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Daddy, daughter duo

So, it all started when my daughter turned 16, it seemed like all of a sudden she became full, gorgeous and most of all- sexy. Now I understand it is quite wierd to have a infatuation with your teenage daughter, but I did. And here is my story.

"Daddy! We have to go out and pick Jason up now, he's waiting." said my daughter, Eva.
"Just gimme a seconds angel."
As Eva and I were about the go pick up her boyfriend, I saw her slip a condom into her 32B cup bra. When we pulled into Jasons driveway, Eva got out and went to go knock on the door. Boy, did her ass look nice in those short shorts, and her boobs, well dont get me started on tits, i could tell she was slightly horny cause her nipples looked a little hard and pointy through her tanktop. I could feel my bulge getting bigger, so i honked the horn hoping that that would hurry the two up. Right now they were at his doorway having a little make out session. Finally after they were done, we drove back to my house, when i looked in the mirror, i could see Eva and Jason making out again, except this time she was sitting on his lap.
When we eventually got home Jason and Eva instantly went upstairs into Evas room- I had no rules about her having boys in her room, i knew she was a slut and it was a treat to hear her moaning and grunting from getting fucked by all those boys. So, I sat down at the top of my bed and pressed my ear up against my wall to listen to my little daughter get banged.
"oooh, faster eva, suck haaaarder."
"Okay now mister, your turn. Get your head down gonna cum, im gonna cum. stop! get inside of my now." moaned eva.
So Jason slipped his wet cock inside of evas loose pussy and started pumping hard.
"huuuh...oh..oh..oh..harder. faster. yeeeaaahh."
I could tell Eva was about the cum by the way her voice was getting higher. I looked down at my pants and saw a wet stain- pre cum- from me rubbing my penis through my pants. After hearing eva moan one last time it was silent. About 10 minutes later i heard jason leave, and eva go to bed. Once i knew she was in a deep sl**p, i walked into her room and started to rub and lick her perky nipples. Then i slowly moved down her legs and started to rub her vagina. I could smell her cum from earlier that evening, After about 10 minutes of rubbing her i went into my room and shot a huge load all over my floor, and went to sl**p. The next morning when i was getting my breakfast eva accidently (or so i thought) bumped into my and i swore she quickly grabbed and rubbed my bulge. "Oops, sorry daddy." And i saw her glance down at my growing bulge and smile a little bit. I noticed today she was dressed extra skimpy, a practically see-through white tube top that ended right before her bellybutton, booty shorts that just gave me a preview of her plump little ass, and a thong hanging out the side. I sat down at the table, rather horny and eva went to sit down but dropped her spoon, she bent over and one of her tits popped out of her tanktop. "uh oh.. hehe, i guess i need a bigger tank top daddy." Eva said to me with a rather flirtatious tone to her voice.
I have never seen such a wonderful sight- my sexy daughters boob popping out of her shirt. I could instantly feel my penis expanding.
after breakfast i sat down on the couch to watch some morning hockey and Eva came up and sat on my lap. "Hi daddy. Ooooh, hockey! my favorite."
She started cheering and squirming around, rubbing her ass against my hard penis, making it even more erect. She kept squirming around and eventually, with a loud yelp, i blew all over my pants and evas ass. I quickly got up and went into my room to avoid discussing it with my daughter.
"Daddy, im coming in." And walked in eva, wearing her house coat, "i know that i have been giving you boners dad, at first i wasnt trying to but this morning is when i actually started to try to." and in one motion Eva slipped off her silky robe. Revealing her breasts, popping out of a lacy, black bra with ribbon on it. And she was also wearing a black matching G-string. "Fuck me?" she said in a seductive voice.
"absolutely." i replied.
She laid down on her back onto my bed, and i slowly undressed her and started to lick and rub her nipples, and they got hard right away. Next, i made my way down her stomach by kissing here, and starting to lick her vagina. I licked her clit, and stuck my tongue in and out of her...then slowly started to finger her with 2 fingers, feeling her warm cum flow out of her. After, she laid me down and started to rub me through my pants, which i love more that anything, and when i had a noticeably big erection she pulled my pants down revealing my 9" cock, and started to blow me. She rubbed my shaft, and sucked my balls and even deep throated my penis. Then she got on her hands and knees, and put her hips into the air. I slipped my penis into her slighty loose vagina and started umping incredibly hard. I could hear my testicle slapping against her everytime i went in.
" Hooooly fuck daaadddyy.... ooohh yeeeaah im gonna cummm."
"ooooh eva me tooo."
After about 30 minutes of me pumping her pussy i pulled out and watched her cum all over herself, and i started to rub my cocky and i cam all over my bed, which eva gladly licked up.

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