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Tranny whore Samara Rosetti at a Trucker's jo

Last night I got a call from a client. He told me to meet him at a small bar close to Olga Street in Stuttgart.
He ordered me to dress as follows: Short black leather mini skirt slit up the side, button down red silk blouse unbuttoned 3 buttons, 16cm spiked heels boots, fishnet body stocking, no bra, and absolutely no panties. I dressed as he demanded with one exception. I wore red lace panties, thinking that if he got far enough to see them, he wouldn't care that I wore them. I'm an idiot.
I met him outside the bar. I was standing there he pulled up in a tuck. He stopped and told me to follow him as he drove around to the side of the building between the bar and the porn shop. I followed around as he parked. He opened the door but did not get out. He motioned me over and I complied. When I got around the truck, I saw he had his pants unzipped and his semi hard cock out in his hand. "Okay whore, suck me off before we go in." I was shocked by his boldness, but anyway I’m the prostitute that has to fulfill the desires of her clients…. He just glared at me and my will was broken.
I took his cock in my hand and began licking the shaft. He pulled my hair and said, "Look slut, I want you to suck it, not tease it. Either you get it right or I'll get on the phone and have 20 guys down here for you to practice with." I took him completely in my mouth and began sucking with new vigor.
He used his hands on my head to make me go faster and deeper, taking him all the way into my throat. Thomas started to grunt and his cock pulsed. I knew was going to cum so I started swallowing in anticipation. Instead, he pulled me by the hair off of his cock and held my face 5cm from his cock as it started shooting his cum all over my face. One shot went into my eyes, another into my mouth and one into my hair. The rest hit my chin and nose. I imagine I was quite a sight.
I stood up and started to reach into my purse for some tissues to clean my face when Thomas said, "Hey, Cum Slut! Bend down and lick my cock clean!" I bent down and licked his cock and hand clean before I began to search for the tissues again. "Damn, you are just one dumb whore," he said as I took out the tissues. "You don't use tissues for that. Use your fingers and lick them clean."
I "cleaned off" as best I could with my limited resources and then Thomas got out of the truck. This is the first time I have seen him in real life and he was taller than I expected (with a much bigger cock as well). He has dark hair, tanned skin, and appears to exercise regularly. He has that rugged everyman look that would look equally at home at a construction site or in a boardroom. As we walked into the bar he said, "Hope you brought money for the drinks." I asked, "Um, this place is kinda creepy. Is it safe?"
He smiled at me and replied, "Hey, it's your choice, here or I take you into the porn shop. I'm sure you'll meet some interesting people in there." I looked at the porn shop nearby the post office. But I thought that the bar is fine.
As we walked into the bar, I took in the...ambiance? To describe the bar as a dive would be an insult to dives everywhere. The place was dark and smoke filled. There was a long mahogany bar in the center that 30 years ago probably looked beautiful and rustic. Now it just looked sad and tarnished. In the back was a pool table that was propped up on one side by cinder blocks.
The bar was filled with bikers, burly truckers, skanky women and a female waitress who couldn't be older than 17 or 18. As the girl gathered drinks behind the bar, the bartender, an older fat guy with a course beard leaned over to her and grabbed her firm teen tits as he said, "I told you to wear your uniform here, dammit!"
The girl lowered her head, put down the tray and picked up an article of clothes. She headed out towards the bathroom and said, "Yes, Daddy."
I remember looking around at the strange collection of freaks. I said under my breath, "Maybe we should have gone to the porn shop instead." Thomas reached his arm around me and squeezed my right tit. "One thing at a time, tranny." It was then that I knew I was in for a long and interesting night.
Thomas and I sat in the dirty bar, he with a beer and me with my favorite Wodka-Red Bull mix. Across the bar, several large fury bikers were eyeing me up and down. When Thomas noticed this, he leaned over and said over the din of the music, "You have some admirers. Hike up your skirt and give them a peak."
I was about to protest but when I looked at him and our eyes made contact, I lost my resolve. I lowered my head and took my skirt in my hands. I lifted my ass a bit so I could pull my tight skirt up to reveal my red lace panties.
Thomas smiled when he saw me lift my skirt. He leaned down to take a peak himself and then quickly glared up at me. "I thought I made myself perfectly clear about your required dress code for tonight. Are you trying to make me look like a jackass?"
I stuttered an apology, "I-I'm sorry, I just thought..."
He said, "Well, I guess I'll have to see if I can fix things." He stood up and raised his hands and said in a loud and commanding voice, "Excuse me, may I have everyone's attention please. My little cunt would like to buy everyone here a round of drinks." The crowd cheered as the bartender started pouring pitchers of beer. I whispered to him, "I don't have that much money on me. I only brought 20 Euros."
Thomas looked down at me with almost disappointment and then his face turned to one of amusement as he said, "Well, then I guess you'll have to find a way to raise some money, won't you?" I nodded. He continued, "Hmm, now how can a dirty whore like you raise money in a place like this? Oh, I have an idea! Come with me, bitch."
Thomas dragged me into the men's bathroom. A very d***k man was using the urinal, though he was using more of the floor than the urinal as he swayed back and forth. Thomas said to the man, "Hey, how about this bitch sucks your cock for 5 Euros?" What the hell did I get myself into? And at 5 Euros a shot, how many cocks will I have to suck to pay the 100 Euro bar bill?
Thomas pushed me to my knees on the wet, filthy floor. A d***k man at the urinal turned to look at me but was still in the process of urinating. His stream splashed off my red blouse, wetting it and making the thin fabric almost transparent. In the process it further exposed my 85JJ breasts. I was about to leap to my feet, but Thomas's hand on my shoulder held me in place. The d***k man's stream tapered off and he fished in his pocket for money. He handed Thomas a crumpled up bill and then stepped towards me, his flaccid cock still dripping piss. I wanted to at least wipe it off, but I didn't want to disappoint Thomas, so I leaned forward and licked the tip.
I looked up at Thomas, who smiled for a brief moment. The smile vanished as quickly as it appeared, but I knew he was pleased, so I took hold of the man's tool and began to suck on it. It got hard quickly and within 2 minutes the man was moaning as he filled my mouth with cum. The d***k man stumbled out the door with his cock still hanging out.
Thomas told me to stay put while he went and drummed up some more business. While he went from table to table, whispering to scary men and pointing towards the bathroom door, I decided to clean myself off a bit. Naturally, there were no paper towels and the toilet paper dispenser was empty as well. I was starting to get frustrated and was ready to grab my purse from the wet floor and leave when a large man with a baseball cap entered the bathroom. He looked at me and said, "So I hear you're hungry for some throat yogurt." He held up a five Euro bill with one hand as he unzipped his overstuffed jeans with the other. The man was, in a word, furry. He had on a dirty white v-neck undershirt with the sleeves cut off, exposing his massive amounts of body hair. The guy not only had hairy arms, chest and crotch, but he had long coarse curly hairs on his shoulders, neck and hands.
Thomas would probably be back any second, so I wasted no time. I took the man's surprisingly long cock in my hand and licked the underside as I looked up at him. Then I took him completely into my mouth and sucked him. As I worked on him, I felt his rough fingers in my hair. He grabbed a handful of my silky brown hair and began fucking my mouth.
This guy continued to fuck my mouth, when Thomas returned with 5 more men. They all stood around me and watched how this man ****d my face. Finally, after about 10 minutes, the man pulled out his cock and began firing several hot blasts of sticky white slime onto my face and hair. Then when he finished, he wiped his cock off on the left side of my head, using my hair as a dish rag. He zipped back up and then leaned to the side and tossed the 10 Euro into the unflushed toilet next to us. "Go fishing, slut." It was terrible.
The furry man left and I worked on the other five men. Sue enough, they each tossed their money into the toilet as well. When I finished, I had to scoop my hand into the filth of the toilet to retrieve my poor wage.
As I washed my hands as well as my face, Thomas said, "You make a pretty good whore. Maybe I'll let you be my dirty little toilet whore." Just then, another man walked in. He nodded to Thomas and unzipped his pants. I got back on my knees but the man stopped me and said to Thomas, "No, I want to fuck the bitch”.
He turned to the thin "customer" and said, "For 70 Euros you can be the first guy to fuck her ass this night." The man agreed and Thomas told me to lift my skirt and bend down and grab the urinal. I can only assume he didn't have me grab the sink because the urinal was lower and because it was much more degrading. I assumed the position and the man spit on his cock. Then he lined it up at my hole and grabbed my hips. I held on tight as the man began forcing his cock into my
As the stranger continued to fuck my ass with more speed and f***e, I heard the door open again. From my vantage point, I couldn't see who it was till he stepped up next to my face.

