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Most Excellent (but somehow ever more paranoid) XH

I promised you our own story when we met here through profiles on XHamster. A funny thing happened, worth sharing with readers here, and, this is our story.

Adventuring began easily, the XHamster way, finding profiles, posting comments, messaging about one another commenting on profiles. Cyber sexing is the second reason after video viewing everyone hopes for when we connected here. You were so into the intensity of our exchanges that I easily ignored the long gaps in time for your side of the messages to come across the internet. Maybe a more paranoid person would have tried to discern a motive for you to be this perfectly attentive to my newbie XHamstering, wondering if maybe for the reasons ski resorts pay the pretty ski bunnies to keep on the slopes but socialize with the customers, you were a shill, a hostess from xhamster but pretending to be merely a member among us...?

I went with the flow of your demands for dirty talking, (never once typing out on my distracting concern that you were simultaneously cybering in different conversations, I being one among many... which, now that it is on the table, does explain the wishful thinking that delays in cybering were for your attending to your own sensations, my taking credit for driving you past the point of being responsive only while keyboarding back to me).

Getting off again with you the next time we were logged in here was more of a thrill. By our latest go, I was totally drawn in by your impatience to take us from the internet into a real life of tasting and touching the delights connected only by a world wide web. On my side, I had an easy time responding to your demand for poetry by searching for and then cutting and pasting back to you nicely paced deliveries of rhymes from the lines from songs found on the internet as a sort of reconstruction of what might have been a poem ignited by the passions of our messaging. Even when you caught on to my plaigerism, you were so kind as to reward me for sharing a love for your favorite songs!

Exchanging messages with you scripting our future love making was the best survey of literature I ever experienced! You typed more graphic descriptions than operating manuals from the best of the tech writers, and, you followed the appropriate style manual from the association for porn publishers in every detail reaching my screen.

Your early testing of the chances for my engaging in anal did have some questions that came back to haunt me when you pushed so hard for a meeting in real life. Are you preparing me for a gender shock when we get intimate?

You are in some ways such a planner for the world of the living in the moment. I was delighted to be prepared to execute on your plan for your wearing what you had carefully and erotically trained me to expect, what you knew would allow my hand to cup your breast while my tongue licked the salty flavor from your back.

And, when you ordered the favorite drink you had told me you would be drinking, I was shivering with anticipation as I dipped my finger in your drink to bring my wetted finger to your hand and trace your own fingers on the table. The beneath-the-table movement as you opened but then clenched your legs almost provided a musical sensation for choreagraphed nearness.

The details of our touching, thrusting, and employment of a thesaurus of terms for what engaged us is a subject of many messages on this website.

I had always wondered why you were here, on XHamster for what must be nearly working shifts on anyones watch, and, that now fits the mystery from another piece of the puzzle, your wanting to nearly nap on the beach by day...if being here to cyber through our nights is your employment, then all the pieces fit quite nicely after all.

Our story, with details of anal, fetish, first time, masturbation and sex humor to excite others, perhaps to bring many nods of similar thoughts and experiences here with you? Promise fulfilled. Video to follow.

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