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Bad Swing Experience part 3

Bad Swing Experience – Part 3
It was a good thing she was in such good physical condition. She does teach aerobics at the gym and works out every day. That accounts for her fantastic body for a woman of 35. It was so incredible to watch her endure this additional humiliation. By the time they finished with her she was totally spent though.
There would be no rest for my wife. Still hanging by her arms spread nude her hosts moved on to their next treatment. They finally took her down from here suspension only to place her on yet another restraint device. This resembled a gynecologist’s exam table with a number of modifications. One difference was her arms were pulled over her head and attached above her to a bracket. There was also a wide leather belt that was run right just under her tits. This combination of restraints held her upper body securely to the bench she was laying against leaving her big tits jutting out and exposed. Another similar belt ran across her stomach close to her hips. Her upper was totally immobilized. Her legs were securely bound to the leg rests with thick nylon straps which ran across her thighs right above each knee and another at each ankle. The sturps were positioned far apart that left her shaved pussy and ass exposed and wide open. She was in the perfect position to fuck in either opening. They took full advantage of that too.
Her four captors stood lined up ready to fuck her again. And that’s what they did. They fucked her of course bare back and all made sure when they came pounding their cum deep inside her pussy and ass.
I was still watching on my computer monitor all that was going on with the ever growing audience that was online as well. As with all the other indignities they were inflicting on her my reaction was what most would think unusual. I couldn’t help myself but my cock was getting hard as a rock. This was not going unnoticed by the subscribers that were also watching me. I was being both mocked and encouraged to stroke myself. I did.
The night went on with continuous sexual use and abuse. It was very early morning when it finally came to a grateful end. The last time I remembering looking the head counter was over 500. I don’t know what they charged but Kathy’s ordeal must have made them quite a bit of money.
I also noticed there was a window that popped up at the end that was a customer survey! It asked questions like rate the victim’s looks, reactions, severity of treatment as well as many other questions. I guess it was in a way flattering that Kathy got very high ratings on her looks.
Again my cell phone rang. It was him.
“So what did you think? He asked sarcastically. Based on what we saw looks like you enjoyed the show.”
I didn’t answer due to a combination of shame and embarrassment. I actually had cum twice. It was the most erotic thing I had ever seemed. I guess deep down I had always wanted to see something like this and to have it done to Kathy only made it more perfect.

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