It was the furry guy again. "Don't mind me, whore. I'm just here to take a piss." In my current situation, I was too busy holding onto the urinal. As he unzipped and fished his cock from his jeans, the man behind me started pounding harder, forcing me even closer to the urinal. My face was just 20cm from the dirty porcelain when the furry fat man started pissing.
Finally he finished, chuckled as he zipped up and left the bathroom. The man behind me laughed at my situation as he grabbed my hips and pulled me tight to him. I could feel him pulsating as he filled me with his seed. He pulled out and then pulled his wallet from his pocket. He held up the money and then said, "Okay bitch, now suck it clean. I could feel his slime dripping from my ass as I cleaned him. Then he dropped the money onto the dirty floor and walked out.
I stood up and ran to the sink to wash my mouth out. When I rinsed 4 or 5 times, I picked up the money and washed it off. I handed it to Thomas and said, "There, we should have more than 100 Euros now. That should cover the bar bill and a tip." Thomas handed me the rest of the money, including the crumpled bill the d***ken guy gave me when I first entered this hell hole of a bathroom. I unraveled it and saw that it was a 50 Euro bill and the 600 Euros we combined for my service. I grabbed my purse and paid the bar tab. Thomas walked with me towards the door. One of the guys I sucked off said, "Hey Thomas, she was much better than that tranny you brought last week. You should bring her back." Thomas smiled and said, "Yeah, I think so."

Thomas walked me to my car. I was soaking wet, dripping with sperm. I opened the door to my new Mercedes but was reluctant to soil the seats. Thomas said, "Hold on." He went into his truck and pulled out a red blanket. "Here, sit on this." As I reached out for it, he held it tight and said, "And it will only cost you your blouse." I glanced around and saw a few of the guys from the bar were standing outside watching. I protested, "But I have to cross the bridge and the guy at the toll plaza will see me."
Thomas said, "Okay, I just figured you'd want to save those seats. Whatever." He turned back towards the truck but I yelled, "No, wait!" I stripped off the wet blouse and handed it to him. He grabbed it and tossed it into the back of his truck. Then he handed me the blanket.
As I put the blanket in, I realized I left my panties in the bathroom. Fuck it; I wasn't going back in there tonight. I climbed into the car and Thomas said, "E-mail me tomorrow. We'll do this again next week. Maybe we'll go over to the porn shop next door and I'll let you be a glory hole slut." I just nodded and quietly said, "Okay."
As I drove home, naked, wet and dripping slime from my ass, I wondered why I agreed to see him again next week. Why would I allow these things to happen to myself? I am a well paid with my business clients, well respected tranny whore. I want a man to treat me well and take me to nice places and buy me nice things. Or... maybe he was right. Maybe I'm just a dirty cock sucking anal whore.

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