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My fantasy...50

as i sit at my desk at work
& try 2 look busy as i surf the web
i look at sum tasty gay porn sites...
i hear a squeak at the window behind me
& when i turn around 2 take a look
i see u run a squeegee down the glass...
i look back over my shoulder at u
& i stand & bend 4ward over my desk
then slide my hand slowly over my ass
as u look at me with a wicked little grin...
as i wiggle my ass slowly back & 4th
u point your finger in2 the air & yell
" meet me up on the roof !! "

it is almost time 4 my lunch break
so i quickly log off my computer
& sneak quietly out of the office...
when i reach the top of the stairs
i strip off everything but my thong
& then open the door 2 the roof...
as u work on the air conditioning unit
u are shirtless & all sweaty & so sexy
as u turn 2 watch me approach u...
my cock starts 2 thicken with lust
& my ass-hole puckers in anticipation
as u turn 2wards me & finally stand
& i can see your substantial package...
u smile & say
" i'm glad u decided 2 cum up !! "

i tilt my head & then whisper
" it was a very intriguing invitation !! "
as u slide back down on2 your knees
& i slowly walk even closer 2 u...
as your hands reach out 2ward me
i turn away from u & spread my feet
& i feel your fingertips on my hips
then your hot breath on my butt...
i arch my back 2 give u better access
as i feel your tongue slip in2 my cleft
& then tease my tightly puckered hole...
i hook my thumbs in2 my silky thong
& slide it down over my trembling thighs
as i feel your hot tongue spear in2 me...
i grind back against u & groan loudly
" oh god yes !! get me nice & wet !!! "
as your tongue slides in & out & around...

suddenly i can't wait any longer 2 see u
so i quickly pull away from your mouth
& pull u up 2 your feet in front of me...
i can see that your package has grown
as i drop down 2 my knees in front of u
& quickly unbutton & unzip your jeans...
when i slide your pants down your legs
your semi-hard cock leaps out at me
& i smile wickedly up at u & whisper
" i wanna suck on your big cock !!! "
as my left hand grasps your thick root
& my right hand strokes your shaft...
your hands grip my head & u groan
" take that hot cock in your mouth !! "
as i open my mouth as wide as i can
& let your thick cock-head slide inside...
as your hips start 2 rock back & 4th
i slide my hands back 2 grip your ass
& i feel your girthy glans slide deeper
until your oozing tip is in my throat
& my lips stretch wide around the root...
my eyes start 2 water as i look up at u
& u smile & whisper
" i wanna fuck that tight little ass !! "

when i finally release my lip-lock on u
your cock is fully erect & throbbing
& u fall back in2 an old plastic lawn-chair
& your thick erection points sexily upward
as u motion 4 me 2 cum over closer 2 u...
i turn away from u & start 2 lower my ass
with my feet on the outside of your legs
as u grip the base of your delicious dick
& guide it 2ward my spit-slippery anus...
when i feel your leaking glans against me
i reach back & put my hand on your chest
as i rock my hips 4ward & back above u
& slowly work the tip of your cock in2 me
until i feel my straining sphincter give way
& the tip of your girthy glans slips inside...
as soon as i feel your thick tip stretch me
i start 2 press my ass insistently downward
& take more & more of your thick tool in...
i look back over my shoulder & whimper
" your cock feels so fucking good in me !! "
as i suddenly let my entire body drop down
& my clutching hole engulfs your entire cock...

as soon as i finally catch my breath again
i start 2 undulate my hips back & 4ward
& then side 2 side & in tight little circles
as i feel your thick shaft stir my insides
& my own cock grows harder & longer 2...
finally i regain the strength 2 lift myself
i grab the arms of the chair very tightly
& i slide about half-way up off your cock
then i hold myself still above u & whimper
" fuck me !! fuck me !! oh god fuck me !!!
fuck that tight ass with your fat cock !!! "
& i feel your hands slide up 2 grip my hips
as u start 2 jack-hammer your cock in2 me...
my cock flops up from my balls 2 my belly
with each of your sharp & stabbing strokes
& my pre-cum splashes & splatters all over...

