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Let's start off by saying that I'm an average guy, 19 years old, living in a suburban home in Ohio. I've lived in Ohio my whole life and I'm now in college, but living at home, for now. A extremely hot MILF moved in across the street from me and I always find myself staring at her. She hasn't lived there very long, only a few months. I met her when she first moved in and got to know a little a bit about her. Her name is Kim and she has three k**s, all of which are under the age of 12. She's thirty one and was married once but has divorced and, sadly, has a boyfriend right now.
She has a job, but its only a waiting on tables at a local sports bar, so she's home a lot during the day. She's around 5-9 and does not weigh a pound over 120, but is probably weighing around 110. She has beautiful blue eyes and long black hair. She always seems to have a smile on her face when I see her which is good for a women as beautiful as her. Her body is absolutely amazing for a woman who has three k** with her small hips and long slender legs. She has a flat stomach that you can see a faint outline of her abs, not the abs like on a body building woman. She has nice 34 C cup breast that make my jibblets tingle when I see her working out through a window or just walking around in her workout clothes. I've never had a real conversation with her because it's hard to have a conversation with a 31 year old, gorgeous woman who you have nothing in common with.
Well one day, I was outside shooting around on my basketball hoop when she calls me over. Obviously, I hustle over just so I can have a close up look at this sexy mom.
"Can you help me move some furniture around?" She asked with a cute smile.
"Of course!" I reply a little too anxiously.
Her k**s weren't home because they were at school. Thank god I get this beauties attention all to myself for awhile. And I knew her boyfriend wasn't there or she wouldn't have needed my help. We began by moving the couch, a table, and the television around. She told me she'd be right back to get me some cash for my efforts. I replied by saying that I don't need any money from her because I was just doing what any good neighbor would do. She said nonsense and that she'd give me like ten bucks.
"You can sit down and rest a minute, I'm going to change into different clothes real fast." She said walking to her room.
How could I just sit here with her in the other room getting naked? I needed to catch a glimpse of her bare ass and I quickly got myself hard thinking about her slowly undressing and being able to see those big bare breasts. I got up and walked to the hallway to see that she had left her door wide open. I had to get a glimpse of her naked body whether or not I actually got to see something or not. I was as hard as a rock and I hadn't even seen anything yet.
She was turned around so she didn't notice me walk into her room. She had nothing on except for a thong and I could see her fine smooth ass and it was obviously very firm as she loved to work out. She turned around slowly with her hair flinging around like she was a model or something. I saw her huge breasts staring back at me and she had very small nipples which looked perfect on her body. She saw me and instantly looked down to see the bulge in my pants. She finally reacted after a few seconds.
"Oh my God! I can't believe you would just walk in here!" She said covering up her amazing boobs, "You little bad boy!"
I was scared shitless, but then she smiled while her eyes kept darting between my eyes and my bulge.
"Well you obviously like what you saw, so I'm going to have to punish you. I think it's only fair that I get to see you naked." She had a big grin on her face that told me she was turned on.
"Okay?" I said as I took my shirt off nervously.
I'm not ripped, but I'm not fat either so i don't think I impressed her very much. She motioned for me to remove my shorts and boxers. I slowly took them off and my full 7 inch member sprung up straight into the air. She had a shocked look on her face like she'd never seen someone my age with such a big cock and she smiled an evil smile which I liked to see.
"You're bigger than my ex and my boyfriend and you're like half their age. Impressive." she said.
She walked toward me, now letting her breasts be bare for me to see and I felt her hand slid slowly onto my penis. Then she leaned in and kissed me and I was shocked this was actually happening. She began to slowly rubbed my cock up and down and slowly picked up speed. I pulled her face to mine and we began to ferociously make out swapping our tongues into each others mouths. This is what I had been dreaming about since she moved in....well not exactly a real dream but you get the drift.....She dropped down to her knees and wrapped her lips around the tip of my cock which was a pleasure in itself. I felt her soft, warm mouth slowly engulf more and more of my penis. She slowly sucked more and more, deeper and deeper down her throat. And finally she began to deep throat my cock uncontrollably. It was the site I had thought about everyday since she had moved in, but I never thought it would actually happen. She deep throated my dick all the way down her throat and kept on doing it until I started to moan from me about to cum. She pulled my dick out of her mouth just in time for my cum to shoot all over her face and bare amazing tits.
"I'll give you a few minutes to recover than meet me in the shower." She said with a smile.
My mind was running wild. I just got head from One of the hottest women around this little town and i was pumped. I heard the water turn on and I knew I had to rejuvenate fast or she might not want to do anymore. I was about to fuck the girl I had dreamed about since I met her. It's all that I could think about. I walked to the bathroom and saw that she was already in the shower behind the curtain. I smiled and knew I was ready to fuck her. My cock was throbbing to get some more of this sexy woman, but I knew I had to make it better than she's ever had it. I came in behind her and she turned around. I kissed her and we began to make out again as my hands found there way around her tight, firm ass. Then I brought my right hand up to her tits and began to rub on them. I kissed down her neck to her big full breasts and began to play with her nipples with my tongue. My left hand slid between her legs and began to rub her nicely shaved pussy. Her head fell back into a pleasure, I hope she's never felt before.
I turned her around and bent her over slightly so that I could grab her tight ass while I ate her out. I stuck one finger in her pussy while i ate it out as long as I could. I finally couldn't take it anymore and had to fuck her pussy. I slid my shaft between the lips of her pussy and she moaned as she had never had such a big cock. She was loving this as the water ran down her body, I could hardly take it. I fucked her hard and she was writhing in pleasure and she was screaming my name so load I was scared the neighbors were going to call the cops. Finally I was about to come and I told her. She turned around and wrapped her lips around my dick as I shot my cum into her throat and she swallowed as much as she could. I was more satisfied then I had been in a long time. I smiled a huge smile.
God I hope there's more of this to come

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