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Massage parlor

I have been visiting massage parlors for a few year now.
You see I travel alot and need human contact once in awhile.
Been in my hotel room and jerking off is fine most of the time, but having someone do it for you is more expensive, but a whole lot better.
This one time I went for a massage and met this beautiful blond mature woman. She asked me what I was interested in and as usual, I wanted a nude massage and jerk off.
She left the room for a few minutes while I got undressed and layed down on the massage table.
When she returned she removed her dress, bra and panties.
She had fantastic breasts, a great figure and a shaved pussy.
As she massaged my shoulders, I had a perfic view of her pussy.
I had positioned myself so as she massaged between my legs, my cock was there for her to touch.
She not only got me hard in not time, but she started to rub my asshole.
This was new to me.
I raised my body up for her to have more room between the table and me to jerk me, all the time she's playing with my asshole.
I was on all fours and she was milking my cock, when she stuck her finger in my ass. I was a bit surprised at first, but it felt good and I found myself moving my ass towards her finger for more.
She continued to jerk me and finger fuck my ass. I couldn't hold on any longer and blew my load.
What a great experience.
We've been together a few times and on her suggestion, I brough anal beads for my next visit. It just got better.
What a special woman.
She's not at this place any more, however now when I go get massaged and the women do want to finger fuck me, I do it myself.
I have a pile of stories about reverse massage and mutual masturbation.
Please comment on whether anyone is interested in them.

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