when u finally start 2 get tired & slow down
i slide my feet up on2 the seat of the chair
so they are resting just outside of your hips
& my hands still grip tight on the chair arms...
as u relax & lower your ass back to the seat
i start 2 raise & lower my body above yours
as u grip my waist tightly & groan loudly
" fuck my cock !! fuck my cock in2 your ass !!
take that cock all the way inside your ass !!! "
as i start 2 raise myself cumpletely upward
until just the tip of your cock touches my anus
then lower my body so slowly & deliberately
until my ass rests on top of your strong hips
& my horny hole cumpletely engulfs your tool...

as i continue 2 slide slowly up & down on u
i feel u start 2 thrust upward 2 meet my strokes
& i slowly slide my feet back down on2 the floor
until they are right next 2 each other in front
& my legs are squeezed very tightly 2gether...
when i put my legs so close in front of me
it makes my ass clutch your cock even tighter
& i feel every bit of your cock-flesh inside me...
as i hold most of my weight up on my arms
& your hands hold my ass steady above u
u start 2 pound your thick tool up in2 my ass
& it makes my ass & thighs quiver each time...
i tip my head back & then softly whimper
" oh god yes !! that's what i need !! oh god !!
fuck my ass !! fuck my ass !! fuck my ass !!! "

after several more deep-delving upward thrusts
u suddenly push me cumpletely off your cock
then u stand & push me 2ward the chair & growl
" i wanna fuck your tight ass from behind !!
get down on your knees in the chair !! now !! "
i am so excited that there is no way i will argue
so i slide my knees up on2 the plastic seat
& wrap my arms around the back of the chair...
i arch my back as far as i can 2 lift up my ass
as i feel the thick head of your cock enter me
then i press backwards & rock my hips gently
as your girthy shaft stretches me open wider...
i look back over my shoulder & moan
" fuck that tight ass !! give me that fat cock !!
fuck my ass with every inch of your cock !!! "

as soon as u hear me talking dirty 2 u again
your fingers dig deep in2 my quivering hips
& u start 2 long-stroke your fat tool in & out
as u drive deep in2 my ass until u hit bottom
then pull back until just the head is inside me...
my cock throbs & pulses with every caress
as your shaft rakes over my aching prostate
& i undulate my hips up & down & back & 4th
as i get closer & closer 2 an explosive orgasm...
my ankles are crossed & hanging off the seat
& your knees are clamped tight against them
as u hammer the full length of your erection
deep in2 my up-turned & totally willing ass...
as my orgasm approaches closer & closer
i look back at u again & whimper loudly
" oh god !! i'm gonna cum on your cock !!
you're gonna make me cum on your cock !! "
& u grip on2 my quivering hips even tighter
as u start 2 slam your prick deeper in2 me
& make the entire chair move under my body...

as u piston your entire length in & out of me
i press backwards against u as hard as i can
& i feel delirious from the intense sensation
of being stretched so wide & fucked so deep...
i suddenly throw back my head & scream
" i'm cumming !! i'm cumming !! i'm cumming !!
oh god !! i'm cumming on your fucking cock !!! "
as my sperm sprays from my pulsating prick
& splatters out on2 the back of the chair...
as my orgasmic ass clenches your cock tighter
i hear u groan deep in your chest behind me
as u drive your cock all the way in2 my hole
& i feel your long shaft swell & throb & pulsate
as the extreme heat of your seed enters me...
i groan
" deep in me !! cum deep in me !! deep in me !!
fuck me full !! fuck my ass-hole full of cum !! "
as your cock empties spurt after hot spurt
& drenches my insides with your juicy jizz
until it finally over-flows my crammed cavern
& oozes out & down the insides of my thighs...

( do u wanna ??? )

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