“You want to touch me? How?” Victoria was getting freaked out by her friend’s strange behaviour.

Drawing her friend towards her, Elise lifted up Victoria’s skirt and stroked her lightly, but meaningfully between her legs.

“You and your s****r are both deeply sensual people, but you just ooze sexuality Victoria.”

Moving her fingers up and down Victoria’s crotch, she was meeting with little or no resistance and was sensing that her friend was curious about getting touched by another woman.

“Who needs a man to relax in these liberated times? When you feel tense, just come to me and I can relax you. How does that feel?”

“It feels kind of good” Victoria replied, “if a little weird”

“Now let me put my hand inside your tights and touch your pussy.”

Pulling her tights away from her body, Victoria let her friend slide a hand inside and felt Elise’s hand on her most intimate parts. She’d never had anyone else since Graeme and so was thrilled and relieved by the touch of another.

Feeling Elise’s hand on her faintly furry pussy lips sent a shudder through her. Feeling compelled to kiss Elise, she kissed her friend on the mouth, whilst Elise worked her fingers down inside her friends opaque navy hosiery. Victoria was soon moist as she enjoyed her first lesbian encounter.

Struggling to pull her tights down to give Elise easier access, Victoria wiggled her hips, then opened her legs wider for access to her most intimate areas. Elise continued stroking Victoria as Victoria urged her to go faster.
“Fuck me, Elise” purred Victoria into Elise’s ear, “make me cum”.

The ladies kissed each other, increasingly passionately, on Victoria’s part, as she gave into her feelings of lesbian arousal, at the fingers of her friend. Elise obliged, frigging Victoria’s clitoris and lips faster until Victoria was moaning with pleasure. Elise was surprised how aroused Victoria was and scheming that now she could have the best of both worlds, by keeping Victoria as her lesbian bitch. Soon Victoria surrendered her lesbian cherry to her friend as she came all over her fingers.

Recovering her composure, Victoria stood in front of her friend, with her tights around her thighs.

“Let me touch you. That was fantastic, “coed Victoria, buzzing with sexual energy.

Elise obliged by slipping off her shoes and trousers, moving her panties to one side, guiding Victoria’s fingers to her shaven pussy.

Victoria giggled as she touched her friend’s smooth lips, “I didn’t know you shaved down there.”

“Now shush…just touch me like you want to,” urged Elise.

Victoria first stroked, then rubbed her friends clitoris with her fingers. Elise gasped with pleasure as she was aroused by her friend.

Victoria followed her instincts and concentrated on Elise’s clitoris, working it slowly and sensually. Elise knew she’d found the right girl, as she melted into Victoria’s touch and kissed her friend.

Victoria worked Elise’s clitoris, but also stroked her pussy, curious at how smooth her lips were (Victoria would later have her pussy shaved by her aunt – see Keep it in the f****y blog). They felt so sensual and soft. Applying a little pressure and gently increasing this, in response to Elise’s reactions, she fingered and masturbated another girl for the first time.

Encouraging Victoria, Elise held onto Victoria’s left hip with one hand and used the fingers of her other hand to touch, probe and other.
Elise came first, followed by Victoria. The girls slowed then withdrew their fingers from each other, as their hormone levels returned to normal after hitting the sexual high of climax.

“That was great, Elise,” Victoria panted in excitement

“I’m glad you liked it,” Elise replied.

The girls adjusted their clothing and Victoria pulled up her tights and straightened her skirt.

“My husband mustn’t find out that we’ve done this. Not a word to anyone you understand ?”

Victoria reassured Elise that this would be their little secret.

Later that day, when Victoria was at home in her own bed alone, her fingers slid into her pyjama bottoms and she started to stroke her pussy. Slowly at first, just up and down. Her eyes closed, she remembered how Elise had slipped her fingers down to her lips and started to imagine that she was here now, masturbating her. With a quickening heart rate, she masturbated whilst thinking about how she had enjoyed her time with Elise earlier in the day before falling asl**p with thoughts of how she wanted Elise again, unaware that her friend had the same idea…

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